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EXPOSED: The tweets made by Brexit “scaremongering” headteacher

Jackie Shanks has been headteacher at the west Dorset school for a number of years

A headteacher accused of political scaremongering over a Brexit letter sent to parents has previously urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lie down on one of Britain’s busiest motorways, Shy Society can exclusively reveal today.

In a week where politicians …

REVEALED: The face of the Labour Party? Sickening tweets from disgraced charity boss

Disgraced charity boss Ruth Townsley
Disgraced charity boss Ruth Townsley

A DISGRACED Labour Party supporter who was yesterday sacked by a charity for condoning acid attacks on Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has called for political violence repeatedly, Shy Society can today reveal.

Ruth Townsley caused outrage after endorsing the …

An open letter to Labour leave voters

Working class communities where Labour leavers need to change their allegiances
Working class communities where Labour leavers need to change their allegiances

Allegiances run deep; we appreciate that. Even if recent polling shows that people are far more likely to be divided by leave or remain than by party loyalty nowadays.

And that’s why we were shocked by a YouGov survey this …

Why we’re backing the Brexit Party (and you should too)

Nottingham, the Leave-voting heartland where Farage held his third rally as Brexit Party leader

Politics is a game. It’s sad to say, but that is the reality. And it’s a stark reality staring Brexiteers in the face at present.

We have really struggled with Nigel Farage since the referendum result. He completely disregarded many …

The establishment moral compass


It would be very easy to become despondent as the Brexit saga rumbles on, but leave voters have to look at this a different way and with a glass half-full rather than half-empty.

The events of the past three years, …

Vicar boasts: teachers were “proud” my son attended anti-Trump protests


A self-styled “cosmopolitan” Anglican priest has admitted his 10-year-old son was allowed out of school to attend the recent protests which greeted President Donald Trump’s first official visit to Britain.

In a 43-minute rant over Brexit, Trump, white people and …

BREXIT LONG-READ: Why Remainers advocate tyranny over democracy


What do Remain-backers think would happen if they succeeded in ensuring Brexit is stopped? I find myself asking this question more and more. And the more I hear the Remainer establishment, the more obvious it becomes that either they are

Police attend “men-only” Ramadan event in Birmingham church

St Edburgha’s Church where the men-only Iftar took place

Representatives from West Midlands Police attended a Ramadan celebration hosted in a Birmingham church that banned women from attending, according to a local newspaper.

Billed as a “community meal” to “share food and share friendship” the Taste Ramadan iftar was …

Local newspaper reveals its true, disgusting, face

Credit: David Kurten / YouTube

Imagine the scene: far-right demonstrators barricade the entrance to a parliamentary hustings event and force police commanders to close it down over “safety fears”, subsequently leading to the silencing of the Labour Party candidate who couldn’t even make it into

Scholars teach youngsters that all non-Muslims will go to hell – Muslim journalist


A Muslim journalist has revealed how significant sections of his own community are “obsessed” in pushing the belief that all non-Muslims are going to hell.

In worrying revelations, Amjad Malik also claimed Muslims were being taught by Islamic scholars in …