Scholars teach youngsters that all non-Muslims will go to hell – Muslim journalist


A Muslim journalist has revealed how significant sections of his own community are “obsessed” in pushing the belief that all non-Muslims are going to hell.

In worrying revelations, Amjad Malik also claimed Muslims were being taught by Islamic scholars in private from an early age to believe all non-Muslims were going to “reside in the hellfire” but were routinely advised not to say it in public for fear of “upsetting the locals”.

Writing in Asian Image, the North West’s most widely-read Asian newspaper, Malik argues against the notion that all non-Muslims are going to hell and says those who push the narrative are putting other people off finding out about the religion. But, chillingly, he says an increasing and significant proportion of practising Muslims believe it to be true and that fellow worshippers who don’t go along with the theory are told they are “straying from the true word of Islam”.

“The problem I have is when we become obsessed with telling others within our community that non-Muslims are going to hell,” Malik says.

“I call it an obsession because that is what it is. I have heard this on many occasions. Modern day Britain may well be a secular place to live but I do find some of us would simply wish it wasn’t secular at all.”

He then recounts a recent conversation he had with a fellow Muslim on the topic, where the man supposedly claimed that anyone not choosing Islam was “destined to spend an eternity in hell.”

Malik adds: “The major issue I have with this notion is that many scholarly debates will reach the same conclusion. But we won’t say it in public as that might well upset the locals. Privately though we are happy to commit millions of people to hell.

“I would not worry about this idea too much, because like I said most religions at their base also share this notion. What I do find worrying is how this belief is fast being used to define us as Muslims.

“And in doing so we may well repel anyone who wanted to find out more about the religion.

“Should young people really be growing up in believing that all non-Muslims are going to hell? And should they be taught this?”

In February 2017, Quilliam Foundation founder Maajid Nawaz claimed on his LBC show that there was a “huge problem” with Muslims integrating in Britain. It came after a poll suggested that 43 per cent of British Muslims wanted aspects of the Islamic legal system, Sharia law, to replace UK law whilst only 22 per cent opposed it.

To read the full piece visit this link. What do you think? Is this a worrying admission? Should Malik be applauded for his honesty? Let us know in the comments section below…

*Updated: 18:05 Tuesday 12 June 2018*
*Clarification: This article has been updated to clarify that the Amjad Malik quoted in the article writes for Asian Image and is not the same Amjad Malik who is a lawyer and chair of the board of governors at the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. They are two separate people*

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