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It would be very easy to become despondent as the Brexit saga rumbles on, but leave voters have to look at this a different way and with a glass half-full rather than half-empty.

The events of the past three years, but even more so within the corridors of Westminster and the press tents outside it in recent days, have proven beyond any doubt what most of us reading this article have known for a long time: that the establishment media and politicians are so disconnected from ordinary people in Britain that they will literally do anything to uphold the power they currently wield. Whether that be to lie, deceive, manipulate or demonise – or sometimes all four simultaneously.

You might say: “So what? We’ve known this for years” however the key thing to remember is that this slow but calculated betrayal of Brexit is now being seen by a far wider audience than ever before. Even countless Remainers – including some high-profile ones like Piers Morgan and Edwina Currie – are turning their back on their original vote because they can’t stand to be associated with such a shameless and shameful attempt to subvert democracy.

So, in this crazy world we currently live in, we’ve compiled a list of the establishment’s moral compass in 2019 which lays bare their naked hypocrisy in all its glory. Help us spread the word by sending it to a friend, family member, or colleague so they can join us in exposing their narrative and bringing their monopoly on public opinion crashing to the floor.


  • Association party members holding an MP to account through a democratically held vote and starting a deselection process when a sitting MP has broken key electoral promises
  • Voting leave – regularly underrepresented on television/radio talk shows and routinely referred to as “militants” or “rebels” in the media (despite being in the majority and studies showing that they are more tolerant than Remain voters)
  • Left-wing personalities joining ordinary, patriotic people in marching for democracy
  • Any display of anger over what is a subversion of a democratic vote
  • Wanting “No deal”, despite it literally meaning ‘to leave’ (which is what everyone voted for)

Perfectly reasonable

  • Elected Members of Parliament orchestrating coordinated campaigns to overturn the largest mandate numerically ever delivered by the British people; all delivered under the false premise of “wanting more democracy”
  • Displaying overt racism towards leave voters because of the colour of their skin (Jon Snow, we’re looking at you)
  • A sitting Government offering financial bribes in exchange for votes in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement (as confirmed by several sources)
  • MPs in leave constituencies voting to revoke Article 50
  • Voting Remain (despite being in the minority and studies showing they are less tolerant than Leave voters)
  • Calls for a “People’s Vote” despite it being a clear tactic to annul a democratic mandate

Is it just us, or is their moral compass a bit skewed? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! And remember to share this with people you know!

Word from the editor:
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