An open letter to Labour leave voters

Working class communities where Labour leavers need to change their allegiances
Working class communities where Labour leavers need to change their allegiances

Allegiances run deep; we appreciate that. Even if recent polling shows that people are far more likely to be divided by leave or remain than by party loyalty nowadays.

And that’s why we were shocked by a YouGov survey this week showing that 47% of Labour leave voters were pledging to support Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Not shocked by the 47% that will vote for them, but more so the 53% who won’t.

Of those 53%, almost a third (28%) say they will vote for the Labour Party which is completely and utterly mystifying. A similar poll showed that the working-class are flocking to the Brexit Party but 17% would still back Corbyn’s red army and the question must be asked: why?

The Labour Party of 2019 is totally unrecognisable to the Labour Party of old which stood for traditional, working-class values. Instead of being in touch with the grassroots of its support in Midlands and northern heartlands, the Labour Party (like the Tories) is far too busy pushing its new metropolitan narrative which prioritises virtue-signalling and appeasing minorities with little to no regard to the very real and valid concerns many hard-working people have over sovereignty, political correctness and uncontrolled, mass immigration in their towns and cities across Britain.

Labour leavers, the stats couldn’t be clearer:

  • 88% of Labour members would now vote to remain
  • 203 out of 243 Labour MPs voted in favour of a confirmatory (second) referendum
  • 14 out of 15 Labour MEPs have signed the ‘Remain Labour Pledge’

The Labour Party is a remain party and if you vote for them in the European Elections this Thursday you are giving them your mandate for Brexit to be manipulated further and ultimately overturned. Whatever anyone thinks of the Labour Party, there can be no denying that their core voters are by far the most loyal in British politics and it is a commendable quality. But there comes a point where loyalty becomes stupidity when unelected peers like Lord Adonis, a self-confessed “Brexit denier”, are treating Labour leavers with such unashamed contempt.

In April he stated on LBC that “if you are a Brexiteer, I hope you won’t vote for the Labour Party, because they’re moving increasingly against Brexit”. After receiving a slap on the wrist from Labour HQ, he quickly changed his message to telling people that Labour still respected the result of the referendum and apologised for his “off-the-cuff” comments. Anyone who has ever been unfortunate enough to read Adonis’ Twitter timeline knows that his subsequent apology is just a cynical ploy to stem the flow of Labour leavers switching sides and it quite brilliantly demonstrates the regard, or lack of, he holds you in. He, along with the vast majority of MPs, MEPs, and party members, believe like a turkey voting for Christmas you are too thick to realise and too staunch in your habits and will vote Labour anyway.

Nigel Farage pictured in working-class Willenhall, between Walsall and Wolverhampton, at a rally on Thursday night
Nigel Farage pictured in working-class Willenhall, between Walsall and Wolverhampton, at a rally on Thursday night

Thankfully there is an unmistakeable shift in working-class people now backing Farage’s vision for Britain which has been encapsulated so perfectly by the multiple standing ovations lifelong Tory Anne Widdecombe has received in former mining towns – hotbeds of the Labour union movement – right across northern and central parts of England.

They realise, as we hope more will do in the coming days, that the Brexit Party is a broad church of people with one thing in common: we are sick and tired of Westminster politics and the brazen arrogance that comes with it. We want Brexit delivered, faith in democracy restored, and the two-party system of Labour and Conservatives consigned to the history books as recompense for their broken promises, lies, and betrayal of working-class people. We can only send an unmistakably strong message to May and Corbyn on Thursday if Labour leavers are bold and join the new home for the working-class.

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