Why we’re backing the Brexit Party (and you should too)

Nottingham, the Leave-voting heartland where Farage held his third rally as Brexit Party leader

Politics is a game. It’s sad to say, but that is the reality. And it’s a stark reality staring Brexiteers in the face at present.

We have really struggled with Nigel Farage since the referendum result. He completely disregarded many of his own supporters overnight and his vanishing act undoubtedly damaged the cause even though you can understand his desire to let the Conservatives finish the job. Brexiteers are well used to being smeared as “racists” and “bigots” by opponents but facing those same insults from somebody on your own side is a very bitter pill to swallow and remains nonsensical to this day. It’s the reason there are still many who cannot forgive and forget. And in all honesty, we cannot and will not criticise those principled people. After all, principles are in short supply in today’s politics.

However, after monitoring the last few weeks with keen interest, Shy Society is now adamant that voting for the Brexit Party in the upcoming European Elections (if they take place) is the right thing to do, and we urge those people still angry at him to hear us out.

It is important to look at the broader context here. With a corrupt two-party Parliamentary system that is rigged in favour of Labour or Conservatives, Brexiteers don’t very often find a cause to coalesce around. So many Tories vote blue out of fear of the alternative, rather than being truly enamoured by what they are voting for. And when we finally had a cause to unite us, Brexit, we delivered the greatest numerical mandate this country has even seen.

What has followed since June 2016 has been a shameful reflection of why so many people voted to have more freedom in the first place. The current political and media establishment have become so used to their metropolitan, globalised world in which they call the shots that they are willing to actively subvert democracy in order to stem the tide of right-wing populism sweeping the globe.

Whilst the current predicament is a disgrace, Brexiteers can now use this anger and sense of betrayal to not only ensure Brexit is delivered in full but also to achieve a second, fundamental aim which was unimaginable only a few short weeks ago: to dismantle the two-tier system for good. While Brexit is arguably the issue of our lifetime, the chance to catapult a party into power and then, potentially, reform the voting system is an even greater opportunity long-term.

The only person capable of doing this is Nigel Farage. Opinion polls and what his new party has already achieved in little over a week is testament to that. Putting his more recent misdemeanours aside for one second, this is a man who has fought for a large part of his adult life to see us leave the European Union. He is the most influential politician of our generation and is now back with a second-wind and fresh momentum. Even if Farage can’t always remember who his enemies are, we should be wiser and recognise it’s the Blair’s, Lammy’s and Soubry’s of this world we are fighting and doing anything via the ballot box to defeat them should be the mission.

Shy Society attended Saturday’s Brexit Party rally in Nottingham and the electricity in the room was as spellbinding as it was palpable. However, the thing that really stood out was Farage’s unbridled passion and a real sense of anger at having to form this party at all. He is as furious as the rest of us and with his media and tech-savvy team behind him and a broad cross-section of MEP candidates on display to the public, this is a massive opportunity for us all to grasp. Principles are admirable, of course they are, but in politics you have to strike while the iron is hot.

As Farage’s party surges in the polls and in terms of registered supporters, Remain backers are in a state of mild panic at their apparent inability to coalesce around one party. Even Sky News political correspondent Lewis Goodall, a Labour supporter since birth and clear Remainer, has penned a piece recently lamenting the lack of a ‘Remain Party’. This should tell you all you need to know in the race to not only ‘win’ Brexit all over again, but to change politics for good. And while Farage has faults, his strengths and dedication to the cause over two decades far outweigh them, and he has the charisma and mass appeal to deliver on these aims if only we lend him our vote.

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  1. A group of us from Gloucester were invited to a Brexit Party event in London yesterday. The invitation could not have been more timely. UKIP are currently making decisions that have incensed some members and no doubt details will eventually be made public. Yesterday’s event was as electric in atmosphere as the one in Nottingham, however they will need all the help, goodwill and enthusiasm they can muster if the party is not later to be regarded as merely a device to have furthered Nigel’s tenure in Brussels.

    • Interesting times, Roger. Glad to hear the London event was equally uplifting. For the first time in weeks, Farage is giving Brexiteers hope again we think it’s fair to say.

    • Hi Mik, we’ve sort of mentioned them without mentioning them. And ultimately the whole essence of the article is aimed at people like UKIP voters. You’re completely right though that we don’t need two parties splitting the vote, and perhaps we should have made that point more explicit. Cheers, SS.

  2. The Brexit Party is not a fully-formed political party. My understanding is it has supporters rather than members, and it has no National Executive Committee, ie it is not organized along democratic lines. Moreover, it has no manifesto, being single-issue, and if the happy day dawns on a UK free from the EU, it will cease to be. Ukip, by contrast, offers a full manifesto which can be read at https://ukip.org/ukip-manifesto.php

    • Ken, the Brexit Party is about 14 days old so yes the infrastructure UKIP has in place in naturally far more advanced. But, without sounding dismissive, so what?

      The Brexit Party has already confirmed that they will fight a general election and that they will fight for more than just Brexit, meaning a manifesto will be compiled in due course. You’ve pointed out the natural differences in terms of infrastructure but we doubt many will enter the polling booths in May and cast their vote with that in the forefront of their minds. We have the chance to give the Westminster establishment a bloody nose and, going by all polling, the only way to deliver that is to vote Brexit Party. So why wouldn’t you?

  3. The Brexit Party was registered with the Electoral Commission on 5th February, and so about three-and-a-half months old. Voting for The Brexit Party is not the only way to give the Westminster establishment a bloody nose. Ukip is the authentic party of Brexit, without which there would have been no referendum in the first place.

      • Ok, I’ve read the headline: “Nigel: Brexit Party will stand in General Election.”
        Whatever it takes to get the Tory traitors out is fine by me!

  4. That is not quite true afaik. I’ve heard there is an element of proportional representation in the MEP elections, which is why Ukip was so successful in the 2014 MEP elections. So Ukip and TBP are not exactly going head-to-head. One of Ukip’s manifesto pledges is to introduce PR for general elections.

  5. It’s a pity that the Brexit Party didn’t speak to fellow Eurosceptics across the Channel and try to put up some Brexit candidates in Paris or Krakow for instance. I doubt, even with PR, that they would manage to get any candidates in foreign seats to win but any votes would show that we are not alone.


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