REVEALED: The face of the Labour Party? Sickening tweets from disgraced charity boss

Disgraced charity boss Ruth Townsley
Disgraced charity boss Ruth Townsley

A DISGRACED Labour Party supporter who was yesterday sacked by a charity for condoning acid attacks on Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has called for political violence repeatedly, Shy Society can today reveal.

Ruth Townsley caused outrage after endorsing the ‘milkshake attack’ on Farage by tweeting: “I’d prefer acid but milkshakes will do for now I guess.” In less than 24 hours the head of measurement and policy at Bristol-based charity Happy City UK had been relieved her of her duties after they released a statement stating: “We do not in any way agree with the contents of these tweets which contradicted all of our strongly-held values. We believe all politicians have a right to have their voices heard, and condemn violence of any sort at any level of society. Ruth Townsley no longer works with Happy City.”

People were quick to praise the charity’s firm response, but today fresh questions will be asked about how much Happy City knew about Townsley’s extreme views after Shy Society unearthed a series of disturbing views in the years following her appointment in 2015.

On the charity’s own website, Townsley listed “campaigning and street resistance” among her passions and on 5th April 2019 she tweeted at Conservative MP Nigel Adams saying: “If you think @jeremycorbyn is a Marxist then you are properly stupid @nadams. He’s a social democrat. Applying the same hysterical hubris to your own politics you are clearly a dirty raving fascist and should be chased into the sea.”

Another recent tweet endorsing political violence
Another recent tweet endorsing political violence

And on 7th September 2018, the self-confessed “comrade” directed her bile at her own party by commenting on a BBC article about Tony Blair saying: “Off with his dirty rotten stinking head”. Whilst on 27th July 2018, she questioned Brexiteer Labour MP Kate Hoey’s mental health when she wrote: “Bugger off out of Parliament and party Kate, you are obviously madder than a mad thing.”

"Off with his head" Townsley tweets to her 600 followers
“Off with his head” Townsley tweets to her 600 followers

As previously reported, the English and American literature graduate had already endorsed political violence back in 2017 – a full two years after joining the charity – by declaring: “I’ve decided that violence against the rich is entirely justified and it’s time to start killing them. That fella in the US got it right.”

Despite a clear trend of disturbing views whilst in post, the charity has only acted following her latest misdemeanour.

It appears the foul-mouthed cyclist and Leyton Orient fan is no stranger to hypocrisy, retweeting an Aaron Bastani tweet in January stating that “the threat of political violence in this country is coming from the far-right.” In 2017, Townsley hosted two students on a work experience placement through the Nuffield Foundation where she says one of the things they brought to the team was “good communication skills”.

What do you think? Was Townsley right to be sacked? Should the charity have acted far earlier? Let us know your views in the comments below…

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  1. A representative of Labour’s kinder gentler politics.
    Which really was only a plea/ploy by Jeremy Corbyn to deflect any criticism after he won the Labour Party leadership until he (or rather his backers) got absolute control of the Party.

    A tactic also used by mohammed until he was ready to destroy his opponents.
    Reference available if you want it.


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