Britain acted like an “Islamic state” in banning foreign journalists

Southern, centre, and Pettibone, left, were recently banned from UK soil for daring to criticise Islam. They are now appealing the decision

The British government acted more like an Islamic State when it barred foreign journalists Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone from its shores, a Christian lobby group has claimed.

In a frank assessment on the recent decision to prevent Southern and Pettibone from entering the UK and detaining the Canadian journalist for six hours under the 2000 Terrorism Act, Christian Concern said there was growing evidence that as Islam increases its influence in society authorities were clamping down on any criticism of the faith.

Tim Dieppe, director of Islamic Affairs at Christian Concern, slammed letters handed to the political activists by UK border officials which maintained that their views represented a threat to the “fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.” Dieppe claimed it was “very concerning” that any denunciation of Allah or the Islamification of Britain was being met in such a way.

“It appears then, that UK authorities now consider criticism of Allah as a threat to the interests of our society. You could almost think we are an Islamic state,” he states in an article entitled ‘Banning critics of Islam’.

Only last year the BBC filed an urgent complaint to the UN about Iran – which has been an Islamic Republic since 1979 – over concerns that its Iranian-based journalists were being harassed and persecuted due to their affiliation with Britain’s public service broadcaster.

Dieppe went on: “am quite sure that I would disagree with much that these people have said and done, but I want to support freedom of speech, even for those I disagree with. There is no question of threats of violence being made, let alone terrorism, in any of these cases.

“It is very concerning that criticism of Allah or being anti-Islamisation are cited as reasons why a person’s values are a threat to the interests of our society. It looks like the government has become protective of Islam to an extraordinary extent.

“At the same time, I don’t remember anyone being barred from entry for criticising Jesus or being anti-Christian. This is a sign of the increased influence of Islam in our society. Authorities are now inhibiting criticism of Islam.”

His comments come just days before a host of anti-Islam figures, including Tommy Robinson, Milo, Raheem Kassam, For Britain’s Anne Marie Waters and UKIP’s Gerard Batten, march on Whitehall on Sunday under the banner of freedom of speech. It follows a number of high-profile people such as Robinson recently being censored across social media.

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  1. I could understand a Labour government behaving in this way, since they are protective of their voting community and probably 90% of Muslims in UK support Labour.
    So why does a Tory government do this? Is it because they are terrified of civil unrest starting?
    Or is it that Muslims are now in very high places in the various agencies that control entry to the UK?
    No one in UK dared to print the Mohammed cartoons, yet they were widely published in Europe.
    This fear and protection has been around for a long time now.
    And as the article points out there is absolutely no equivalence with Christianity. Jerry Springer the Opera et al

  2. “..their views represented a threat to the “fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom..”
    It has been made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that this, though hitherto having been tacit, ACTUALLY HAS BECOME GOVERNMENT POLICY!
    I suspect that the origins of this lie in BRUSSELS rather than London, but nevertheless, FREE SPEECH seems to have become A THING OF THE PAST – ONE WHICH NEEDS A VERY PUBLIC RENUNCIATION / REVERSAL BY MRS. MAY!

  3. Isn’t it because the government are pretending there is just as much a threat from the the so called right as there is from Islam ? The government, by banning these speakers, emphasise this so called problem with the right and also pander to muslims by shutting off free speech

  4. Our freedoms especially speech has gradually being taken from us mainly through an increase of Muslim into Europe. At no other time were these freedoms taken away through religious beliefs all over Europe (Germany alone at one time ww11) and now Germany has managed to have us lose our freedom of speech but this time all over Europe and this time using Islam.
    We all know that when many Muslims (especially those that have come in more recent) don’t get their way they riot and what makes it worse is that over the years many Muslims have gotten into places of authority and are able to push their own laws by using Islamaphobia. Our governments are weak and truely ignorant to the true plight of their own people and the loss that they are enduring through The Islamaphobia agenda. They appease them as they fear their uprising more than ours as they feel they have more control of us than them but totally ignorant to the fact that they will never be peaceful even when they become the majority as they will then attempt to turn all non Muslims or kill and persecute them if they can’t, as many of the Muslims countries do to minority groups. They have no tolerance of non Muslims but use our laws to gain their powers. Not all Muslims want this but if Islam took over our countries they would have no choice or be persecuted themselves as we have already seen in Muslim countries


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