Top scholar: Islam is “part and parcel of Germany”

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Islam is “part and parcel” of Germany and religion is helping to speed up the process of integrating refugees and migrants, a renowned Islamic scholar and political scientist has claimed.

Mohammed Khallouck, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, was speaking to New York-based digital media project Refugees Deeply about the role that Islamic citizens’ initiatives play in refugee integration when he made the remarks.

“Religion is not decelerating but accelerating the process and the progress of integration when it helps refugees to make social and economic needs meet in a way that allows them to experience linguistic, cultural and religious familiarity in the new country. Given that Islam has become part and parcel of Germany, an approach to integration which aims to overcome Islamic beliefs and behaviours is nonsense,” Khallouck claimed.

The comments come just weeks after Facebook banned a historian for 30 days after posting a message diminishing Islam’s role in German history, despite a 2016 survey suggesting that 76 per cent of German nationals agreeing that Islam does not “belong to Germany”.

Refugees and migrants walk in a sports hall in Berlin that was turned into an asylum-seeker accommodation. (Credit: Kay Nietfeld/dpa via AP)

Khallouck, a former lecturer in political science at Philipps-University of Marburg, also maintained that most refugees are motivated to “proactively participate” in German society.

He said: “Many refugees might return to their countries once they have the opportunity to implement democratic principles and practices. With or without such a return, however, they are motivated to proactively participate in both the state and the society of Germany.

“Altogether, Islam is crucial to the process and progress of integration. Due to the actions of Islamic associations, Muslim refugees meet Muslim refugee workers to whom they can connect in the practice of Islam. In these shared practices, they encounter a nuanced experience of Germany which prevents naivety, on the one hand, and anxiety, on the other hand, with reference to their new host society. The activities of Islamic citizen’s initiatives facilitate the integration of refugees, bringing the identities of Germans and of Muslims together.”

However the picture painted by Khallouck is contradicted by data which reveals that in June 2017, just 20 per cent of refugees from war-torn and crises-afflicted countries – namely Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria – had some form of employment. Indeed, those that did have jobs were largely in low-skilled work in sectors such as hospitality.

More than 1.4m people have applied for asylum in Germany since 2014, which equates to 43 per cent of total applications to the EU. And government figures show that, far from integrating into German society, migrants have been disproportionately placed in areas of high unemployment and worse job prospects; predominantly towns and cities to the north west of the country.

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  1. But are they simply being ‘integrated’ into what amount to separate Islamic colonies which are inherently alien to the host culture?

  2. Islam helps integration into German society in much the same way that the colonial governments of Spain in South America helped the integration of Spanish settlers in those countries.
    Mohammed Khallouk is not and never has been a senior academic. He is a very junior member of staff teaching Koranic studies. He’s little more than a kindergarten bible teacher.

  3. They do not want integration. They do not integrate. Our government expects us to integrate so that Moslems feel happy living in our country. There is a process of forced islamization taking place in in Germany, which 80% of the Germans do not want, but which is forced upon them by their leadership.
    The reason is that Germans are considered to be too successful. They are to be eliminated. This happens by kicking them out of houses and flats and replacing them with immigrants. Their children are forced to go to classes where Islam is being preached. They have to attend mosques or else their parents are put into prison. Christian public holidays are being renamed into something which is less offensive to Moslems. Ramadan is made a holiday in Germany. All signs of fundamentalist Islam are being supported by the German government (headscarf, hijab etc.).
    Germans are told to adapt.
    And of course, Germans have to pay for it. Only 35% of the high taxes that are being charge din Germany actually go towards the purpose they are intended to go to. 75% goes into some form of welfare, of which 50% is paid to people with a foreign background.
    Germany is being willfully destroyed.

  4. You could easily be talking about the U.K. same is happening here!! With the full backing of
    “Sharia May” (Dhimmi) May!dissenters will be prosecuted, with the full backing of the establishment. White genocide in Western Europe spearheaded by the fascist E.U. is happening, but shssssh!! accept your replacement ,like good little sheep.


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