“Our first job is to believe,” Anne Marie Waters tells Birmingham protest


“Your first job is to believe you can change it,” declared For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters as around 3,000 people descended on Birmingham city centre for the first Football Lads Alliance march of 2018.

A more concrete avowal from the FLA of the necessity to speak openly about the effects of Islam on society could not have been made. Waters did not equivocate and spelt out in no uncertain terms the dark historical moment in which Britain is situated. Waters charged the EU with importing “hell on earth” allowing “people to be killed and raped in the streets.” She pointed out the absurdity that politicians “don’t seem to care about offending millions of us,” but recoil from the idea of the slightest sign of offence felt by the Muslim community.

After detailing the blind eye turned to mass gang rape of English children at the hands of predominantly Muslims of Pakistani heritage, Waters said: “I can feel a change coming in this country” and that “people like Tommy, myself and other people are being vindicated. We were right and the people who agreed with us were right.”

Thousands of football fans hear Anne Marie Waters speak next to Birmingham City University

The ardent gathering then heard a speech from Aline Moras, a member of Generation Identity Germany and part of the viral 120 Decibel campaign which has raised awareness of the plague of migrant rapes in Germany and throughout Europe. Aline highlighted the hypocrisy of #metoo femininity which completely ignores negative aspects of non-white masculinity. The 23-year-old activist did not miss the chance to tell how the climate of political correctness had led to women subverting their own instincts and abnegating their right to personal safety. In a story similar to events recollected by Douglas Murray in The Strange Death of Europe, Aline revealed women in Germany often lie or do not report being attacked for fear of being labelled a racist.

Across town the splinter DFLA event in Victoria Square attracted a similar number of people and, as with the FLA event, it passed off peacefully without a single arrest. In this second show of patriotism, the crowd again mingled freely before reefs were laid at the nearby cathedral in what was a largely sober and politely conducted affair which also shone a light on the Justice4the21 campaign.

With numbers well down on London, it remains to be seen whether the FLA and DFLA can once again unite to match the amazing numbers they summoned in 2017. The speeches at both rallies were strong, truthful and resolute but once again, not enough people came to hear their message.

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  1. Thank God for Anne Marie! Do not be afraid to speak the truth our children are being gang raped in the most despicable way and the traitors in power in every institution stand silent.
    If this does not tell you what they think of the English, then nothing will.

    Time is short is short my fellow Englishmen, do not be fooled by the betrayers in power stay steadfast to the truth we need brave souls now more than ever! They know the people are waking up to what has been done to us. They label the truth as” fake news” understand this they will never stop mass third world immigration it has been decided for all white nations.

    Doesn’t matter how much they rape and kill us, they pretend it’s not happening we see it everyday with beating’s car ramming and the BBC label them youths or drunk with mental health problems anything but the” truth.” They are doing what the Koran tells them kill and enslave the unbeliever, all covered up by out treacherous satanic filth in power.
    MAY,RUDD and the rest are puppets of the globalist elite, she is the epitome of evil and will destroy the U.K and us with it “evil psychopath”. We live in dark times where telling the truth is a revolutionary act, people are being jailed because the truth hurts these monsters.

  2. All the points raised are true but what is the answer?—The ONLY answer is to STOP supporting the Con/Lab liars who will maintain the status quo to hold onto their large salaries and expenses,these are the people putting us all in danger,we must expel all of the Con/Lab charletans who will do nothing to change the system,it is up to US to effect the changes that will re establish OUR rights as indigenous British citizens,our rights to determine who can be allowed to populate OUR country,OUR right to safeguard OUR young people,we Must form a new political movement that listens to our valid fears and concerns.Please therefore encourage the people leading our fringe organisations to combine,forget petty differences and organise into one movement for us to push forward as our political choice.


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