“Funding threats” force schools to cancel Katie Hopkins speaking tour


Schools were threatened with “funding cuts” from local councils if they hosted outspoken broadcaster Katie Hopkins as part of a nationwide speaking tour, it was revealed today.

And 95 per cent of schools that initially registered interest in taking part in Katie Hopkins’ Stand Strong School Tour ended up pulling out after pressure from local authorities. The former Mail Online columnist told Shy Society that Welsh education minister Kirsty Williams, a Liberal Democrat, and Scottish education minister John Swinney, from the SNP, were also instrumental in ‘no platforming’ her at a majority of locations.

In total, Hopkins ended up speaking at just five schools including Harrow School, an independent boarding school for boys, where 700 pupils turned up to hear her speak about the media and political landscape.

“I did a push out on Twitter and if the kids didn’t want me – no dramas. And all you needed was the permission of your head and I’ll come – no fee, no nothing, and here’s a schedule and here’s what I say,” Katie explained.

“So it was real clear. But it was a totally open speech about how to think about the news. And I started off with a list of 100 schools at which point I was like ‘oh god, this is going to be a years’ worth of school talks which I wasn’t really up for to be honest’. But then it ended up being like five, because the one’s that said ‘yes’ as soon as someone heard they came out, we ended up losing a tranche.

“We even had the governments involved, like the Labour Party in Wales – the education secretary then we had the Scottish education secretary and at those points you feel like ‘look, I am just this mother with three kids’. I literally am – then we had councils threatening schools with de-funding if I went and like no way was I playing that game because my aim was never to cause them grief.”

Katie circulated the schedule on Twitter and topics she intended to cover included Hilary Clinton’s presidential election campaign, the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter. In a flyer promoting the initiative it read: “Know why you believe in your views, welcome the thoughts of others. Own your opinions and stand strong.”

A philosophical Katie added: “The schools that I did were brilliant, and people would come up at the end – even teachers that weren’t keen and they came so I fully respect that – and they were like ‘damn you, you are actually quite likeable.’ And it’s sort of annoying then for those people, and I totally get that, because it’s much easier to imagine a monster saying the stuff I say because then you can disregard it because it’s a monster. If you meet me and I’m pretty much like someone you’d meet in Sainsbury’s getting your chicken, then it’s really damn awkward. Maybe she means what she says.

“So I persevere – and it’s not super personal, it’s about our governmental institutions controlling how we think. We just keep going – but it is shocking. The education secretary is scared of what I’m going to say – it is properly mad.”

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  1. Katie Holmes is a strong dependant woman eho is the ideal role model for children . She stands up for what she believes in and she will always have my support . Shame on you councils hang your heads in shame !!!! As we all know councils are as corrupt as they come they will be getting a pay off from some organisation somewhere . They never do anything without a payoff !!!! And they think katie is a bad influence councils need to grow up !!!!

    • Well said Sharon I couldn’t have said it better myself. The liberal luvvies hate the truth, but truth will always out at sometime They are scared stiff of people like Katie who tell it like it is
      Well done Jague I support you 100%. Keep going girl

  2. It is a fact of human nature that the more something is concealed the more curious about it we become. Bans always end up having the opposite effect to their intentions. If that weren’t the case we would all be still living on a Flat Earth.

    If the Establishment really wanted to combat Katie’s ideas then they would have to debate her in public and show how their opinions were better. The fact that they appear not up to that challenge indicates that they are on the back foot and losing the battle. This is a story that continues to repeat itself through the history of human civilisation.

  3. Yet it’s deemed fine to relentlessly push a ‘progressive’ viewpoint in schools, no questions asked. There are a lot of organisations, funded by local and central government, going into schools all the time to press upon the pupils, sorry students (because now we’re supposed to call them that), the ideology of mass immigration, openness and inclusiveness, globalism and generally disparage anything white, straight and male as, well, nasty, selfish, ignorant and oppressive. Of course, nothing about class, especially the working class. It’s all dressed up in a cloak of fake neutrality. They focus on being critical of one’s assumptions, questioning oneself and the news – yet it’s clear from their websites and literature that their critical thinking excludes anything that doesn’t align with left-wing values.

    Here’s just one example:
    http://www.stridemagazine.org.uk (a magazine associated with Wosdec)

  4. Katie’s opposition is never able to express what in particular it disagrees with so the only option it has is to silence her. It is always the admission that she is right about everything she says.


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