“Colonial guilt” harms Britain’s ability to speak freely – Anne Marie


MIGRANTS wanting “revenge” for Britain’s colonial past is one of the biggest factors for the silent majority not being able to speak freely about political and religious ideology, Anne Marie Waters today claimed.

The leader of For Britain was speaking after being asked why anti-Islamisation parties in other major European countries had gained far greater traction in terms of their message resonating with mainstream voters. Marine Le Pen’s Front National gained 11 million votes in last year’s French presidential election, Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) celebrated a historic third place with 13% of the electorate, while Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) is now the second largest in the Netherlands.

Yet in Britain, despite polls consistently showing that mass uncontrolled immigration from Muslim-majority countries is a huge concern, no political party has even come close to making similar inroads.

“It does feel different in this country, it does. And it’s a very good question and a key question because if we could answer that we could figure out a clearer way forward,” she told Shy Society.

Anti-British demos have become commonplace at British universities

“It sounds simplistic to dismiss it as ‘Britain is more political correct’ but actually I think a lot of it is. A lot of that has to do with British self-image – even the British Empire – and the fact that people from former empire countries now live here in large numbers and are still carrying that hatred – almost that revenge – that desire for revenge against Britain.

“And for a large part I think Britain has accepted that attitude from many migrants and immigrants – not all – for decades now with almost an apologetic stance. I think the feeling is much stronger here even than Germany. Yes, the Germans are steeped in guilt as well – but they weren’t quite the world power in the sense that Britain was. Germany did terrible things in the last century which need no introduction, but it didn’t have a global empire in the way that Britain did. And I think that’s a very large part of it – there’s still massive guilt over having a world empire and much of that world empire is now living in Britain itself and it has brought that resentment with it.”

The ex-UKIP leadership candidate says it is a deeply-engrained trait which far-left ideologies have continually manipulated in order to gradually erode the British way of life.

“Of course the left being anti-British has fostered this situation, and exploited it, and used it to attack traditional British institutions for example,” she added. “And it’s been that sort of perfect storm, but I do definitely believe the empire is at the heart of why Britain is now in a worse position in terms of speaking the truth than other European countries.”

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  1. I served on Cruise Ships as the ship Security Officer ALL OVER THE WORLD.
    I have been to MANY former colonies and to many former colonies of GERMANY, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, SPAIN etc. Etc
    I can catagorically state the the former countries ruled by the BRITISH EMPIRE, although ransacked by that Empire, were left in a far BETTER condition, infrascructurally, politically, financially, educationally etc.etc. , than were any other country mentioned, in the above.
    Some previous parts of the BRITISH EMPIRE indeed thrived by our govenourship .
    Other colonial countries, not governed by the BRITISH were left in a dreadful state and are still suffering now.

  2. Here’s a thought, imagine what the world would be like today if there had been no British Empire! Whilst it is true that Britain was once a major participant in the horrendous institution of slavery (slavery being practised for millennia all over the world), it needs to be said that it was Britain, not Africa, not the Middle East, that ultimately challenged slavery and strove more than any other nation to snuff it out. The Royal Navy was deployed on a large scale to enforce the abolition, and there are many documented accounts of black African chiefs being upset with no longer being able to profit out of the trade in human misery! Whilst we should indeed be honest about the wrongs done in our past, we should at the same time be proud of the right done in our name, such as by those Brits, like Wilberforce, who challenged the slavery status quo in the interests of all humanity.
    It is no mistake that of the countries, which were the last to officially abolish slavery, are all Islamic. For example Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962, Mauritania only criminalized slavery in 2007. Sadly there is much evidence that there is still large scale slavery in many Islamic countries such as Sudan and Mauritania, the slaves usually being black Africans enslaved by Arabs, thus highlighting the racist aspect of it.
    I have yet to hear of any Islamic countries formally apologising for their roles in the centuries of enslavement of millions from Africa, Europe and Asia during their ‘colonial pasts’ – yes millions of white Europeans were also enslaved, not something the PC crowd would like to admit to. No doubt the reluctance to issue any apology on the part of Islamic world, for their role in the enslavement of millions, is due to the inconvenient truth that slavery is sanctioned in their scriptures which many of them still interpret literally!
    It should also be said that the USA, an offspring of the British Empire, went to war with itself largely over the issue of slavery, with the Northern abolitionist states being the victors. Yes, it is true that it did not lead at the time to full equality, but equally it must be said that an equivalent mass movement to the Civil Rights Movement, which was formed in the noble pursuit of true equality, by Martin Luther King and his followers, would simply not be possible anywhere in the Islamic world.
    In writing the above I do not wish to diminish, for a moment, that there are a few exceptionally courageous adherents of Islam, such as Asra Nomani, Raheel Raza etc., who, I don’t have an inkling of doubt, would unhestitantly denounce slavery, racism and religious intolerance carried out in the name of their faith. Sadly our so called ‘Liberal Left’ turn their craven backs on the likes of these brave Islamic reformers, for whom I have the deepest of admiration. We need to recognise that their battle for a truly reformed Islam that is truly tolerant of adherents of other faiths, apostates and atheists, is in the interests of all decent human beings.

  3. This is of course true. I know a leftist who I use as a pretty accurate gauge of leftist thinking across a broad range of issues. Once she actually said she thinks we must absolutely have open borders to anyone “because we owe them.”

    Which, of course, we don’t.

    • It’s nothing about the “truth” unfortunately John. We will not allow holocaust denial on this page – we’ve been to Auschwitz and the horrors are very real.

  4. I am an ethnic minority living in the UK from a former British colony and I don’t have the attitude described by Ms Anne. Quite the opposite, the British introduced democracy, parliamentary procedure, administrative systems, education, infrastructure such as railways, irrigation systems and bridges that still stand today. The reality is our own leaders have been hopeless for decades, completely incapable of running a country. I’d quite happily be ruled by the British again. My ancestors tell me there was law and order under the Brits. I don’t give a damn if they considered us inferior, our countries were pathetic, what did we expect? Many of my fellow countrymen do have a massive chip on their shoulder they’ve bought into propaganda used by incompetent governments essentially blaming the Brits when in reality their greed and corruption is the real reason our countries are such a pathetic disgrace.


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