5 things we learned from ITV’s “far-right expose”

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Under the guise of investigative journalism, ITV and Hardcash Productions sent three undercover reporters into the public sphere to try and paint the British ‘far-right’ as an increasing threat in a post-Brexit and post-Trump world. Here are our top five takeaways from the documentary Exposure: Inside Britain’s New Far Right which aired last night…

Star of the show is true to her word

Throughout her UKIP leadership campaign and onto her new For Britain venture, a key theme of Anne Marie Waters’ appeal has been her supposed honesty and integrity. Every leader worth their salt has to market themselves according to their strengths and her honesty has undoubtedly been a characteristic she has promoted. With Nigel Farage, it was a pint down the local pub portraying his human side. And what ITV’s programme has inadvertently done, in an incredible slice of free publicity, is confirm without any shadow of a doubt that Anne Marie says in public what she also says in private. When she says she is not like other politicians, we now know that to be true. The programme ended up endorsing one of her strongest messages – that, yes, some of what she says may be uncomfortable, but it’s uncomfortable because the truth has for so long been quashed. Yes she is blunt and yes she occasionally uses obscenities in social settings. Who doesn’t? But her beliefs are clearly what motivate her, rather than fame or money.

We do have some extremists among us

We’re not in the business of smearing people, as that’s the job of the mainstream commentariat. However, and it didn’t take the programme to realise this, there are undoubtedly a small minority of extremists purporting to support similar causes and we should be brave enough to challenge these people. Like Jack Buckby says, he and Tommy Robinson are often branded “Jewish shills” by the actual far-right – and groups like the National Front and Heritage and Destiny Magazine were predictably shown to have vile views on the programme. But, unlike the left who believe in the silencing of opinions, we should openly debate these views rather than adopting Orwellian-like tactics. After all, we are advocates of democracy and free speech.

Expose promised much, but delivered little

If we’re to give ITV any credit, it must go to ‘Hazel’ and her skills in deceit. In a relatively short time frame, she managed to infiltrate the core of some very high-profile people – even giving Anne Marie a lift to the UKIP conference on the day of the leadership election result. And yet, despite supposedly getting to the heart of the beast, what did she actually film that was damaging to Anne Marie’s brand? As already mentioned, if anything it enhanced it. Hundreds of hours of footage were captured from three separate journalists and the only disgusting views they captured were from fringe and minority groups and individuals who are already known to have those disgusting views. Hardly ground-breaking, is it ITV? Put it this way: if they had uncovered anything truly dynamite, there’s no way this programme would have been broadcast at 10:40pm at the same time as the BBC’s flagship Question Time political debate show.

Media manipulation is truly unashamed

Where the programme may have cynically enjoyed some success is with people who have only a passing interest in politics. Maybe they were flicking through the channels and stumbled upon this show by chance. Unfortunately these people won’t know the context behind much of the information and will sadly probably end up smearing good people through nothing more than association. What Exposure did is patchwork many different groups together and paint them as a collective – when, in reality, there are many different fragments within the so-called right-wing of politics. A small minority are genuinely white supremacist and anti-Semitic, whereas a great number of others are simply opposed to a religious and political ideology called Islam. Sadly this is just the latest example of how easily the media can manipulate the general public.

They are watching our every move

What the film unquestionably demonstrated was the extent to which the mainstream cabal are positively itching to take us down. They are right in one thing: our message and influence is growing and more and more honest, common sense people are waking up to our arguments every single day. So not content with sending moles undercover, they are also watching every tweet you post, every YouTube video you upload, every live stream you make and, quite possibly, many of the direct messages and emails that you send. Our advice is to always make sure you know exactly who you are talking to before revealing any personal information, and as our mother used to say: ‘stay street-wise’ at all times. It’s depressing we even have to write this, but it’s the gloomy reality we are living in.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. I’ve cross posted you on our blog, we are family I think.

    We’re the black sheep mind, Awkward Squad gets proper lairy, profanity is optional but welcome 😉

    One thing we can learn from the ‘progressives’ is linking together.


  2. Wasn’t only the MSM it was presented BY HOPE NOT HATE (people trafficking charity) and a number of times they used the right-wing rhetoric was nauseating They are idiots and hate their own people

  3. Hopenothate are a bunch of thugs funded by the hard left and George ‘I’m a rich old git who’s a traitor to the West’ Soros. When are they going to do an expose of them and the rest of the fascist antifa?

  4. by watching this itv program i get the feeling that if you think female genital mutilation (2600 cases brought to the attention of the NHS last year !!!!)..raping 9 year olds and stoning gays to death and choosing vulnerable white girls to rape torture and pimp out is not nice.THIS HAPPENS .and want tighter border controls to try and prevent this.. that makes you a far right extremist ..and if you speak out about it you are a racist and a very terrible person for not wantings things like old men marrying 8 year old kids that sometimes die of internal injuries on their wedding night ..this happens in muslim countries..i dont want it here
    ….we are getting a message from the “far right activist” that a lot of normal every day folk are agreeing with ..what do that tell you ….i think this program has done the likes britain first and Ann marie walters and tommy robson any harm one bit ..in fact the opposite
    i am a white man married to a Thai lady with 2 mixed race 5 year old kids so i don’t think i am racist ..but i am seriously thinking of emigrating to Thailand as i really don’t like what the UK is turning into and don’t want them to grow up here with the UK with traditional moral standards are being changed for the worse

  5. This programme was nothing but a poor attempt to blacked anyone featured as racist Nazis w and it failed miserably. They were some comments made that were wrong, but not from your main targets,I found nothing they said offensive, these are people who see what is happening in this country and other countries in Europe, we are in the a war of epic proportions, targeted by Islamic extremists, the same extremists who would do away with our way of life and install the barbaric and evil, sharia law upon us, they would enslave our women, abuse young girls and kill anyone who does not wish to convert to Islam. Yet our politicians and the left wing pc brigade says anyone who speaks out against wanting to have their country become a Islamic state, is rascist, is islamaphobic is stupid and doesn’t know any better, well we do. On this weekend of remembrance, for the fallen who gave their lives so you, and I could live in a free democratic society like we do supposedly, this freedom is being gradually erased, flying our national flag,wearing Christian symbols such as a crucifix, are frowned upon, in some cases banned , we are a Christian country and as such should be proud to show our faith of. If we continue to take in so called refugees without knowing if they are who they say that they are, if they are genuine or not we allow them to come here, they will join with home grown jhiadis and wage s murderous war against us from our country. Yes we are at war, and the war is against the religion of Islam, it’s own religious book the Quran tells them to wage war against us, maybe the left wing press who made this expose programme go after the real dangers to us, the extremist imans who encourage ninjas against us.

  6. any person with an ounce of savvy know not to listen to lefty papers ITV SKY and more so the BBC people that voted out know what to listen to and not

  7. Politicians, Police, media,universities, all institutions have been infiltrated by the useful idiots.
    They are the puppets of the globalist N.W.O bankers,E.U. Anti white fascists they mock and demean us at every turn belittle our achievements brainwash our children promote Islam in our schools. They are traitors one and all.
    1948, they open the immigration route (Windrush) is the first ship the commonwealth blacks came on. Blair opened the floodgates all planned, to dispossess us of our Ancestral lands.
    Tony Blair is a Fabian socialist their motif “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”to indicate its deadly purpose.
    I suspect many more in the house are too.As Lenin put it,”the goal of socialism is communism”.
    They lie and smear patriot’s who love their people, Country, Christian heritage. We are called name’s meant to cower and scare us! These thieves and deceivers in power are the devil’s spawn their is no shame in them.Truly are living in evil times, where speaking the truth will get you imprisoned.They want the extinction of the white race,this is real and its happening in front of our eyes. They will not stop flooding our lands with ethnics to breed us out and to intermarry with our female’s. White genes are precious, we must fight for our future, this is no coincidence it is happening in all white lands only.
    George Soros (Illuminati jew) He controls the agenda in the E.U.front man for the “House of Rothschild” Christendom it on its knees, Pope Francis,Archbishop Welby are N.W.O. puppets leading the flock astray.


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