7 things that prove NOTHING has been learnt from Brexit and Trump


Experts scrambled to tell us lessons had been learnt following the Brexit and Trump votes which sent tremors across the international political landscape. But has anything actually changed? Here are 7 things that prove that despite all the talk shows, analysis and declarations made by the great and the good, nothing has changed… arguably, things are getting worse…

1. Politicians never truly listen

Despite Remain scare stories turning out to be completely unfounded, new forecasts suggesting the EU’s decline will continue until 2050, and promises made before the referendum that the will of the British people would be enacted, 114 MPs still voted against Theresa May’s Article 50 bill this month. MPs resigned from the shadow frontbench, one in five Labour MPs ignored the referendum result and people like Paul Farrelly even did so despite representing a constituency which voted by a huge 61% to leave the European Union. Sadly, Paul was far from the only example.

2. Stats twisted by Uni elites

People like Anthony Clifford Grayling have abused their high profile positions to convince people there is no mandate or majority for leaving the EU. The philosopher and London university professor has been hilariously and desperately trying to distort the results ever since June 23. He maintains that only 37% of the population voted for Brexit and has even suggested widespread strikes if Parliament isn’t given a further vote or the public are not put through another referendum. Of course anyone with a modicum of sense and not completely blinded by pro-EU propaganda knows that anyone can twist statistics to try and make a point – quite rightly, people who forfeit their right to vote are never counted in final percentages in any vote or election. The only percentage that matters is 52%.

3. Media spinning continues full throttle

The MSM continue to publish unsubstantiated, twisted, fake news with little regard to the reasons Brexit and Trump happened. Only this week the Mirror published a new “major poll” claiming that Remain would win if the EU referendum was held again. “Britain’s Brexit regret” boomed the headline. Only in the fifth paragraph was it was revealed that this major survey actually just surveyed people from a various left-leaning Mirror websites. The result of this poll is as useful as us surveying Guardian readers on whether they would like Katie Hopkins as their new editor. The last 12 months has proven pollsters are useless at identifying the mood of the silent majority at the best of times.

4. Filthy-rich Branson funding own Brexit challengeprogressive-mass-hysteria-b

Wealthy businessmen and Europhile campaigners including Virgin boss Richard Branson are in the process of setting up a new pro-EU group. It aims to turn public opinion against the referendum result throughout the negotiation process. If you think the propaganda has been bad up until now, just wait until Branson’s cynical bid to block a democratic mandate is in full swing – the irony, of course, is that he’ll be orchestrating most of this from his home 4,124 miles away on a Caribbean island. It is precisely people like Branson – out-of-touch, arrogant elites – that people voted against.

5. Creative class trapped in a bubble

Whether its Gary Lineker, Lily Allen, JK Rowling, Meryl Streep, Ken Roach or Madonna virtue signalling to their liberal masses, it has become trendy now for left-leaning celebrities to speak out on the political stage and condemn working people’s everyday concerns. Gone are the days when presenters presented, authors wrote books, singers sung and actors acted. A recent episode of the Graham Norton Show displayed in wondrous splendour the bubble they all live in – the first 19 minutes of this so-called entertainment programme focused on one topic only: the mocking of President Trump. His celebrity sofa featuring people like Harriet Harman and Annette Bening lapped it up with great appreciation. Bening then “apologising on behalf of my nation” for the democratically elected 45th President of the United States of America was the final straw for us before our eyes started to bleed.

6. Feminazis reek of hypocrisy

Millions of so-called feminists marched following the election of Trump. They claimed to be sticking up for women’s rights – yet when one mother and daughter were spotted wearing Trump memorabilia at one rally, they were verbally abused and intimidated by these god awful hypocrites. Many utterly embarrassed themselves by dressing up in vagina costumes and attaching banners to their innocent children proclaiming “don’t grab my pussy” and all the while they were being led by a Muslim woman – Linda Sarsour – who believes in the introduction of Sharia Law which actively erodes women’s rights. The silent majority were once again left wondering: where were these protests when hundreds of young white girls were gang raped in Rotherham? Where were these protests when dozens of German women were groped by groups of migrants on New Year’s Eve? Selective outrage seems to be unique to the left.

7. ‘Resist’ demos harm liberal cause

The violent scenes we saw across America with people assaulted, cars and buildings burned, missiles launched and fireworks set off only served to strengthen the resolve of those people who voted Trump in. Protesting in the streets is one thing, and is healthy in any democracy, but when anarchy takes over and democracy is undermined then it is extremely infuriating to see. One of the main reasons people voted the way they did (in both Brexit and Trump) was resentment. Resentment with liberals who have thrust their worldview on society at large and think they can micromanage society – scenes like this will only convince more of the middle ground to sway towards causes like Trump and Brexit. When will they realise? Probably never.

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