2016: The year that rocked politics

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Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no doubting that 2016 was the year which sent shockwaves to the very core of global politics. We take a look at five reasons why the last 12 months will be looked back on in years to come as a hugely significant moment in history.

  1. The shy society found their voice

The EU referendum didn’t just give people a chance to have their say on the EU per se. It gave them the opportunity to pass verdict on decades of uncontrolled mass immigration, depressed living standards, broken political promises, mainstream media vilification of working class people and political correctness silencing free speech. Through the ballot box, the silent majority resoundingly rejected politics in its current form and bloodied the nose of the out-of-touch political establishment.

The electorate spoke decisively through the largest numerical mandate in British political history to shun the metropolitan classes which have driven much of the narrative both here and in the EU since 1975. Remember, many working and middle class people have been paralysed by the ‘liberal’ left through fear. Concerns over the multicultural agenda forced upon our nation have become synonymous with racism and bigotry and the ballot box is the only way these people can truly be heard. Given that opportunity in June and voters chose to have more control over their borders, more control over their lawmaking and ultimately, more control over their future.

The reaction from the liberal elite has been a mixture of bemusement and anger as wild generalisations are made about why people voted out. One thing remains certain: they still don’t get it. And the longer they don’t get it, the stronger our movement will become.

  1. Politicians shown up for what they are 

In 2016, we crystallised what we already thought we knew. That politicians will lie, manipulate and cheat to get what they want (Mr Cameron, we’re looking at you). We learnt that MPs in Parliament don’t truly represent the people of this country and peers in the unelected House of Lords certainly don’t. Make no mistake; reform of our voting system is vital moving forward. MPs like Paul Farrelly, purporting to represent Newcastle-under-Lyme, have continued to vote against Article 50 despite his constituency voting overwhelmingly by 63% to leave the EU. It’s only a matter of time before Mr Farrelly and others are deselected.

And while the political class continue to lament the Brexit process, accusing it of being in a mess, what they fail to recognise is that this is actually yet another reason in favour of leaving the EU. You see, the reason the political class didn’t have a Brexit plan is because it wasn’t expecting a Brexit win. And the reason it wasn’t expecting a Brexit win is because they have no connection with vast swathes of the UK – and this fact itself is a big reason why leave won. So the so-called mess of Brexit is not an argument against Brexit, but rather for it. That they can’t get a handle on Brexit demonstrates why we need, and want, the decision to materialise. Their shock and confusion at Brexit is actually what Brexit is all about. We knew they’d be shaken to their core, with no idea on how to deal with a re-writing of the script. That’s a large reason why people did it.

  1. First EU domino has tumbled

The European Union might be comforting itself by moving into a glitzy new £280m headquarters but in reality Britain’s Brexit vote delivered a powerful uppercut to the face which, frankly, they weren’t anticipating. The prospect of losing its third largest contributor has stalled EU federalists’ dream of a one nation superstate and with possible further bailouts for Italy and Greece on the horizon and other countries now openly talking about holding similar referendums on membership, we are starting to see the very start of the disintegration of the European project. European citizens are gradually waking up to the power grab inflicted by Brussels and Italy’s recent ‘no’ vote to major constitutional reforms was also seen in a wider context as a vote about Italians dissatisfaction with the single currency and wider project.

If Jean-Claude Juncker thinks Britain leaving the EU is his only immediate dilemma then he is sadly mistaken. In fact, Britain’s biggest danger now is whether we can complete our withdrawal before the rest of the dominos start tumbling.

Power to the people

  1. Hope Trumps policy promises 

We’ve entered into a new political phase where ordinary people have grown utterly desensitised to the opinions and promises of career politicians and so-called experts with vested interests. Voters in Britain defied a catalogue of experts and high-ranking politicians despite warnings of economic catastrophe and, as the months roll by, and with the UK economy remaining resolute, it is becoming increasingly clear that voters were right to rely on their gut instincts rather than their university masters degrees.

But it was the US Presidential election where this new trend really came to the fore. Who gave Donald Trump the faintest hope at the start of the Republican nomination campaign? A brash, businessman with no experience of politics captured the imagination of the American people and is now preparing himself for the unlikeliest of reigns in the Oval Office. Was it his firm political policies which won him the Electoral College vote? Of course not – in fact, many of his specific policies were sketchy at best. But Trump gave people hope of change – change from the same old global politics which has promised so much but delivered so little to the ‘little people’ over a number of decades. It is this hope of a better future which saw people surge to his corner. Expect similar narratives with similar conclusions in the 2017 French and Dutch general elections.

  1. Liberals openly turn fascist 

What we learned is that liberals love poor people when they’re helplessly huddled around food banks, hungry, exhausted and looking for dinner but absolutely despise them when they flock into polling stations and say “fuck your status quo”. We learnt that liberals hate all forms of discrimination in society – except when they’re attacking the “cold-blooded” decision by old people to leave the EU and in doing so “stealing young people’s future”. Racism is abhorrent, unless of course it is major American TV broadcaster MTV openly race-baiting white people with their video: “Hey, white guys: we came up with some New Year’s Resolutions for you.” We learnt that liberals are the pillars of parliamentary democracy when a decision goes against them, but they don’t mind giving away more and more powers for 41 consecutive years any other time.

Finally, we learnt that liberals don’t like publications like the Daily Mail. We’re not particular fans of them either but instead of challenging their ideas on an intellectual level they have started pressurising advertisers into pulling their contracts presumably with the intention of closing the platform. The students’ union at one London university has even banned the Mail, Sun and Express from campus. They claim they’re fighting hate. We say they are suppressing many legitimate concerns rather like a fascist state would. The liberal left is morphing into the very thing they claim to stand against.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


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