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Time to break this deafening silence


Banbury; Blackburn; Bradford; Bristol; Doncaster; Leeds; Manchester; Oldham; Oxford; Rochdale; Aylesbury; Rotherham; Sheffield; Stoke-on-Trent; Telford.

What do all these English towns and cities have in common? They are just some (there are many more) of the places where Muslim gangs …

May and Juncker’s Downing Street dinner: an alternative view


The Brussels propaganda machine, propped up by our mainstream media and Brit-hating Remainers, is now in full flow following the dinner between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker.

According to their (one-sided) version of events, the meeting proved that May was …

Time to choose: country or party?


If one Remain insult grated more than any other during the EU referendum campaign, it was the assertion that Leave voters were ‘thick’ or ‘unintelligent’.

Sometimes it was implied, other times openly voiced. And of course, much glee was taken …

Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali shatters the liberal illusion


More than any other critic of Islam, liberals really cannot stand Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Because she’s a woman.
She’s an ex-Muslim, now apostate.
She’s a Somali refugee.
She’s university educated.
And she’s also black.

She shatters every single illusion …

There’s no such word as “can’t” – just ask Brexiteers

Leave.EU supporters wave Union flags and cheer as the results come in at the Leave.EU referendum party at Millbank Tower in central London early in the morning of June 24, 2016. First results from Britain's knife-edge referendum showed unexpectedly strong support for leaving the European Union on Friday, sending the pound plummeting as investors feared a historic blow against the 28-nation alliance. / AFP PHOTO / GEOFF CADDICKGEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images

Today is a truly momentous day. Wednesday 29th March 2017 will forever be engraved in the history books of this fine nation.

It is exactly 15,273 days since that dark day in June 1975 when the British public was conned …

How much more blood will be spilled?


Welcome to the aftermath of the latest Islamic terrorist attack on British soil. Heroic policeman Keith Palmer butchered outside the Mother of Parliaments, three other innocent people murdered, 40 people hospitalised and French schoolchildren mowed down like cattle.

Not surprisingly …

Apathy: the biggest threat to populism


When you’re the underdog, and when your views have been shunned by mainstream society for so long, that winning feeling is a mixture of euphoric delirium and disbelief.

We remember the sheer ecstasy on the morning of Friday 24th June …

If we were a political party…


With Labour no longer providing a credible opposition party, the Tories breaking manifesto promises and UKIP infighting yet again, there has arguably never been a better time (or a more pressing need) for a new, dynamic political party to fill

Our job is to discredit media lies, not ban them


Conservatism is experiencing a renaissance. A renaissance brought about through populist policies following decades of forced liberalisation of our Western societies by progressive elites.

After the watershed political year of 2016, the right is increasingly buoyant that the tide of …

How language is used by mainstream media to distort the truth


Every single mainstream media outlet has painted Tony Blair’s Brexit speech as a “major intervention”.

Endless hours of television footage, radio commentary and column inches have acted as free publicity for Blair’s self-proclaimed political rebirth.

The word “intervention” means to …