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The age of reason is dead


Students at Oxford University have taken action to de-platform hate speech by burning pamphlets that “caused maximum offence” according to one of its students. Authorities expelled the author from the university and a university spokesman said the “special acquisition” has

Multiculturalism has failed say Bradford residents


Nine in ten people say Bradford is divided, in a nod to the city’s failed multiculturalism experiment, according to a new poll in a local newspaper.

The eye-opening survey comes as city councillors said “Asian youths” had attacked pubs owned …

“Christians should resist Islam at every level in society” – report


Islam is an intolerant religion which should be “challenged and confronted” at every level of society, according to an explosive article published by a Christian lobby group.

Tim Dieppe, director of Islamic Affairs at Christian Concern, has penned an investigation …

Why it’s time for a proper discussion on foreign aid


The origins of our foreign aid programme dates back to the 18th century, when the UK and other European powers provided large amounts of money to their colonies. This was development aid, typically to improve infrastructure, with the ultimate goal

London housebuilding falls by a fifth under Sadiq Khan


The number of housing starts in Britain’s capital has fallen by 20 per cent under London Mayor Sadiq Khan, government figures suggest.

The Labour politician had a column in the Guardian newspaper published in October under the headline ‘We’re starting …

Anti-free speech zealots silence professor’s views on colonialism


Western free speech has been dealt another crushing blow after an American professor caved in to a backlash he received for publishing a positive view on the impact of colonialism.

Bruce Gilley, political scientist at Portland State University, triggered thousands …

Construction industry should “step up” and boost numbers of homegrown workers post-Brexit

Construction industry is not doing enough to train local talent, says report

The construction sector should be “much more ambitious” in the training and recruitment of UK workers following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, industry bodies have admitted.

In the midst of a well-publicised skills shortage nationwide, seven industry bodies including the …

Facebook: “Share Islamic messages of peace, mercy and tolerance”

Online guide specifically looks at 'hate speech' suffered by Muslims
Online guide specifically looks at 'hate speech' suffered by Muslims

Facebook has published a new safety guide designed to protect Muslims online and boost their “confidence and mental wellbeing”.

The social media giant has joined forces with Faith Associates, an English-based training consultancy which works with ethnic minority communities, to …

Stop Funding Hate – humanitarians or hypocritical autocrats?


“Don’t Get Fooled Again offers practical tools for cutting through the claptrap and unravelling the spin – tackling the propaganda, the psychology of deception…” proclaims the bio of one of Richard Wilson’s published books.

Richard Wilson is an author and …

Fight university bias from within


Accusations of anti-Brexit bias at British universities have been all over the mainstream media in recent weeks, and it has led to a debate over the wider influence of leftist politics.

But are these institutions really awash with remainers and …