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“Colonial guilt” harms Britain’s ability to speak freely – Anne Marie


MIGRANTS wanting “revenge” for Britain’s colonial past is one of the biggest factors for the silent majority not being able to speak freely about political and religious ideology, Anne Marie Waters today claimed.

The leader of For Britain was speaking …

EU silent on impending “political chaos” in South Africa


A pro-Brexit MEP has accused the European Union of shutting down debate on the political instability in South Africa, warning the country could “descend into chaos” after the 2019 general elections.

South East England MEP Janice Atkinson says due to …

It’s time to call Antifa what they are: domestic terrorists


Not only does sexism and anti-Semitism go right to the very top of the Labour Party, we now know violence does too.

Sadly it’s no surprise Jacob Rees-Mogg was confronted by a group of masked Antifa thugs at the University …

Police drafted in for public meeting over proposed Islamic centre


Police have been needed at a Leicester council meeting due to controversial plans for a new Islamic education centre in a heavily Hindu-populated area of the city.

In a sign of the heightened tensions in communities across Britain, up to …

Students suggest creating “multicultural stand” at home of former Premier League champions


High school students have suggested introducing a “multicultural stand” at Blackburn Rovers Football Club, as part of a Premier League community initiative which has angered Rovers fans.

The five pupils from Darwen Vale High School were narrowly defeated when they …

It’s not about gender, until it’s about gender


One thing we’ve all learnt is that liberals are inconsistent and often contradictory. One area of glaring paradoxical inconsistency is the Marxist-socialist-liberal ideology of new wave feminism and gender struggle. The gender feminists are at odds with the other liberal

Nigel stop, please stop. Democracy isn’t a tap you can turn on or off


Sorry Nigel, but your apparent U-turn on whether we should have a second EU referendum is wrong on so many levels.

Why would you spend the best part of your career campaigning for us to leave, only to play with …

Did British Army chief admit native Brits are being replaced?


The British Army – heroic, a source of national pride, our last line of defence and traditionally the last organisation you would associate with political correctness.

And yet, didn’t the head of the British Army Sir Nick Carter just effectively …

Is UKIP leader’s new girlfriend a secret Anne Marie Waters fan?


New social media posts have emerged which suggest UKIP leader Henry Bolton’s new girlfriend could be a secret fan of Anne Marie Waters’ politics.

Jo Marney has rarely been out of the headlines in recent days after revelations that the …

Twitter “ignores own rules” over Israel Nazi slur


A fortnight after terrorist organisation Hamas posted an image depicting Israel as Nazis, the photograph remains on the micro-blogging platform despite contravening a number of its own rules.

It was Saturday 23rd December when the Hamas Movement tweeted to their …