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“Our first job is to believe,” Anne Marie Waters tells Birmingham protest


“Your first job is to believe you can change it,” declared For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters as around 3,000 people descended on Birmingham city centre for the first Football Lads Alliance march of 2018.

A more concrete avowal from …

In the post-truth era, together we are stronger


A Scottish court ruled this week that Mark Meechan – aka Count Dankula – was guilty of being “grossly offensive” when he recorded a video of his pet dog doing a Nazi salute. He was convicted under the UK’s Communications

The speech Prime Minister Theresa May tried to BAN

Credit: Breitbart London

“Not conductive to the public good,” read the Home Office report barring political activist Martin Sellner from the shores of this country. As a result some 5,000 patriots, and hundreds of thousands more online, defied the British Government in trying

How language manipulation distorted national identities


One winters morning in 1997 my bedside radio turned itself on with the news. The bulletin informed me about a new building that may be the tallest ‘in Europe’ before mentioning a new sports car which could be the fastest

Stop criminalising the British people, Prime Minister


An open letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Right Honourable Mrs Theresa May. Please share widely online and offline.

Dear Prime Minister,

This week you asked us to take your word that it was …

You can ban our people, but never our ideas


Over the weekend, Austrian political activist Martin Sellner and his girlfriend, American conservative activist Brittany Pettibone were detained by the Home Office for three days and refused entry into the UK.

The Home Office has refused to comment on the …

“Funding threats” force schools to cancel Katie Hopkins speaking tour


Schools were threatened with “funding cuts” from local councils if they hosted outspoken broadcaster Katie Hopkins as part of a nationwide speaking tour, it was revealed today.

And 95 per cent of schools that initially registered interest in taking part …

Our future is in the balance


The term ‘Divide and Rule’ dates back many centuries and has been used to control populations countless times. Today, we are facing it again and there is so much at stake. We have not divided ourselves, we have been divided

The sanctity of motherhood is under attack


Criticising the recent Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black “pregnancy” news has nothing to do with homophobia and everything to do with the commoditisation of childbirth and the attack on motherhood.

The outsourcing of childbirth is nothing new and many

Cheddar Man highlights growing obsession with skin colour


Poor old Cheddar Man. After spending over 9,000 years resting in relative peace, he’s now causing quite a stir after a Channel 4 documentary revealed that his skin was most likely to have been ‘dark’ or ‘dark to black’.

The …