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Is my daughter too white to apply to English Heritage?


Guest contributor Catherine Blaiklock, a former UKIP candidate at the 2017 General Election, publishes this open letter to English Heritage bosses questioning their new training programme aimed at Black, Asian or ‘Minority Ethnic Heritage’ people. Despite sending this to the

EXCLUSIVE: Mosque owners breach planning laws as hundreds protest


Council officers say it is “unfortunate” the owners of a new mosque breached planning laws – but have recommended the controversial plans are approved anyway, Shy Society can reveal today.

The Zainabiya Welfare Foundation (ZWF) had been using a building …

We need to talk about war


Even before the current Syria crisis we were already at war. It didn’t go away just because we stopped talking about it.

It is a war being fought across multiple fronts. It is a war on terror and Islamist ideology, …

Top scholar: Islam is “part and parcel of Germany”

(Credit: AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

Islam is “part and parcel” of Germany and religion is helping to speed up the process of integrating refugees and migrants, a renowned Islamic scholar and political scientist has claimed.

Mohammed Khallouck, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in …

South Asian football initiative slammed as “divisive” by Bradford residents


A campaign to increase the numbers of South Asian youngsters playing the beautiful game in Britain has been accused of promoting segregation even further.

Pakistani-Muslim Kashif Siddiqi was once on the books at Northampton Town and Arsenal but only 10 …

Why Twitter’s crackdown on free speech is a very public farce


Just over a week ago, Tommy Robinson joined a growing list high-profile people subject to a permanent ban from Twitter. This follows increased pressure from politicians and the government to curb ‘hate speech’ even though the term is vague, entirely

Migration agency condemned for ‘encouraging illegal immigration’


A United Nations linked migration agency has come under fire after it was accused of “legitimising and incentivising” the illegal boat crossing of dozens of migrants.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which has been a related organisation of the …

Generation Identity are on the march – but who are they?


It’s probably fair to say Generation Identity have gained internet notoriety for their slick online presence and provocative sticker and banner stunts in towns across the UK and Europe.

Their exposure was boosted again recently by the banning of Austrian …

Impartial journalism or tangled web of propaganda?


The Birmingham Mail, serving Britain’s second-city since 1870, was once one of the UK’s biggest regional print titles.

But in a city of 1.1 million residents, average circulation has nosedived to just 16,626 (Dec 2017) and if the past …

“Our first job is to believe,” Anne Marie Waters tells Birmingham protest


“Your first job is to believe you can change it,” declared For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters as around 3,000 people descended on Birmingham city centre for the first Football Lads Alliance march of 2018.

A more concrete avowal from …