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Forget victor mentality, we need a VIKTOR mentality


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has submitted a “Stop Soros” bill to the Hungarian Parliament, targeting individuals and organisations that help economic migrants enter the country illegally.

Should it be turned into law, a new custodial sentence ranging from five …

#FreeTommy: Journalists urged to wear “hard hats and body armour”


Hours before thousands of Tommy Robinson supporters marched on Whitehall, a leading media union urged journalists covering the event to wear “hard hats, kneepads and body armour” to keep themselves safe.

In perhaps a growing sign of the disconnect and …

“Open debate? There would be a political earthquake,” GI figure claims

Tore (right) with GI leader Martin Sellner

British MEP: “I’m convinced we are seeing The Great Replacement”


Independent MEP Janice Atkinson has become the latest high-profile public figure to speak out about “The Great Replacement” which argues that native Brits and Europeans are being systematically replaced through mass, uncontrolled immigration.

Writing in the Voice of Europe following …

One year on. Don’t look back in anger, look forward with purpose


We’re coming up to the first anniversary of the Manchester bombing on the 22nd May. A heinous act carried out by an ISIS-supporting radical Islamist who specifically wanted to target young girls. Twenty-two people lost their lives and over 800

English Heritage: “We have sufficient numbers of white applicants”


English Heritage bosses have denied being discriminatory after launching a training programme aimed only at Black, Asian or ‘Minority Ethnic Heritage’ people, adding that they already have sufficient numbers of white applicants.

Resources director Mark Stuart-Smith, in a response letter …

An honest take on London’s Day for Freedom march

The Union Flag is held proudly aloft at the Day of Freedom adjacent to Prime Minister Theresa May's Downing Street home. Copyright: Shy Society

They say first impressions count and as thousands of men, women and some children marched in unison down Whitehall towards Downing Street it was immediately apparent that Tommy Robinson’s call-to-arms to protect freedom of speech had resonated with many.

At …

Labour councillor deletes tweet urging Britain to be “cleansed of Tories”


A Muslim Labour Party councillor has claimed supporters of the Conservative Party are “born racist” before urging Britain to be “cleansed” of them, in shocking social media screenshots captured by Shy Society.

Gloucester City councillor Usman Bhaimia was commenting …