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2016: The year that rocked politics

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Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no doubting that 2016 was the year which sent shockwaves to the very core of global politics. We take a look at five reasons why the last 12 months will be looked back

Banning the burka is long overdue


We spent time in the Middle East and Asia recently – first Dubai and then Thailand where a significant Muslim population resides in the south. It was an eye-opening experience for many reasons but one pertinent memory was the distinct

The stench of hypocrisy from Remain


Watching the media through the lens of the London-centric mainstream and you’d be forgiven for thinking Brexit was a disaster unravelling before our very eyes.

Whether it’s the falling currency, a row over Marmite, High Court setbacks for triggering Article …

Why forgotten man David Cameron has a lot to answer for


Disbelief and anger – just two of the emotions on show following an unforgettable referendum campaign which resulted in the UK electing to leave the European Union.

Remainers and mainstream media like the BBC and Sky News were only too …

5 reasons Brexit legal challenge should be opposed unanimously


Following a High Court ruling yesterday which states the UK Government has to consult Parliament before triggering Article 50, Shy Society has responded with the 5 key reasons why this ruling should be opposed at all costs.

  1. UK Government should

Suzanne Evans leadership interview: “If anyone can win Labour votes, it’s me!”


In this candid interview with UKIP leadership candidate Suzanne Evans, Shy Society asks her about policy, the direction she would take the party in and a whole lot more…

First Suzanne, the big topic on everyone’s lips: Brexit. Is Theresa

Time to fight political correctness head on


“Political correctness has gone mad” must be one of the most overused phrases in modern society. So much is written and said about political correctness and the so-called ‘PC brigade’ that your eyes begin to gloss over at the very

UKIP reaches vital crossroads


One thing is absolutely certain: as the days and weeks pass by, Nigel Farage’s legacy as UKIP leader seems all the more remarkable.

How on earth did he keep a party so fractured in check for so long? Answers on …

Why shy society factor may still see Trump through


October 9, 2016. 30 days until America elects its next president. An exit poll from CNN following the second US presidential election debate revealed a crushing 57% to 34% defeat for Donald Trump.

Hilary Clinton’s team glibly retweeted the image …

The birth of Shy Society


Twenty-first century Britain. A bastion of democracy where respect for different opinions, diversity and tradition are paramount. A land where high quality investigative journalism leads to open and honest debate, where politicians represent their constituents in the birthplace of modern