Major milestone reached in campaign to outlaw Hizballah in Britain


British Home Secretary Sajid Javid will be forced to consider demands to proscribe Islamist militant group Hizballah under the 2000 Terrorism Act after a campaign raced to more than 10,000 signatures.

The campaign to proscribe the Lebanon-based Shi’a Islamist group, which has called for the extermination of Jews, has this afternoon surpassed the 10,000 signatures needed to gain an official response from Theresa May’s UK government.

The official Parliamentary petition has amassed 10,600 names from all corners of Britain in just 16 days and now the volunteer-led charity Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is behind the move, is calling for 100,000 signatures which would automatically trigger a debate in the House of Commons.

It comes just a weekend before the Al-Quds Day march takes place in central London on 10th June which annually sees dozens of flags flown supporting the same extremist organisation which has been responsible for murdering and maiming British soldiers. The distinctive yellow and green flags show a fist holding an automatic weapon aloft in a nod to its violent operations, yet under present law the British government only proscribes the “military wing” and not the “political wing”.

The annual parade sees the Hizballah flag openly and widely on display


So far the petition has been backed by some high-profile individuals including the outspoken Imam Tawhidi, otherwise known as the Imam of Peace, and retired British Army officer Col Richard Kemp.

Thanking supporters, the Campaign Against Antisemitism said today: “For the third day in a row, our petition to fully proscribe Hizballah terrorists is the most popular one on the Parliament’s website! We have the 10,000 signatures needed for Sajid Javid to formally review proscription but let’s keep the pressure up!”

The petition reads: “Supporters of Hizballah annually parade through London and are permitted to do so on the grounds that only Hizballah’s “military wing” is proscribed. Even Hizballah admits there is no “military wing”. We must stop these parades on our streets.

“Britain proscribes Hizballah’s “military wing” but, at the behest of the Foreign Office, not its “political wing”. Hizballah mocks the distinction. For example, in 2012 its Deputy Secretary-General said: “We don’t have a military wing and a political one”.

“Hizballah seeks the extermination of Jews. For example, in 2004 its Secretary-General said: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” It has been responsible for terrorist attacks murdering Jews from Buenos Aires to Burgas and has even been blamed for two bombings targeting Jews in London in 1994.”

The petition on the government website


The Islamic Human Rights Commission has written a letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan urging him to publicly support the “peaceful family friendly event in London for three decades”. One of those to countersign the letter is Baroness Jenny Tonge who was forced to resign from the Liberal Democrats in 2012 after telling a university audience that Israel would “reap what it’s sown” and that it “is not going to be there forever”. In 2004 then Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy asked her to resign as children’s spokeswoman when she suggested she “might just consider becoming” a suicide bomber if she was a Palestinian.

To support the campaign click here: Proscribe Hizballah in its entirety under the Terrorism Act 2000.

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