Labour councillor deletes tweet urging Britain to be “cleansed of Tories”


A Muslim Labour Party councillor has claimed supporters of the Conservative Party are “born racist” before urging Britain to be “cleansed” of them, in shocking social media screenshots captured by Shy Society.

Gloucester City councillor Usman Bhaimia was commenting on news that an Enfield Tory council candidate had been suspended for hanging bacon from a door handle to “protect your house from terrorism” when he said to his 600 followers: “The Tories are born racist. Clean Britain of them lot.”

He then faced a barrage of criticism for his own generalisations as Gloucester resident Aisha Pandor tweeted him saying “what a disappointing tweet from a good B&T Cllr.” The tweet, posted on the day of England’s local elections, has now been deleted as councillor Bhaimia claimed he had been “tweeting in anger” and that his words “may not be appropriate”.

The now deleted tweet captured by Shy Society

The Labour Party has a social media Code of Conduct that states: “We stand against all forms of abuse and will take action against those who commit it.”

When approached for comment by local news outlet Gloucestershire Live, the staunch Jeremy Corbyn supporter said: “I don’t want to tar them all with the same brush but the majority have got some sort of political ill feeling about people who are not white. They have no feeling for the poor or working-class people.”

He added: “I need to stick to the code of conduct because I live in a human society. It could have been worded better to be more in line with the code of conduct. Some of my best friends are in the Tory party. They are very good to me. But the Tory party brings in laws which are not advantageous to minority people.”

It is not the first time the councillor has courted controversy online after a YouTube video attracting 300 views was posted in January 2016 of him being approached in the street. The unidentified local resident claimed that councillorBhaimia and two other council members had ignored repeated emails questioning why a community trust closed down for financial mismanagement three years previously had reopened in July 2015 “without anyone in our ward being informed, to this date.”

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  1. Similar unsavoury outbursts by Gloster Labour members are not uncommon. One female leading member in Stroud was reprimanded shortly after the Manchester outrage occurred for suggesting that Theresa May would not have been disappointed because it would have drawn attention away from Government mismanagement.


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