EXCLUSIVE: Mosque owners breach planning laws as hundreds protest


Council officers say it is “unfortunate” the owners of a new mosque breached planning laws – but have recommended the controversial plans are approved anyway, Shy Society can reveal today.

The Zainabiya Welfare Foundation (ZWF) had been using a building on Bennet Road, in south Reading, as a mosque throughout 2017 before being informed by the local authority that its use was “unauthorised” and that they would fail to obtain planning permission. The Shia group subsequently purchased another building – over five miles away in north west Reading – which, by the group’s own admission, has been used as a mosque since 14th December 2017 despite having no planning permission to do so.

More than four months on, there remains no planning consent on Equity House yet the group’s website openly promotes prayer schedules, activities and events, and directions to the mosque and community centre.

In January, a new “part retrospective” planning application was submitted with Reading Borough Council stating it was “unfortunate” that the applicant commenced using the building in advance, adding “the applicant has been asked to respond to criticism that they started using the building without consideration of the planning process”.

ZWF responded by saying it was “not very experienced with this and don’t understand that full planning process” and that they “sincerely regretted” their actions.

“We had kept our planning agent informed at all stages of our progress in all matters including use of centre. From our other meeting and in hindsight I realise that we should have insisted on getting the planning in place before use of centre for which we regret but was more so because of lack of understanding of process,” the statement went on.

Outraged residents in this leafy suburb of Reading have lodged almost 750 objections including a 451-signature petition as they accuse the mosque owners of “arrogant presumption”.

In a report to the council’s planning committee, case officer Julie Williams admits: “With so many comments received (altogether there are about 740 objections including the petition) it is not possible in this report to record them individually.” She also describes the hundreds of comments as “well organised opposition” – and it is hostility which will be on display again today (SAT) as neighbours stage a peaceful protest outside the Post Office in School Road from 2pm.

Despite this, Reading Borough Council officers have advised councillors to approve the proposals at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday (April 25) stating that the Equalities Act 2010 “offers support” to the viewpoint that approval will “allow the requirements of a religious group to be met”.

Tilehurst residents Ken and Helen Thomas argue that the plans will “change the character” of the area and cause huge congestion problems, with an average of 50 worshippers expected to use it at peak times.

“We cannot allow something like this to dominate and take over our village and its inhabitants. It is definitely not the place to have a building of this nature,” they added.

Local resident Vincent Kent said: “I would be more trusting, but the mosques own website says that it is open for business; despite the planning not yet granted. It is arrogantly presumptuous of them to assume that planning will be granted and makes me wonder what else they have planned.

“When the planned mosque becomes too small for the numbers attending, and I suspect it will, what assurances do we as locals have that another bigger and more disruptive building is going to take its place?”

One of the posters sent out to the local community in Tilehurst, Reading

David and Yvette, also objecting to the plans, said: “We understand that the building is already being used illegally for the purpose of a mosque. We object to this, as it is a total disregard for planning laws.

“What action is the council taking regarding this? We are appalled that this total disregard for planning laws has been allowed to continue.”

And Mr G England, of Hildens Drive, added: “There are already a number of mosques in Reading and in some cases, it appears that planning guidelines have been ignored in their construction.

“Indeed, there are already large signs on the proposed site, which looks to me as if they are going ahead with plans before planning permission has been granted, is this indeed the thin end of the wedge, will the developers stick to any planning restrictions laid down in the future?”

Trustee of ZWF, Mumtaz Ali, said the building was a family community centre as well as a mosque and that it was open to the whole community including people of any religion.


As Reading Borough Council prepare to grant permission to yet another mosque on Wednesday, serious questions must now be asked in the very highest echelons of government about the state of Britain’s planning system and whether it is still fit-for-purpose.

To get the legal jargon out of the way, a breach of planning control is defined in section 171A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as “the carrying out of development without the required planning permission”.

On the government’s own website, it states that effective enforcement of planning controls is important to “maintain the integrity of the decision-making process” and to “help ensure that public acceptance of the decision-making process is maintained.”

When the Zainabiya Welfare Foundation breached planning guidelines for the first time in 2017, they were told in no uncertain terms that what they had been doing was “unauthorised” and that they had to find alternative premises. When they then purchased Equity House and contravened planning controls for a second time immediately after, a lack of understanding of the planning process simply cannot be used as a justifiable excuse. It is ludicrous to think otherwise. And, just to add insult to injury, as hundreds of locals raise legitimate fears over the detrimental impact this change of use will have on their village-like community, council officers have seemingly ignored these protestations to advise elected councillors to pass it anyway.

Just what, Shy Society ask, is the point of Britain’s planning system if it ignores repeated planning breaches and the material and widespread concerns of local communities? On this evidence, and the evidence of many more applications across the length and breadth of this country, our planning system is incompetent, redundant and corrupt to the core, lacking integrity at every sorry last turn.

We must fight this on a local level and we must fight this on a national level. You can support the campaign by sending this article, and our response to it, to local councillors, MPs, parish councillors, the planning committee at Reading Borough Council and figures in national government. Only by pressurising those overseeing this underhanded, shoddy mess can we ensure that a planning process fit-for-purpose is shaped which properly safeguards local communities and the genuine concerns raised within them.

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  1. It is disgrace that cowardly Councils are allowing Muslims to destroy our once Christian country by giving them illegal planing permission to build these Mosques which are destroying our culture.

  2. Disgraceful! Councils are continually allowing this to happen whilst forcing people to remove playhouses and such like buildings. Allow these groups to flaunt our laws, fly their flags while bullying the British citizens to remove any Union Jacks in our own country. They, the government, Police and the Lords should be ashamed of themselves allowing the UK to become a third world country. The people will not forget come the Elections and Civil war is on the cards so thanks for that!

    • Actually I have never heard of ANY muslim objecting to our flag being flown in our country. It’s been mentioned on a miniscule number of ocassions by some non muslim loony left councillors and for obvious reasons in Northern Ireland. As for the rest of your comment, the word hyperbolic comes to mind.

  3. Seems to be a case of certain people (and members of the community) believing they are a special case and should be exempt from what normally applies – I know a few like that. Also, makes you wonder whose pockets are being lined; and these councillors need to remember that local elections are less than 3 weeks away and can easily be voted out, along with the possibility of any ruling they make before that being overturned.

  4. If we did that we would have been told to knock it down,no wonder there is so much trouble in this country,there one law for us,and another for them,are this so called councils frightened to say no,I presume it is because they would be accused of colour prejudiced,time the british were put first not the rest of whoever choses to live here.

  5. Having said the did not understand the planning process their excuse is summe d up by “ignorance of the law is no defence”.
    The planning laws are for all law abiding citizens but these cults appear to think themselves above the law.
    Throw the book at them. Huge fines and even demolition would be applied if it were anyone else.

    • There’s no “ignorance”! The Muslims just tell lies! They know the gullible or guilt ridden Brits will swallow the lies and give them what they want. In due course, the requests will be demands. The demands will become threats. Have a look around you!

  6. My very first experience of “multi-cultural Britain” was when I moved to London in 1993 and witnessed a march through Southall. I’d only been there a month or so. Several white people were watching from windows – me? I went up to them and asked what it was all about (fearless Irish blood).

    “We want the council to build us a Mosque, they won’t let us practise our religion.” A bit more probing and it transpired that they were allowed to meet in a place of heritage but wanted the council to knock it down to make way for a mosque.

    I probably told him I don’t support it but if pressed, would’ve said it was up to the English to decide.

  7. why don’t you just make your property less desirable to them? us pigskin leather for handrails, fertilize the lawns with pork byproducts, as their religious superstitions forbid them from entering such an area. take advantage of their weaknesses, desecrate your lands so they don’t want to live there. i have proposed seeding the rainclouds with dehydrated pigsblood to make it rain pigsblood and cause mass suicides as they flee the wrath of allah.

  8. Look at the Mega Mosque planned for Stratford for which permission was refused, but which is being used anyway.
    You only need to look at the writings to show that this religion has no respect for ‘The laws of man; and they have stated this frequently. They believe that they have the ultimate right to do whatever they want.
    You can’t win against a group that believes they have the word of their god behind whatever they do and which overrides anyone or anything.

  9. One law for one section of the so called community and one law for the indigenous people(us)white middle class and some of us still Christian! Islam is the problem ban it before we become little Bangladesh! Islam has no place in the civilised world!

  10. Protests are great, but the town needs a class-action lawsuit filed to stop the planning approval until impact studies can be conducted. Also, RUN FOR OFFICE in town; get rid of these collaborating idiots on your Councils; that’s the first step to taking your towns and villages back!


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