We need to talk about war


Even before the current Syria crisis we were already at war. It didn’t go away just because we stopped talking about it.

It is a war being fought across multiple fronts. It is a war on terror and Islamist ideology, it is a culture war and a war on morality and values, it is a war on information – free speech and fake news, and most importantly (and often unnoticed) – it is a war for democracy itself.

All of these battles are interlinked, and this is why we should give no ground in the defence of our morals and our values. We need to remember who we are and what we stand for.

Whilst chemical attacks on innocent children by a brutal dictator should be a red line in its own right, there is considerably more to the story. Attacks such as these serve as a reminder for the average member of public, that when you speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil, evil is being done throughout the world nonetheless.

Whilst we cannot be ‘World Police’ and intervene in every single injustice in the world, when you can – you should.

When banned chemical agents are used on civilians, you absolutely should, because normalisation of the use of such weapons has a knock-on effect for every potential conflict across the globe. A clear message needs to be sent: chemical weapons are a red line that cannot be crossed.

For Britain to intervene in any conflict, the criteria for intervention should absolutely be for one of two reasons: humanitarianism and the national interest.

I suggest the current situation satisfies both of these requirements.

Whilst the use of chemical weapons is a war crime and merits a moral obligation to intervene, as a standalone premise it is currently accepted that it is not enough to gain public support. What awful times in which we live.

In the current climate and in the age of the internet and fake news, attacks such as the ones in Salisbury and Gouta bring up masses of misinformation, conspiracy theory and outright lies. In the case of the chemical attack in Syria, the majority of the British public are sceptical primarily because of the Iraq war. But some people actually doubt whether the attacks in Salisbury or Gouta even happened or are inclined to believe the Russian claims: that the attacks were staged with the help of British forces, or never happened at all.

The Iraq War

It is said “repeat a lie often enough and eventually it becomes truth.”

A grand lie that is widely accepted as truth surrounds the real reasons for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. How quick we are to forget the horrors of 9/11 and the underlying causes. How quick we are to forget the fundamental reasons for the British and American response to nations hostile to our way of life.

9/11 was a stark reminder that ignorance to tyranny, terrorism and anti-western regimes does not make them go away. Ignore them long enough and you’ll at some point find them at your door. The war on terrorism is a global one and you’re in it whether you like it or not.

Britain and America cannot ignore the situation in the Middle East, because the situation in many ways is in fact worse than the situation pre-2001. If you want anyone to thank for that, look no further than the leftist foreign policy of Barack Obama and his ridiculous troop withdrawal strategy, which left the fledgling Iraqi democracy completely and utterly insecure and which ultimately led to the rise of ISIS.

A common lie which is now considered fact, is that we had absolutely no business toppling Saddam Hussein and that the war was illegal.

Contrary to popular belief, Tony Blair is no war criminal. Saddam Hussein was. The inversion of this in popular culture, is nothing short of disgraceful.

How do we know Saddam was a war criminal and had Weapons of Mass Destruction? Because he’d used them before. His first cousin and defence minister, Ali Hassan al-Majid, was better known as “Chemical Ali” because of his use of them on the Kurds, such as in the “Bloody Friday” attack on the Kurdish city of Halabja in 1988.

In addition to this, Saddam harboured numerous terrorists and enemies of the west, including the only remaining perpetrator of the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing. He gave sanctuary to his Gulf War allies, the Palestine Liberation Front – terrorists responsible for the Achille Lauro hijacking, in which a wheelchair-bound 69-year-old Jewish-American man was murdered by the hijackers and thrown overboard. He also offered up to $25,000 to the relatives of either a suicide bomber or someone killed in a clash with Israeli soldiers or security guards at settlements in the Gaza. During the war in Afghanistan, he gave safe haven to our enemies, Al-Qaeda – who moved their base of operations to Iraq.

Saddam was not only an ideological enemy of the west, but also a direct enemy and a clear and present danger. This alone was more than enough justification for taking action against him and his regime. We didn’t need a dossier to justify his demise, just as we don’t need a dossier for Assad in Syria today.

After 9/11 President Bush was gunning for Saddam and as a staunch ally, Blair was absolutely correct in assuring Bush that Great Britain would stand with America “come what may” and that Saddam Hussein came second only to North Korea as the most brutal and inhumane regime on the planet.

Blair was a weak leader who was overly obsessive about public opinion and his portrayal in the media. Blair’s “third way” was his guiding philosophy for government and its aim was to come up with a solution that would gain the support of as many voters as possible. This was the case for a large amount of his policy making, he avoided the split between left and right wing and sought to find general consensus. He was very much of the centre-ground.

In addition to support at home, he also wanted to secure the backing of other European states – who as we saw in Bosnia, were very reluctant to intervene in any conflict. Blair felt all of the above could be achieved by securing a UN mandate for action in Iraq.

It was for this reason Blair opted to go down the United Nations route to tackle Saddam. The strategy was to highlight his repeated breach of UN resolutions on sanctions, especially WMD and to seek their approval in taking action.

As we have seen with the strikes on Syria, we do not need the backing of the UN and in defence of our national interest or in the name of humanitarianism. We are entirely justified in taking pre-emptive action with or without their backing, just as we’ve seen with the joint American, British and French strikes in Syria without a UN mandate.

The “Dodgy Dossier”

It is often forgotten that there were in fact two dossiers: The September 2002 dossier and the February 2003 “dodgy” dossier.

It was the September dossier that was debated in Parliament and it was the one that contained the “sexed up” claim of the 45-minute strike capability of at least a portion of Saddam’s WMD.

Blair’s fundamental error wasn’t the 45-minute claim. It was his sharing intelligence with the public, because he was far too concerned with the media and pandering to public opinion.

Mainstream media must bear some of the blame for this. The MSM shaped a culture that suggested trust in the government should be called into question, because the Labour government was focussed entirely on “spin”.

It is true that the sexed-up claims of a 45-minute strike capability was specifically the handiwork of Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell, and this was clearly a mistake – but we forget that the fundamental premise of the September dossier was in fact proved true. Saddam didpossess WMD, including chemical and biological weapons and Iraq had reconstituted its nuclear weapons programme.

In fact before the war, German intelligence knew that Saddam had previously unknown stockpiles of the smallpox virus, but chose to keep it quiet, because it wanted no part in conflict. And, as is being proven true again with Syria, they prefer to let Britain and America do the dirty work while Germany reap all of the benefits despite taking none of the risks. Its symbolic of the EU as a whole.

During the Iraq war, American forces discovered 5,000 of Saddam’s chemical warheads and bombs. They also found mass graves, which largely went unreported because it didn’t fit the MSM narrative at the time, which was primarily about our intervention being a mistake.

As revealed after the war in great detail by Dr. Mahdi Obeidi in his book “the bomb in my garden”, Saddam had retained the capability to build a nuclear bomb and was actively seeking to acquire uranium. UN weapons inspectors also admitted that no amount of looking would have found them.

The Duelfer report revealed that Saddam was buying long-range missiles from North Korea and was in breach of the sanctions imposed on him by the international community.

The Arab Spring: our duty to democracy

We are quick to forget that as a direct result of our intervention, Iraq held its first ever free and democratic elections. This raises another important point: we have a duty to support fledgling democracies everywhere in the world, but especially in the Middle East. The fall of Saddam ultimately led to the Arab spring, which should have spread democracy throughout much of the Middle East and would likely have eventually led to the fall of the Iranian regime – one of our biggest enemies. As we’ve seen with the recent protests, there is an appetite for democracy within the Iranian people just as there is everywhere else.

The Arab spring was significant and really shouldn’t be played down at all. It is as significant as the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe, also known as the “Spring of Nations.”

During the Arab spring, people were rising up to overthrow brutal authoritarian regimes and dictatorships in a fight for true democracy. In the beginning, key members of NATO such as the US, France, and Turkey all supported the revolutionary uprisings including in Egypt and Syria, but in reality never really committed.

In Iraq, Barack Obama instead ordered the full withdrawal of troops, which left a vacuum of power that was ultimately occupied by ISIS.

The Arab revolutionaries were badly failed by the West. Rather than offer support and commitment to the long-term stabilisation of the fledgling democracies across the region, they withdrew.

Across the Middle East, the people of the Arab spring were left to fend for themselves and it resulted in a military coup in Egypt, civil war in Syria, dictatorship in Turkey (who are well on their way to becoming another Iran by the way) and the fall of Gaddafi in Libya. It also led to the resurgence of Al-Qaeda and the rise of Islamic State across swathes of the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria and Libya.

This was directly a foreign policy failure and we’re now arguably much worse off than we were pre-2001. Not only has this failure resulted in the deaths and displacement of millions of people, it has led to millions of refugees moving into Europe. The rise of ISIS has also contributed to a significant increase in Islamic terror attacks across the western world. Another example of the ignorance of tyranny abroad, leading to tyranny and terrorism at home.

This is directly a result of what happens when you let the left wing dictate foreign policy. Appeasement, dialogue and ignorance to the reality of the situation.

Al-Qaeda and ISIS cannot succeed in democratic societies and this is ultimately the only way to defeat them. Islam simply cannot reform. This is proven by the hundreds of organisations around the world and millions of pounds spent, having failed to deliver one single piece of reform.

What realistically canhappen, is the spread of democracy leads to the spread of freedom of choice, secularism and even atheism. I would remind you that alongside revolution in Europe with the Spring of Nations, was also the age of enlightenment. An Arab enlightenment, could have potentially followed the Arab spring. This rings true if you’re of the school of thought that some of those regions and especially Islam itself, is circa two hundred years behind Christianity in terms of its development from an ideological perspective. Islam is incompatible with democracy and when people embrace democracy, they would shun Islam, at least in terms of fundamentalism. You’d find that you’d see the rise of “cultural Muslims” in the same way the majority of people in the UK are only “cultural Christians.”

The spread of “cultural Muslim” identity would also directly benefit the UK, which is currently seeing a dramatic rise in the fundamental and divisive aspects of Islam, emboldened by the strength of fundamental Islam abroad.

Democracy in the region is key and Turkey is a prime example. When Turkey was seeking access to the EU, it was the most democratic, secular and free-est of the Arab nations. Since the Arab spring and the counter-revolution that followed, what we’ve seen is the loss of democracy. Erdogan now runs a dictatorship, which sees the rise in authoritarianism and also the power and influence of Islam within the country. For example, they have already banned the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools.


The role of Russia cannot be ignored. It is feeling isolated by the rise of democracy across its former soviet allies and by a number of them joining NATO. Just this week Russia made threats to Macedonia in which it stated that as a member of NATO, they will be considered a legitimate threat. It’s also a good time to remind you that during the Ukrainian shift towards the West, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned with Dioxin and only just survived. The before and after images show the terrible long-term effects the poisoning had on his body.

Russia claims it is a victim of provocation from the West and that it is moving NATO to its border, which is completely untrue. Former USSR countries have become democracies and have joined the EU and NATO for protection. It is protection, rather than provocation.

It leaves Russia isolated and allied with the questionable regimes of North Korea, China, Iran and Syria. The collapse of the EU would certainly make Russia feel more comfortable. Whilst the uprisings of the Arab spring have left the evil regimes that remain in power increasingly nervous and it makes perfect sense that Russia seeks greater influence and more allies in the region. It has nothing to do with morality, humanitarianism or just causes. It is absolutely to do with what benefits Russia and its global strategy.

The crisis of the West

As for the West. Here in Britain and America we’re currently in an intellectual and moral crisis.

We’re tired of experts and tired of the mainstream media. Alternative media outlets and prominent “outsiders” are growing in influence. I’m talking here about the likes of Breitbart, Paul Joseph Watson, George Galloway, Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson to name but a few.

Such voices on one hand can be incredibly valuable, a worthy voice for a forgotten people, such as the genocide in South Africa highlighted by Hopkins or the grooming gangs and Islamic extremist preachers exposed by Robinson.But alongside this you have the useful idiots and downright traitors that sit within the “alternative media.”

We’re engaged in asymmetrical warfare where social media and alternative media is a battleground.

We’re also in a post-truth era where facts can be countered with alternative facts and conspiracy theory. Telling a lie is easy, while disproving a false claim is difficult. This is being promulgated not just by the conspiracy theorists of the right, but the social justice warriors of the left, where stating certain facts can be deemed offensive and not “politically correct.”

The myths and lies that are peddled require just as much faith as any religion and once you’re a convert, every word is treated as gospel. In the case of conspiracy theorists, you must believe in ghosts and even when presented with facts, believe in cover-ups and the “deep state.”

The recent Salisbury nerve agent attack is a case in point. The fact that some of these so-called “commentators” suggest that despite British intelligence and independent OCPW scientists, who assert that military grade novichok was used and that all roads lead to Russia, they claim it is in fact a “British conspiracy to discredit Russia.” This sort of suggestion is nothing short of disgraceful and these people should for ashamed of themselves.

As Douglas Murray states: “It is a culture in which the person who makes the most extreme and untrue claim – far from being shunned – is the one who becomes famous, and whose career advances.”

At the very least, this is highly immoral, naive and borne out of personal gain. At worst, it’s downright traitorous.

In addition to social media, our enemies such as Russia with their RT channel and Qatar with Al Jazeera, use these mediums to cast further doubt on not only our way of life, but the integrity of the very system of freedom and democracy our forefathers gave their lives to defend. Britain is a country that has fought for the freedom of millions of people throughout history and has a free and democratic parliament that is emulated across the globe. Rest assured, we’re the good guys and this should never be in doubt.

It is one thing to question the methods, policies and limitations of our democracy. It is another thing entirely to suggest it is in fact more corrupt, as bad, or worse than the state-capitalist, gangster-led oligarchy that rules Russia, or the authoritarian communist regime that rules China.

Social media is effectively the modern-day equivalent of airborne leaflet drops – a wartime tactic which was used to turn the populace against its leadership. They spread anti-Western propaganda and conspiracy theory for personal gain. Sometimes they appear on Russia Today (RT) or, in the case of George Galloway, have their own shows. This isn’t only a preserve of alternative media however, the anti-British moral cesspit that is the Guardian enables the likes of the vile Afua Hirsche to denigrate the legacy of our beloved Sir Winston Churchill, whilst fawning over the likes of the terrorist Winnie Mandela. Traitors to our society should be expressly and regularly called out as such.

Some of these self-appointed “commentators” clearly do not have British and American interests at heart.Their denialism, relativism, apologism and equivalence leads to the threat of democracy itself.

At it stands, we’re increasingly at risk of a Jeremy Corbyn government – a Jeremy Corbyn that not only calls the terrorists Hezbollah and Hamas his “friends” but also speaks of deep admiration of the success of communism across the world and especially the regime in China. This is a direct result of the erosion of our morals and our values. Our equivalence to vile dictators and terrorist regimes, leads directly to apologism and eventually admiration of such regimes.

It is of no surprise the usual mouthpieces across mainstream, alternative and social media are making their anti-war case regarding Syria. They did the same thing with Iraq. The current situation finds the former BNP leader Nick Griffin stating he’ll vote for Labour at the next election if Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his guns about Syria. This position is borne, not out of a deep love of Britain, but a deep hatred of Israel and “the Jews.”

As repugnant Nick Griffin is, he is not stupid. He’s Cambridge-educated and he can see the bigger picture in terms of the survival of the Syrian regime and what that means for the region, Israel and its enemies.

Others spread lies, misinformation, untruths and conspiracy theory for a variety of reasons. For some it is because their “niche” as an alternative to mainstream news, they feel they must take the contrarian approach to everything in the news cycle to compensate for their weak understanding and critical thought. For others it’s because their “niche” is very much conspiracy theory and such people don’t need to substantiate their wild claims with evidence, they only need to create doubt. Some are just disgusting conspirators in the pocket of the Russians and hostile Arab nations. The likes of George Galloway fall under this banner.


When it comes to Syria and the situation in the Middle East today, what everyone needs to remember is that we’re already at war. It never ended, we just chose to stop defending ourselves and our national interest.

You cannot appease regimes that would seek to end our way of life. Groups like ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas will not stop until we fall. Delaying the inevitable requirement to stand up to these regimes only worsens the situation. If the Americans had finished the job in the Gulf War, they would have toppled Saddam a decade sooner and things may have been vastly different.

Failure to act pre-emptively leads to situations such as North Korea, who are now believed to possess nuclear weapons. A much more serious situation.

Doing nothing isn’t a credible option. It’s no option at all. We must never retreat into isolationism. It would be fatal.

Arab people still want democracy and if the brutal regimes remain, their citizens will find every way possible to get to Europe and to freedom.

This poses a number of risks for us. Over the last seven years, every sub-Saharan migrant that landed on the shores of Europe was immediately accepted with open arms as Syrian refugees, rather than the African economic migrants which in the main is what they are. The numbers are immense and this cannot remain a long-term solution to lack of control in these regions.

What the situation in Syria highlights is that all is not lost. A real resolution in the Middle East is still only possible through democracy. It is not too late. Murderous, barbaric regimes can still fall and the embers of the Arab spring are still burning.

We owe it to the people of Syria to remove Assad and the Islamists and we owe it to ourselves to stand true to our morality and values. We must never stand idle when chemical weapons are used on innocent civilians, especially on women and children.

The perception that Britain and her allies have no moral authority over terrorists, tyrants and genocidal dictatorships is fundamentally wrong.

Good has to triumph over evil and democracy has to triumph over tyranny.

“The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.

“America’s vital interests and our deepest beliefs are now one. From the day of our Founding, we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights, and dignity, and matchless value, because they bear the image of the Maker of Heaven and earth.

“Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave.

“Advancing these ideals is the mission that created our Nation. It is the honourable achievement of our fathers. Now it is the urgent requirement of our nation’s security, and the calling of our time.” –  George Bush.

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  1. Drivel.

    Provide one sliver of evidence that Assad gassed his own people when he had nothing to gain and everything to lose from it and I’d have some respect for your and our corrupt government’s attempted defence of this atrocity. It is a war crime to declare war on the basis of ‘we have compelling evidence’, not supply the evidence and drop bombs anyway. It is not our business to police the world on ‘moral’ grounds. To think this ‘once and for all’ mission will put an end to chemical weapons is both arrogant and stupid. It will have the opposite effect. How many wars will it take before humanity accepts the fact that starting wars NEVER leads to the end of war. It’s a Hydra with infinite heads, Instead of stupidly chopping of its heads, you have to starve it to death.

    The fact is, we always ‘morally’ intervene in countries with oil, but what the cretins don’t consider is that by declaring war with Russia (which is effectively done) it poses multiple problems if Putin decides to switch off the gas supply. Or engages in a cyber war which would bring Britain to its knees more effectively than carpet bombing Coventry. Of course, Russia isn’t going to drop physical bombs on us, but they don’t need to. They can destroy us in every meaningful way. And they are only the enemy because we are America’s ass f’ck….the ‘special relationship’ exists only in the vacuous ego-driven imaginations of Blair, May etc. and makes them feel emboldened, so no matter what twattish gunslinger behaviour the Yanks engage in, we’re dressed up in our international gimp suit doing what we’re told while pretending we’re still a world power.

    I loath Corbyn but at least he knows it’s all bullshit and this war…yes WAR is only going to escalate while idiots like you and May refer to this war declaration as air strikes and similar euphemisms…. If Syria bombed Britain in the middle of the night, only taking out some of weaponry and not killing anyone, would it be called one-off ‘air strikes’?…. Of course it f’king wouldn’t. It would be called a declaration of war, just as happened in the Falklands in 1982….so you can stick your moralising and fact-filtering…… There is NOTHING good about this. Whether it’s legal is irrelevant. And what will it lead to? Russia finding refuge in their Chinese alliance, who themselves have North Korea in their pockets, as well as it pissing off Iran for our constant meddling in the middle east, such that their nuclear program and known cyber attack capabilities will be emboldened, as will North Korea’s……

    You’re in the tiny minority in this and that’s because your argument is fatuous….if Britain wants to set itself up as moral arbiter it should protect the pieces of land it calls home, by clearing out the Muslim filth, the migrant rapists pretending to be refugee children, the NHS tourists, the eastern European drug and human traffickers, the millions of scumbags who don’t give a toss about our laws or culture, because they are lawless and feral….that’s why countries they come from in Africa, and the likes of Syria are shitholes…. if we’re going to bomb the bastards, do it properly or not at all…..and in the meantime do what Bulgaria and Poland are doing. Keep them out by whatever means necessary…. and f’ck Brussels. Morality begins and ends with looking after your own, for if you don’t, you become owned….and that is the future of Britain…a country infested with Islamic barbarity, EU asset stripping and the antipathy of Russia, China et al…and all because our morality is based on the arrogance self-interest that if we help out savages, they’ll convert to decency and democracy…. Ridiculous….and stupid beyond belief…. Thus, saving some people from being poisoned in a country thousands of miles away will only lead to us being destroyed by, if not bombs or chemicals; the poison of politicians who care not one f’ck about the people who elected them to SERVE us…Not them, not America, not even, sad as it is, a dead child in Syria with nerve gas in its eyes…… That’s life.
    Or death…theirs, ours, or both. It’s obvious which way this will end.

    • As they say, it’s a view..

      First and foremost, I start from the position that all children are innocent. I cannot subscribe to the assertion that these people are “barbarians” and as we’ve seen from the Arab spring, there is a real appetite for democracy.

      Re Assad and his culpability. There has been repeated evidence of him attacking his own people. Not just this occasion, many times before and has been confirmed by the UN. Whilst neither of us are members of the Privy council or have national security clearance, we have to accept there are aspects not in the public domain and which come out, not in real time:

      “Biological samples taken from victims was used to confirm the use of sarin in the Damascus and Khan Sheikhun attacks. The tests were performed by OPCW laboratories and government facilities in the UK, the US and France. In the the aftermath of past attacks, intelligence agencies have trawled through intercepted communications, which were not analysed in real time, and found indications that Syrian military units had made preparations ahead of time.

      “In the Khan Sheikhun attack, preparations included the movement of forces closely linked to the use of chemical weapons to the airbase from where the jet that allegedly dropped the sarin took off.

      Those forces included the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre, the Republican Guard and the 4th Division, run by Bashar al-Assad’s brother, Maher. Intelligence agencies also noticed the unusual deployment of air conditioning and air purification units to the same base days earlier. These are used in the preparation and storage of sarin, often when it is mixed and weaponised from binary substances, and typically just before use.”

      We have knowledge on this occasion of Government helicopters in the specific area at the time of the attack and we know it was a barrel bomb, which is commonly dropped from helicopters.

      In terms of wars for oil, it is patently untrue and in fact during the liberation of Iraq it was actually written into the constitution under Section 6 that “foreign investment may take place with respect to all economic sectors in Iraq, except that foreign direct and indirect ownership of the natural resources sector involving primary extraction and initial processing remains prohibited. In addition, this Order does not apply to banks and insurance companies.”

      In addition, you can hear it from the horses mouth with regards to Syria and the supposed pipeline myth. The man himself says no such offer was made UNTIL the war started. Link here. Watch 19:40 till 21:35


      In terms of defeatism re Russia. No they will not shut down any pipeline to Europe, because their economy desperately needs it. In addition, as outlined on LBC this morning, the UK can effectively bring Russia to its knees, simply by freezing all finance and clearing operations. As possibility so serious that Putin himself declares this alone would be a declaration of war. Globalism affects us all it seems.

      In terms of the moral aspect, this is a widely thought of philosophy that dates back to America’s founding fathers and Alexander Hamilton. In addition, as two of the World’s three leading superpowers are not democracies, we run the real risk of their success and way of life becoming a point of envy. Something that isn’t so sensationalist when we consider that Corbyn speaks so highly of China and is without doubt of the far side of far left. Socialism finds its end point in communism. Populist movements sweep Europe and many are of the right wing. If populism takes hold in the UK, bet your arse it will be a far left populist movement. The small parties of the right have ZERO change in parliamentary elections. Sorry.

      The thing about freedom is that it isn’t free and democracy is never assured.

      Pissing off Iran is fine by me.

      In terms of Poland and Bulgaria, as outlined in the article. If you shut the door to the world, don’t be surprised when the horrors of the world end up at your door. It really isn’t a strategy for self-preservation.

  2. Thanks for your reply.

    It will take me a while to go through it, but just as a taster ‘all children are innocent’. Correct, but why should we prioritise Syrian children over British children who have been raped, gang raped, tortured, murdered by Muslim barbarians in BRITISH towns and cities over decades and today, tomorrow and forever the way things are going as in nothing being done to stop it? Why are we saving innocent children in Syria when tens, if not hundreds of thousands of female babies and children are having their clitorises hacked off in BRITAIN by their barbarian parents, ‘elders’, imams and other utter filth? Not only do we not prioritise them, we don’t even prosecute their torturers, never mind take them away from those sickfuck butchers. We’re allowing Somali barbarians to bring in and/or create their innocent children in BRITAIN, of which 98% of the female children will have some evil piece of shit (usually Mummy and Daddy), hack chunks off them….This is already a CRIMINAL offence and has been for decades. I don’t need to tell you have many prosecutions there have been. According to Shitface Khunt in London, it would cause more distress to them to prosecute, lock up, deport their parents, so let’s do nothing. Imagine for a millisecond if one white British girl had her clitoris chopped off by her white dad while her white mum held her down…just ONE…. I don’t need to tell you what the outcome of that scenario would be. It wouldn’t happen of course because on the whole the indigenous population are not drawing on the 12th century for their MORALITY.

    You might claim this is off topic, or not; but to me it’s the crux of why your and May’s priorities and basic morality are obscene. While atrocities every bit as bad as anything Assad has done in his understandably crude ideological barbarianism are happening in BRITAIN then frankly, I find it impossible to contain my outrage and anger as to whose innocent children you deem the ones most worth saving. Instead of spending billions dropping bombs on distant lands, the government should send the army into EVERY mosque, every town, every fking filthy Sharia ‘Council’ and if necessary, EVERY house those Allah-Akbar screeching bumhole vermin infest, and make it absolutely clear that they stop NOW or they fuck off back to the shithole they came from and we will look after their kids, such that their kids don’t grow up to be the barbarians their parents are and strive to reproduce in the name of a non-existent god a a piece of shit prophet who spent much of his life beheading people and decided it would be a good idea to marry a six year old. At least Mohammed had the moral restraint to not rape her until she was 9…so that’s alright then….is it any wonder that so many of these Muslim rapists are called ‘Mohammed’ (or variants of)?… like father like scum eh? And doesn’t it sicken you, as it does me, that the 14th most popular boy’s name in 2017 in Britain is the name of a vicious warrior pedophile? I suppose it’s better than number 7., which is ‘Grayson’….Larry Grayson was wonderful…a comedy genius and lovely man…that fucking twat Grayson Perry is part of the reason Britain doesn’t recognise itself any more. Him and that creep Izzard…. He’d last about 5 minutes in Saudi Arabia before some right-minded Muslims threw him off a high building. In that regard, they’d have my full support. I’d even give ’em a hand dragging him up the steps.

    Back to the point. That’s just one of your points I’ve dismantled….you have no defence when you spin the ‘innocent’ children line when you care more about Syria than Britain….but that’s the mindset of the ideological left…and I know full well you claim not to be, but not giving a meaningful shit about Rotherham while hand-wringing over Syria is absolutely the fascist left’s way of the world; and that includes Sharia May and her ‘it’s the right thing to do….it’s in our interests’ attitude despite having no mandate and, despite your and her claims, there is nothing more than circumstantial evidence with regard to this latest attack; an attack which required Assad to think it a good idea to have almost rid himself of ISIS and the rebels, only to decide to grab defeat from the jaws of victory….but okay, lets say he and the Russians did it…Is our ‘one off’ air strike going to make them stop mixing their potions? Is it going to stop other renegade dictators from doing the same? Of course it isn’t. Getting rid of Chemical Allie or whatever they called him did NOTHING to put the wind Assad did it? NOTHING…so you might save a few hundred Syrian kids, but not the thousands who will die the next time he or some other crackpot gets out his chemical set.

    Meanwhile, back in ENGLAND – Rotherham, Telford, Bradford, Oxford and any number of other BRITISH towns and cities, while you and Mad Dog May sip your cocoa in a self-congratulatory way this evening – ”ah yes, we’re SO moral”…..a white 12 year old girl is being anally and vaginally violated by a gang of dog-breath-bearded-barbarian-bastards, and most likely, their fathers, brothers and uncles…or is having her tongue nailed to a table, or is having the letter ‘M’ burnt into her buttocks…..or the innocent child of these same sick bastards is being butchered by those same sick bastards and, most likely, their mothers, wives, grandmothers…. I mean, how much of this has to go on in BRITAIN before it is our one and only priority?

    But no….you virtue signalling left wing moralists, our murder/torture-complicit police and government and opposition are far too busy looking at what’s going on in another country, as much as anything so that you don’t have to give much of a fuck what’s going on in your own living room. Which brings me onto another ridiculous aka stupid point:

    ”In terms of Poland and Bulgaria, as outlined in the article. If you shut the door to the world, don’t be surprised when the horrors of the world end up at your door. It really isn’t a strategy for self-preservation”.

    YES IT IS…because while they are at your door, they can only shit on your doormat, but open the door, let them in en-masse and they’re immediately defecating on your carpets, wiping their arses with your curtains….so what you do is exactly what the leaders of Bulgaria and Poland have done…You tell them to fuck off or face the consequences…at which point, as has been proven in Bulgaria, they give up (immigration reduced from 300k to about 1k a year in the past five years)…. Thus, the vermin HAVE gone to look for easier wires to chew through – hence the Populist RIGHT wins 70% of the vote! Of course democracy is never assured, but if you do the right thing to protect your own people, and SERVE them, not every fucking random foreigner here, there and everywhere, you will retain democracy and leadership. If, as the rest of Europe is doing, you leave your door wide open to people who have no democratic values, who come from regimes like Assad’s, they bring the ideology they are familiar with, the loss of democracy IS guaranteed. They do not bring a desire to learn about US and our democracy which has been evolving for 100’s years…they want us to change to suit their sub-40 IQ agendas. By keeping them out, we retain everything that is good about our democracy and let the idiots who welcome them in elsewhere, to try to clean up the mess. It’s no different to your domestic situation. I don’t suppose you leave all your doors and windows open when you go to bed, or go to the shops….and you don’t because you know it’s asking for trouble. Even if only 1% of passers by would wish to take advantage of your foolishness, you don’t take that chance do you? Which means you’re either a hypocrite or a dimwit – YOUR door remains locked to strangers, but your country’s or continent’s doors? oh, well let’s leave them open…after all ‘It really isn’t a strategy for self-preservation’, to close them!….Or at least ask ‘who the fuck are you?’ when someone looking like something out of Laurence Of Arabia wanders into your bedroom waving a machete just as you’ve downed the dregs of your warming cocoa.

    And what do you mean by this?:

    Populist movements sweep Europe and many are of the right wing. If populism takes hold in the UK, bet your arse it will be a far left populist movement. The small parties of the right have ZERO change in parliamentary elections. Sorry.

    Yes. They are sweeping Europe. I presume you know why that is? I reckon it’s because people who want to protect us from thieves, rapists and murderers, as well as nefarious ‘communities’ with ideological and religious constructs which have no place in Europe, are POPULAR….The left and the MSM use the word ‘populist’ as if it’s a bad thing. Politicians should be popular with the electorate. It shows they are in touch with the values, rights and concerns of the people who have trusted them to defend and enhance their peaceable way of life. When politicians are unpopular, it’s because they are ignoring ‘us’ and favouring ‘them’ . But it’s worse than that now – the European ‘project’ is specifically about destroying democracy, independence…everything we value and replace it with a regime of oppression and tyranny. Sharia May has deliberately sabotaged Brexit, she’s making it a criminal offence to criticise the vile ideology of Islam, thus emboldening the barbarians to carry on raping and pillaging with impunity. Free speech is being dismantled – Communism/Fascism are the same side of the same coin. Democracy is worthless if you set out a manifesto, give the people the right to vote on it, then, when you’ve won the mandate, you tear it up and do whatever the fuck you want! That is what this government has done. Manifesto promises scrapped, pro-Sharia, anti-democratic policies brought in…a police state tracking ordinary folk online for making unkind comments about Muslim cunts who kill and calling it ‘hate speech’ and a criminal offence; but apparently not having enough resources to come round after your house has been ransacked by Rumanian gypsy filth who have also wandered in with their lawless abandon imported from a former communist shithole….and the left will call us racist for being pissed off with these invaders and for saying why they behave the way they do…. It’s all about culture, or lack of….BUT, we’re getting past the point of passivity.

    It’s true Britain’s small right wing populist parties won’t sweep to power, but only because we don’t have the foothold of proportional representation which enables small parties to grow into big popular POPULIST parties. However, you will find in local council elections, candidates from a resurgent UKIP and ‘For Britain’ and also independents, will do very well against the Un-Populist Tories and Labour, both of which have utterly betrayed the British people…and I don’t just mean white people – I mean people from former Commonwealth countries….e.g. they’ve been trying to get some West Indian men deported for not having the right paperwork…. Men who have lived the British way of life since the ’60’s, worked, paid taxes….the Home Office wanted rid until WE the people made them change their mind…and, if they want to win any election in the future, they are going to have to STOP bombing Syria in the name of peace and morality, STOP allowing terrorists, rapists, barbarians to live free of charge in social housing, while white and black British ex servicemen live on the streets r are told to pay 60 for cancer treatment and fuck off back to Barbados which you left when you were six…Sorry, but you’re wrong. Things change radically and rapidly when people are motivated and mobilised….And the internet is a huge game changer to use a crass ad. exec. term. In the past all this propaganda about WMDs which do or don’t exist, about the threat of ‘right wing’ extremists, about the placating of Muslims and migrants was taken as ‘well it’s in the Mail, Sun, Mirror, Guardian…..The Prime Minister made a speech in Parliament… So it MUST be true’…. This will no longer wash. For we are now eyewitnesses to the truth – THEY know it and they’re desperately trying to suppress us….The blatant persecution of Tommy Robinson, the attempts to link him to radicalising Darren Osbourn while disassociating radical Imams from ‘the religion of peace’, the abuse of anti-terrorism laws to stop the free movement of conservative journalists and activists, the fact that if you type the words ‘far right’ into a Facebook comment (as I did yesterday), you’ll get blocked with a message that your post includes links are ‘unsafe’, but type in ‘far left’ and there’s no problem! The closing of Tommy’s twitter account, while three proscribed terrorist organisations including Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood carry on tweeting as if they’re advertising 20% off beansprouts!…. I could go on and on, but the RIGHT populist movement in Britain is growing loud and fast…recent events at speakers corner, Tommy reading a speech to 10,000 people which Selner would have read to a few dozen if our idiot Home Office had denied him the right to free speech…then another small victory- we finally got the police to (reluctantly) enforce the law and get the place cleared of prayer mats and their owners….there’s another huge gathering on May 6th…. Tommy Robinson is the government’s worst nightmare, because the more they try to suppress him (and me, and millions more), the more angry we become – The more POPULAR he becomes. These days power is not all about Parliament. In fact, more than ever it’s about the people….Fuck democracy if all it leads to is lying scum on both sides of the house.

    As well as telling me I’m wasting my time supporting the Populist right, you claim

    ”If populism takes hold in the UK, bet your arse it will be a far left populist movement”.

    WTF? Name one far left populist party that will ‘take hold’…. surely you don’t mean the basket case ‘Socialist Workers’ party, many of whom are drug-addled Millennial fresh out of Snowflake university, and ageing hippies who buy ‘FUCK CAPITALISM’ tee shirts for a tenner a time in order to look proper Socialist like when they pass round the spilff and soil their underwear due to s surfeit of beer (£4.50 a pint at the ‘Fuck Capitalism’ march!)? Who, pray tell, is the far left’s Tommy Robinson????? I genuinely have no idea who you’re on about.

    There is nothing populist about the left, other than in their own shit-filled skulls….. So….there is no populist left. Okay? There was for a while, when Political Correctness held sway, but we’re sweeping that shit away, along with those racist feminists and ‘people of colour’ who HATE white people (specifically white men) and blame us for every bad thing ever. Well, they’re discovering that some of us white men are no longer prepared to be insulted and defamed by racists who accuse us of racism!! And I’m fucked off with this ‘people of colour’ bullshit…what happened to coloured people? What happened to humour, the ability to give and take a joke? You see, by stopping us from laughing at things which make us laugh, by calling the police and the CPS and the courts, and getting us found guilty of hate crimes by teaching our pugs to become Nazis (it’s fucking hilarious by the way, until it becomes serious), you make us angry…When those white, brown, black racists tell me to not be me….and stop me having the outlet of a laugh even at my own expense, they become my ENEMY… Not Assad, or Putin, but May, Corbyn, the EU…. Sharia law advocates, hateful Feminatzis, migrant rapists, social-housing stealing Syrians…Fuck the lot of ”em. I’m 55 and maybe have 20 or thirty years left to put up with on this planet (unless gunslinger May gets me mercifully obliterated by Russia or North Korea or Iran)… I lived through the 1970’s and recall them fondly…. why the fuck should I feel ashamed of my life? Why should I sit passively while these scum-shitters cover me with their disgusting arrogance and hypocrisy? Why should I let them into my house while I’m watching an HILARIOUS episode of Love Thy Neigbour or ‘Til Death Us Do Part’….and they are hilarious because the joke is on the bigot not the black man. BUT in 2018, those shit-suckers want to twist the very basis of humour and its way to break down barriers (as those programmes did), and deem them (me, my parents, grandparents) RACIST….

    FUCK OFFF!!!!! How dare you….and don’t even start me on the gender fuckwit bullshit…. Ooops…I’ve started so I’ll finish…..So…contrary to all scientific proof, we (as in not me. being an irredeemably white heterosexual male), can choose which of 625 genders we identify as… and I have to respect this ludicrous conceit by using the ‘correct’ pronoun….. Sorry….but the correct pronoun for someone who says I must call them ‘they’ or ‘Xi’ is ‘FUCK_YOU’!!! And to it’s transsexual binary gay sibling the correct pronoun is ‘FUCK_YOU-TOO’!! Fuck off out of my face, you squirming, self-righteous slabs of shit!

    So…what/who are your the populist lefty parties? Because it’s obvious to me they do not represent anyone but their simpering selves….and their attempts to ‘no platform’ their moral and intellectual superiors, will only end up the wretched wankstains they are, being laid to rest under the very platforms, statues, buildings normal BRITISH people have every right and desire to protect.

    And that’s why your moral crusade of left wing populism, with its cock up some weird-gender’s arse and your tongue licking Sarin off a Syrian kid’s face, is leaving YOUR front door ripe for a kicking from people like me who are sick and tired of being told to wait politely outside, until we’re carried off to the morgue clutching a Jim Davidson DVD, three ‘Black Jack’ chews, a LARGE Golliwog, two jars or Robertson’s blackcurrant jam; and a Transgender Muslim’s head on a fucking Pogo Stick!

    Hmmm…..that’s actually not a bad way to go. 😃

  3. Craig!! Spot on mate!!! We are sick and tired of the fake news bullshit of the left!!!We can see the Skirpol poisoning being blamed on Russia without an ounce of proof is laughable if it weren’t so tragic, people are seeing through the bullshit we are fed daily by our masters.
    Keep telling a lie and repeat it as fact over and over until people accept it as truth and add new lies to cover the old.

    The presstitute whores are in overdrive to convince us it was Russia and they are holding the Skirpol’s hostage and denied Russia access to Russian citizens.Oh! and they locked the animals in the house and they died of starvation and quickly cremated!Our media and politicians are puppets to the globalist bankers.Hence no Brexit all smoke and mirrors!
    They want us to believe Assad poisoned his own people just as victory was in his grasp. Robert Frisk (independent) is in Douma went to the hospital, spoke to the doctors who confirm there was no chemical attack, spoke with locals who knew nothing of chemical attack.
    All a hoax conducted by “white helmets” Who are funded by the U.K. basically a jihad i group posing as humanitarian. They are nothing of the sort it has been proven time and again most if not all are a hoax for the sole reason the jihadist’s know the west will bomb Syria.

    Our government are the “regime” lies,lies,lies, they tell us!! utter nonsense that spews out of May and Johnson’s mouth is disgusting sheer lies with no proof to back it up.We are ruled by traitors and sell outs, They have already destroyed Libya,Iraq,Afghanistan for their overlords.
    Tri axis of evil U.K. U.S. France they promote regime change wherever nations are independent.

    If you love your country,people, heritage,traditions!The traitors will call you fascist,racist,extreme right wing, far right add nauseous.There is no truth in these beasts, who rule over us!!We will live under tyranny and lies.No more!! I am a free Englishman, like my ancestors before me who shed their blood,so we could be free of tyranny!!! I will speak my mind free from oppression!!! Who are they “GOD” deny us our God given right too speak our minds.” NEVER!! i SHALL DIE FIRST, THEN BE A SLAVE!!

  4. I can feel it in my water Rainstorm. The times they are a changin’ as that whining sack of left Champagne Socialist shit Bob Dylan tries to sing. For most of my life I’ve trodden middle ground, pretty much believed what I’m told; got on with being a good citizen by doing the right thing…the deal being that when I get to 65 I get the right to a decent pension and basic dignity, until I’m old enough to suck mash off a spoon while a nurse changes my catheter bag and I tell her about the good old days of the 1970’s when we weren’t just free to speak, we were free to enjoy being British…even the power cuts were fun…candles and a camping stove in the house! Two hours to boil a pan of water for a cup of tea…marvelous! oh and the comedy – aside from the above mentioned Alf Garnett and Eddie Booth, we had the ridiculous Rigsby and his farcical fear of ‘Phillip’…who on Earth would aspire to be Rigsby? It made us realise those black people who’d started to live in our towns and cities weren’t bad people just because they were dark skinned – in fact a lot of them must be intelligent! But above all, laughter was the pressure valve.

    Now we’ve had that screwed down in no uncertain terms and it’s starting to seep steam among the 40 to 60 year olds who still have the capability to get stuck into a ruck if needs be…so fuck left wing ‘populism’ and the snowflake generation…we’re lighting our blowtorches!

    Above all, we are WISE to what is going on, can recall our grandfathers’ talking about, while trying to forget about what they went through to preserve their lives and liberties and thus, ours. My Grandpa was a sniper in ‘No Man’s Land’ in France in 1916. Life expectancy about 15 minutes, though he was good at it so managed to survive. He hated having to kill human beings, but it was kill or be killed…. imagine the fear and the bravery if you can…oh, and he got a large piece of shrapnel buried in a leg for his trouble, which turned to gangrene. He’d have needed it to be amputated were it not for a French housewife scraping out the green stuff with a bread knife…no anesthetic. Just a piece of cloth to bite on to stem the screams of agony. 100 years later, kids and young adults are ‘triggered’ and grief-stricken if they lose their phone signal for five minutes!

    Your serious point is the main reason to be mad to the eyeballs with the left wing lie-fest…. when I wrote my long reply to Mr Shy, I didn’t know who gassed who, but now there is compelling evidence this chemical attack didn’t even happen!! There us proof of fakery with other alleged atrocities in the middle east…supposedly dead kids photographed half an hour later munching a reward burger….their death being induced by a makeup artist and some play acting. It’s old fashioned propaganda with a modern twist such that Mr Shy’s assumption all children are innocent -well even that is open to question…innocent until proven dead imo!

    Of course there are genuine atrocities being inflicted…the rape and murder of women and children by ISIS and other renegade Muslims…but we cannot and should not be trying to police the world. Particularly when our evil leaders are ‘triggered’ by an immoral crusade to not check for evidence, never mind facts…and for picking and choosing where to intervene NOT for the sake of innocent children, but for their own sick and twisted political aims.

    The only thing I disagree with you about is ‘god’. I agree with freedom to practise religion, but only if it doesn’t impact on my freedom to say there is no god – religion is bullshit. Grown adults with invisible friends are by definition, mentally ill…and there are billions of them….one man goes round claiming to hear a voice in his head telling him what to say and do, is a Schizophrenic….. two billion hearing the same or a different version of the voice is a Jew, Muslim, Christian etc….YET. None of them able to produce a sliver of evidence their version of the magical sky daddy exists! No wars have been waged specifically in the name of Atheism….tens of thousands in the names of conflicting gods.

    Anyway, we speak our minds, we mobilise and we begin the fight back in the name of the RIGHT.


    • Thanks for the reply! I just know Christianity, ten commandments,gospels of Christ were the foundation of our English history and to discard it,will be the death of us.Make no mistake the elite’s want us to be godless souls,with no thought of right and wrong, doing good or evil.

      All our institutions have been infiltrated by liberal fascists, destroying everything that was moral and decent as we descend into chaos. All planned by the globalist bankers, Rothschild dynasty, George Soros, E.U. They are the real monsters with the help of their useful idiots cultural Marxists,(communists) who infest our universities. They promote the UN-natural as natural, lies as truth, truth as lies vice-versa everything that was once righteous is being turned upside down. Evil rules over us! They mock and chastise Jesus Christ every chance they get and promote the death cult Islam.
      Western civilization is being invaded by the third world mainly (Muslim men) of fighting age all western leaders are puppets to the shadow elite. Europe will become coffee coloured . They deny the English our rights as freemen to speak. What sort of people do we have in power?
      Not ours, that’s for sure! “Find out who you are not allowed to criticize ,to know who rules over you. Our ancestors and the church knew of the diabolical plans to enslave us!
      M.S.M. like the government are puppets spouting fake news to the masses 24/7 welcome to big brother. Where we will tell you what to think and do! “1984” is here if you speak out of turn on social media the thought police will be at your door.We live in a matrix ,where nothing is real. All wars are banker wars! WWI&2 was the culling of the white race! Europe has never recovered since, where our finest perished on both sides for what exactly. So they could infest our lands with black and brown people.
      Did you know more Germans were killed after ww2 than during it.Unbelievable but true!
      Watch or read “The greatest story never told” or “Hellstorm” Over two million German women and girls were raped to death in Berlin after the war mainly by Soviet troops, made up of Tatars,Mongols and Joo’s you will not find any account of this in any western history books.
      Because the victors right the history books. Everything we have been told for over 100 years is a lie. People are waking up!! Look at the demonization of Russia. The lies of the M.S.M. are astounding with no proof or facts whatsoever!Which could easily lead to ww3.
      “Theresa May” will destroy the U.K. Traitor and globalist puppet, if she is no removed we will have no Brexit!!


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