Migration agency condemned for ‘encouraging illegal immigration’


A United Nations linked migration agency has come under fire after it was accused of “legitimising and incentivising” the illegal boat crossing of dozens of migrants.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which has been a related organisation of the United Nations since September 2016, tweeted an Easter video boldly proclaiming that migration was “inevitable, desirable and necessary”. But despite the Geneva-based group supposedly standing for “managed, orderly and safe” migration, Twitter users were quick to point out that their video featured a boat crammed dangerously full of economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean illegally towards Europe.

The tweet from the IOM which caused uproar

The video goes on to show the migrant boat disembarking having reached their Western destination before animated graphics tell the audience that they are “discriminated, forgotten, ignored, skilled, hopeful, successful and compassionate”.

An immediate backlash ensued with more than 1,000 people flooding the page with negative comments.

One Twitter user said “You are ABSOLUTELY encouraging migrants to make this journey! Your evil will be written in history as aiding the attempted destruction of the West. We will not let you succeed” while another carried on “Wrong you’re actively encouraging illegal immigration from economic migrants not refugees. Why is migration desirable and necessary? Change the record we’re all fed up hearing it…”

The IOM added fuel to the fire by engaging with people and maintaining that they had an “obligation to help” those who are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea but an Italian student again strongly rebuked them stating “Help those arriving in the Mediterranean means to legitimise illegal immigration and incentivise it. People come because they know they will be accepted in Italy. You are responsible for the deaths in the Mediterranean!”

Another of the interactions as the IOM scrambled to defend itself

The group, which has an annual budget of around $1.8bn and is in charge of EU-sponsored return and reintegration programmes, again defended itself and maintained that the video was not encouraging migrants to make illegal journeys.

“We are not encouraging migrants to embark on a deadly journey on the Mediterranean and we are actively working with the European Union to warn migrants about the risks of irregular migration/smuggling industry,” they claimed.

But many angry Twitter users were having none of it, calling them “traitors” and telling them “shame on you” and “you have to be dismantled”.

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  1. This organisation are wilfully causing the deaths of many economic migrants in the Mediteranian.
    They are also adding to the problems of Europeans struggling to make a decent living by flooding the labour market. They are responsible for many of the increasing crime rates throughout Europe.
    The organisation who receive 1.8 million pounds should be disbanded.

  2. I couldn’t believe how in your face and patronising it was when I first saw it last night, always entertaining to read the thread beneath these ridiculous adverts though, even if they do fall on deaf ears.

  3. They deny encouraging it. But even if they weren’t encouraging it, the UN and all its agencies dealing with migration, want to set up easier ways for the same migrants to come to Europe. That’s been the explicit objective of the UN. Guterres said it. William Lacy Swing, Juncker and others as well.

    As for the claim that most or all migrants in the Med are “discriminated [against], forgotten, ignored, skilled, hopeful, successful and compassionate”… this is all about making progressives feel good about themselves. It is vanity and nothing to do with the welfare of others.

  4. I’ll start tolerating the existence of an “International Organization for Migration” when an “International Organization against Migration” receives equal funding and publicity.

    If they really “just wanted to celebrate Easter” perhaps they could have done something to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians in countries that are under Islamic rule.


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