Generation Identity are on the march – but who are they?


It’s probably fair to say Generation Identity have gained internet notoriety for their slick online presence and provocative sticker and banner stunts in towns across the UK and Europe.

Their exposure was boosted again recently by the banning of Austrian co-founder Martin Sellner from Britain and they hit the headlines last weekend too after descending unannounced on leafy Shropshire to highlight the latest gang-rape scandal in the town of Telford.

But who actually are Generation Identity (GI) and what do they stand for? Shy Society sat down with GI’s Benjamin Jones and asked him to shed some light on the pan-European movement which has mysteriously risen to prominence much to the UK government’s dismay.

Ben, you’ve been accused of propagating the “far-right conspiracy theory” that white people are becoming a minority in what is supposedly called ‘the Great Replacement’. Are they not right to say that GI just want a white society based on supremacy over other groups?

This question bypasses the concept of the Great Replacement and, instead, focuses on the psychology and intentions of those who acknowledge it. If the projections of very many demographers are true, then they are important from political, social and economic standpoints – no matter the labels we throw at those who pay attention.

Demographer Eric Kaufmann makes the claim that ‘white’ Europeans will be a minority in Europe by 2100. How we respond to this claim should be predicated on analysis of the data with an open and enquiring mind. We should not base our response on tired political labels and narratives. It isn’t ‘far right’ to question this – it’s basic academic discourse.

As for talk of ‘supremacy’, we reject the notion both in theory and in practice. We simply aren’t interested in this point of view. We acknowledge there are a variety of ways of being human. It makes no sense, for instance, to consider whether the lifestyle of a stock broker in NYC is ‘superior’ to that of a pastoralist in Bhutan. Both are valid but distinct. This approach can be applied more broadly to cultures and civilisations. We believe in a largely homogenous and distinct society precisely because we believe in a pluriverse of human experiences, as opposed to the globalist Coca-Cola universe.

Those who agree with GI that immigration is too high may be turned off by the emphasis on European-ness. They may see the emphasis on Europe as just a politer way of saying white. People who may be sympathetic but have black and Asian friends and family members could be turned off, surely?

This is a valid point and given the recent developments surrounding Brexit, the typical Anglo-Saxon mind already has a loaded understanding of the term ‘European.’ We don’t use this term in order to create a veneer of respectability. We use it because we’re a movement interested in civilisational projects. We reject all notions of chauvinism and the petty rivalries between European nations. Despite the huge cultural variations, the nations of Europe are all built upon the same foundations; being largely, but not exclusively, Greco-Roman. We’re talking about the Socratic method as opposed to revealed truth, democracy in the historic sense as opposed to tyranny and degrees of equity between men and women seen nowhere else in the world.

If we’ve learnt anything from the Great War and the Second World War, it’s that Europe’s tragedies stem from a lack of cooperation and baseless rivalries. Our worldview won’t survive if it’s isolated and inward looking.

As for the risk of alienating people, our conduct will in time speak louder than media smears and fake news. GI is now, and will always be, non-violent, non-chauvinist and fundamentally affirming in regard to its values and principles.

Ben, pictured fourth from left, with a group of UK activists in London’s Hyde Park

So who can join Generation Identity? Do you not exclude people from other racial groups even if they are sympathetic to your message?

Generation Identity is a youth movement – a movement for European youth. We’re not going to apologise for establishing a community and a movement for our peoples; whom we regard as being distinct and just as deserving as any other group in terms of propagating their identity and culture.

That said, we do have members with a broader heritage and background. This is not something that can be codified – we handle each on a case-by-case basis and often it comes down to a candidate’s principles, beliefs and potential.

Why did GI come to Telford and stage a protest?

We were in Telford to raise awareness of the grooming scandal which has seen hundreds of girls of English descent, as well as a lot of Sikh girls as well, systematically groomed, physically abused and sexually exploited.

The men who were abusing them were under the radar for some time but the police refused to take any action. Many of these men see European women in particular as being fair game, as mere objects, and we decided to come and speak out for them because very few people are prepared to do so.

Generation Identity in the UK is still a fairly new movement. How do you see it progressing in the next six months and what are you likely to achieve?

We only launched in Britain in October but already our ranks are swelling, and we now have groups right across the isles in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We have quality activists that offer a lot of time and others who are less active but still offer valuable support. We have developed lots of media interest through our strategy and medium to long-term we think our prospects are very good as more and more people hear about us.

Thanks for your time Benjamin.

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      • The lambda (the Greek letter “L”) stands for Lacedaemon, the state of which Sparta was the principal town. Presumably the reference is to the Battle of Thermopylae, where three hundred Spartans delayed the enormous Persian army by defending a narrow mountain pass long enough for the rest of the Greeks to make the necessary preparations to save Greece (and thereby also the Europe of the future) from cultural extinction. According to Herodotus, the Spartans fought with their spears until they were broken, then with their swords until they were broken, then with their hands and teeth until every Spartan was dead. The 2500th anniversary of the battle will be on August 6th 2020, and all who have indirectly benefited from Greek civilization (i.e. the whole planet) should celebrate the day with admiration and gratitude.

        For these reasons, it’s hard to think of anything *less* like a Nazi symbol than the “lambda”.

  1. In reply to Slevdi’s question, I also have one of my own for Slevdi. Have GI told you that their logo is based on the SA one? If not, why make an inaccurate statement?
    Having viewed the Wiki site mentioned, and looking at GI’s logo, I find a closer similarity to the CND logo. With the SA logo, one has to remove and move quite a lot of it. However, with one stroke in removing the upright (in effect the ‘D’), you have the GI logo. I very much doubt GI had either of these organisations in mind when they designed their logo.
    p.s. The CND logo only has N & D in semaphore, the C standing for Campaign.

  2. Why do they keep beating around the Bush? Just admit you’re far right & want a white only movement. At least the Alt-Right own up and are proud of who they are. I’d respect you more if you were just honest instead of sounding like a politician who indirectly answers a question. It’s frustrating for those, like myself, who are genuinely not racist, being tarred with the same brush as you.

    • If they’re racists (and I see no reason to think that they are), why would you be “tarred with the same brush” by the opinions of an organization to which you presumably don’t belong?

  3. It doesn’t matter what you say if you are standing for the indigenous people of Europe and defending our homelands. They will call you racist ,bigot etc, etc straight out of the communist manifesto. If you stand for white people you will be tarred with the same brush. Time for being nice is over! We are not allowed a voice in the lands of our ancestors! Time for change!

    When are people going to realize we are at war with our governments, who hate us by the way.They want to take our homelands away from us and crush our heritage ,traditions,culture everything associated with a distinct people. Is that not” RACIST”. Stop apologizing and get off your knees people of England.


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