Stop criminalising the British people, Prime Minister


An open letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Right Honourable Mrs Theresa May. Please share widely online and offline.

Dear Prime Minister,

This week you asked us to take your word that it was Russia who was behind a murder in Salisbury. Since then, you’re probably wondering why a number of Britons don’t believe you. Maybe this lack of trust comes from the legacy of Tony Blair when he dragged us into a bloody war on the premise that Saddam had WMD? And yes, this may be part of it.

However, the real reason why we don’t trust you or your government is because you don’t trust the British people and trust, after all, is a two-way thing.

It’s not just you who doesn’t trust us. It’s the entire political, media and state establishment and this has been going on for at least 20 years.

There’ve been several recent incidents which highlight this lack of trust. Firstly, and by far the worst, were the horrific revelations by The Sunday Mirror of the scale of the child rape, assault and murder that has taken place and is still taking place, in the town of Telford, Shropshire. The BBC didn’t carry the story until, on receiving a huge amount of criticism, they eventually published a small article on the BBC Shropshire homepage a full 36 hours after the story broke.

Secondly, the arrest, detention and deportation of three conservative activists last weekend: Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern; Austrian, United States and Canadian citizens respectively. Now, there’s a lot of commentary on the ‘online’ media about this attack on freedom of speech including on Shy Society so we’re not going to go into huge detail. Suffice to say that they were deported because they are ‘far right’ and were ironically going to attend a rally in support of freedom of speech to be held at Speakers’ Corner in London and you, or the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, didn’t want them to be heard by British people. Well that worked out well, didn’t it?

You didn’t want Sellner, Pettibone or Southern in the UK because you knew that the Sunday Mirror would be publishing the details of what happened at Telford and you knew that this would be the worst of the dozens of similar cases where children as young as nine have been systematically groomed, sexually abused, addicted to drugs and alcohol by their abusers, raped, gang raped, beaten, threatened and in the worst cases, murdered by gangs of predominantly Muslim Pakistani origin. You once again assumed that we would react in a violent manner towards British Muslims so the best way to ‘manage’ this was to not talk about it and to instruct the security services and the police to crack down on areas of potential far right hate (the new words for legitimate dissent and peaceful protest).

Why is it, Mrs May, that you do not trust the British people? You see, the only reason we can come up with as to why the British authorities and media behave in this way is that you have such a low opinion of us that you think that if we know the truth or discuss this in public then we will form lynch mobs, head down to the local grocer shop, drag poor old Mr Ahmed out by his beard and string him up from the nearest lamppost.

The reality is that the British people are compassionate and tolerant. Despite provocation every time extremist adherents of the Religion of Peace carry out an atrocity either here or elsewhere. Peter McLoughlin, in Easy Meat, Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal, quotes the Association of Chief Police Officers who estimated the numbers of children and girls groomed, raped, beaten and threatened by rape gangs of mostly Pakistani heritage was in the region of 100,000. Despite the colossal failing of the state and criminal justice system to protect children, never have we once have descended into the vengeful mob you appear to think we are.

In the one terrible incident when a disturbed man drove his van into a crowd leaving a mosque, resulting in the death of Mr Makram Ali, aged 51. The response from the government and mainstream media, especially the BBC, Guardian and Sky News was almost euphoric. At last you were able to justify your increasingly tyrannical attacks on our freedom of speech, at last you were able to point to ‘far right’ terrorism. At last you were able to justify the interminable ‘Prevent’ briefings where employees and students have to sit through hours on the dangers of the ‘far right and islamophobia’ and five minutes on Islamism. Where we hear Home Secretary Amber Rudd inform us that we will facing fifteen years in prison if we dare watch any ‘far right’ propaganda online. Because, of course, it is the ‘far right’ who are mobilised as an organised terror force. It is the ‘far right’ who are whipping up hatred of Muslims and other minority groups. It is the ‘far right’ who are the real threat. And do you want to know who the ‘far right’ are? Well, they’re people like us, Prime Minister. They are people who are fed up of being treated as bigoted scum by the establishment. Fed up of the government’s inability to confront Islamist terror and radicalisation; fed up with the being ’nudged’ and lied to by the BBC and other media; fed up for being called racists for voicing perfectly legitimate concerns’. We’re fed up of people being arrested at the rate of nine per day for ‘hate speech’. The ‘far right’, Prime Minister, are not ‘far right’ at all. They are the British voters, usually the British Conservative voters, who are deeply concerned about the future of the country and the nation we are building for our children.

Is it any wonder that the British people no longer trust those who govern them when you refuse to trust us with the truth? And of course, we get the truth anyway because of the internet. The Home Secretary may have congratulated herself on stopping the three conservatives from speaking in the UK but all she really achieved was to show the world the dismal state of freedom of speech in the UK. Mrs May, you do not trust us to be able to have an adult and reasoned debate. But that’s hardly surprising, when we are told by high profile Remainers that we are too stupid and shouldn’t have been trusted to make a rational decision on Brexit. When British parents are doubted by schools when they inform the school their child is too sick to attend and invited to ‘intervention sessions’ to ‘discuss concerns’. They are smeared and prosecuted when they object to the political indoctrination of their children at school or university. We are not trusted with our health, our ability to conduct ourselves in a civilised manner. We are not trusted to eat or drink in a healthy manner, we are not trusted to go to football matches and sing songs. We are told that we are racists and misogynists because we don’t indulge the post-modern neo-Marxist nonsense of ‘white privilege’ and ‘the patriarchy’. We are criminalised for our opinion to the extent of nine arrests per day for ‘hate crime’.

Is it any wonder we don’t trust you when successive governments have failed to protect hundreds of thousands of children, from rape and child abuse by members of a community secretly invited into our country by Tony Blair without a democratic mandate to do so? Is it any wonder that we don’t trust you when you deport right wing, conservative activists under the justification that they are ‘right wing’ and could harm ‘community relations’ when the hard-left thugs of Antifa carry out politically motivated physical assaults in broad daylight? And when the police, despite being provided with evidence of those responsible, do nothing because they are too busy trawling the internet reading articles like this one to see if they can come and arrest anyone at Shy Society for ‘hate crime’? When you knowingly let nearly 500 ISIS fighters back into our country, and where there’s an estimated 60,000 jihadis roaming our streets?

Mrs May, if you had any respect for the British people you would not be restricting freedom of speech. You would not be behaving like a tyrant. You would instead be trusting our sense of fair play and common sense and allowing the people of Britain, who have never once given you cause not to trust them, to debate these issues openly, as we have always done. That is the principle of democracy, Mrs May, and it appears that you, and your Westminster colleagues have become so used to governing by Ministerial decree, that you have forgotten the purpose of debate and unrestricted freedom of speech.

We no longer recognise the country we were born in. We are governed by politicians who listen more to lobbyists and political activists from the radical left, than they listen to voters. We can’t complain because anyone who is a moderate conservative or who objects to the assault on our freedoms is shunned into silence – facilitated by you and your government.

You’d better build more prisons, Mrs May, because you are currently criminalising the silent majority of Britons, many of whom voted for you.

Yours faithfully,

Charles Strachan
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  1. An articulate and accurate summary of the the State Of The Nation.

    All we have with which to fight back are our voices. Use them.

  2. Thank you for saying everything I have wanted to say for a long time. We feel this oppression daily but many of us are unable to put our finger on it or articulate the reasons for it. We feel the polarisation but it takes specific incidences for us to realise that it is we who are being polarised. Shunned ignored and debased in our extensive tolerance and silence while being dominated by every minority who have been bestowed with the fake victimhood of the radical left. The Antifa and momentum thugs are given free reign to label and terrorise us with the backing of all political parties. Fear of Antifa violence is the reason those 3 people were rejected and this means Antifa is now in charge of free speech. Thank you please we need to arrange buses for people to get to these events. If people commited to using a bus after being advised of the cost we could get 500000 to these events. This would galvanise people to understand what is happening. We need to stop the apthy caused by brexit exhaustion and the dismal of support offered by all brexit public figures in rallying people outside london. Please. I and many others would be happy to car share to get people to bus stations

  3. Great article, well expressed and unfortunately very accurate. As was my right – I have always tended towards Conservatives as opposed to my NE England tradition of voting Labour, but I am becoming rapidly disillusioned and embarrassed by our governments treatment of its citizens. Let me clarify – disillusioned in general by the vast majority of MP’s and Lords etc.
    There are exceptions and they need to step forward.
    Mrs May – the government is letting down its people and is becoming hated, as are the police who sadly the vast majority of decent people need to protect them.
    Stop turning on your own citizens before it is too late.

  4. Truth by the barrow load may I add we have the ludicrous but dangerous situation were MPs are attempting to have people who disagree with them jailed they then become political prisoners.

  5. Looks like the politicians should take along hard look at themselves. I agree with every word written. We put them there a fact they have forgotten.

  6. The UK made a big, big mistake importing the followers of islam into the country, islam is an intolerant, divisive, violent, supremacist, hateful, backward and misogynistic ideology that hates jews, hates gays, hates women and hates non-believers.

    It is of no benefit to any modern Western liberal democracy like the UK, its followers have raped and tortured underage girls, and run over, blown-up, knifed, shot and decapitated thousands of innocent Westerners ever since they were allowed to settle in the West by traitorous politicians.

    Muslims (about 5% of the population in the UK) are over represented in % nos. of prison inmates, % nos. of child rapists, % nos. on welfare, and % nos. of terror plots & attacks.

    Yet, as the author of this piece points out, the UK govt would have you believe that the real threat to the UK is from the ‘far right’. No, Mrs May, the real threat to the UK is from islam and its hateful and intolerant followers.

    • I agree with all that is written on this subject ,but truly believe that our biggest enemy is our own government. They have tolerated the use of the alternative truth, which in common parlance is simply , LIES. The import of unskilled labour who can claim massive benefits, the selling off or allowing major production units to be transferred to other countries.Not setting punishment levels for crime. Making up new words to cover their own ineptitude.The list of their transgressions against the people that elect them to represent the best interests of the British people. Unfortunately the British public help them by forgetting their misdeeds when election time comes. When they are canvasing for re-election ,they should ask the people if they are happy with the present situation. what do you think the answer would be. NO.

      • The problem is lack of choice. I’ve never voted Labour for obvious reasons. I used to vote Conservative, but after recent event aka the lies and smears against Tommy Robinson, the outrageous use of anti-terror laws against journalists and patriots while letting 100’s of ISIS fighters return unhidered, the destruction of free speech including the bullshit term Islamophobia and the ‘hate speech’ guilty verdict against a Scottish comedian for telling a joke and the total capitulation over Brexit, I’ll NEVER vote for them again. In fact, things couldn’t be any worse under Corbyn!

        But who can we vote for? UKIP has collapsed due to in-fighting; For Britain will hardly have any candidates. Politically, it’s hopeless.

    • The true figure for Moslems is nearly double the 4,500,000 admitted to. Population of UK is around 80,000.000 (supermarket sales stats and 28% of children in schools are foreign, as is the 30% foreign population established in 2011 Census.

  7. The noose is the only solution for mrs May.

    I have a feeling she will not listen to you, because her agenda is.

    1. War with Russia now.
    2. Repress and censor any white nationalism.
    3. Sabotage Brexit.
    4. Kiss the hand of her Jew masters and do what she is told.

  8. iff she reads this it will b a miricle in it self so if she reacts to this…well look out..
    this has given a few the missing respect that has been taken from us ..thank you fellow patriats..

  9. Thank you for what you have said .. I believe this is what a lot of our people would have liked to have said but maybe just not sure how to word it…

  10. 30 years ago I was a centrist. Now I’m far right. My political views haven’t changed. What the hell is going on?

    • That’s a very good way of putting it. I’m the same – voted Tory or Lib Dem. Never Labour, but now every mainstream party apart from UKIP is far left!

  11. Article 19.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
    From the UN human rights charter, inalienable and ratified by the British government. Freedom of speech is alive and well covered by this fundamental natural right.
    Our language is a force of nature, more powerful than an exploding volcano or the oceans tides.
    If “the law” can cause a single leaf to fall on cue in autumn then and only then will I obey it on this matter…..

    • I’m surprised the defence in the Count Dankula Nazi Pug case didn’t hammer this home. ‘Hate Speech’ legislation is illegal. Simple as that. Case dismissed.

  12. President Kennedy made a very prophetic comment .
    “When you make peaceful revolution impossible …you make violent revolution inevitable !”
    and I`m very much afraid that, that is where we as a nation are heading

  13. Faith, here’s an equivocator, that could swear in both the scales against either scale; who committed treason enough for God’s sake, yet could not equivocate to heaven. O, come in, equivocator. (Porter)(3.2.9-12). Macbeth

    • Appalling, but sadly unsurprising…Meanwhile Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood and other proscribed terrorist scum tweet their hatred with impunity. We’re living not so much in a shy society as a very sick society.


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