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The term ‘Divide and Rule’ dates back many centuries and has been used to control populations countless times. Today, we are facing it again and there is so much at stake. We have not divided ourselves, we have been divided intentionally because the elites want to stamp their fist of authority harder than ever before.

Ask yourself: if there was another referendum tomorrow and we voted to remain in the EU, what do you think we’d see in the mainstream media in the following months? Would they keep talking about it on a daily basis? Would they invite ‘Brexiteers’ to keep airing their views? Or do you think we’d all be told to ‘move on’ and the matter is now settled? In that case, why have we been talking about nothing else since the referendum?

What has caused this divide that we are constantly told exists? Is it the people, the Remainers and the Brexiteers? On average every five years we have a general election, why is it we just get on with it after the result?

The only reason we are apparently divided is that it is the media who have intentionally made the debate continue, every single day since the referendum. Why do you think that is? They’d tell you that they are merely reflecting public opinion. Were they reflecting public opinion before UKIP surged to power and started gaining traction? Were they discussing the EU before then? No, they were as quiet as mice. They don’t care about public opinion, only what they consider to be the right opinion.

Before UKIP forced their hand, every one of the three major parties were in favour of the EU. Leaving wasn’t even a discussion point. Don’t you find that strange given their very existence is based on representing a wide spectrum of opinions?

I am the son of Italian parents that came to the UK in the 1960s. I love Italy and being born in the UK, I love Britain dearly. I have a background in Psychology and have studied cults and indoctrination techniques and what I have been seeing by our very own media has been nothing short of terrifying.

One of the many analogies floating around the media that people often repeat is that the EU is like a club. That’s all it is. And if you leave a club you have to pay your dues. Ask yourself, what club actually sets out to punish you because you choose to leave? What sort of club uses you as an example to deter other members from leaving? That, my friends, is called a cult.

There is so much noise about leaving and remaining. Rightly so, we are told, as it’s almost a constitutional crisis. Yet where were the TV debates and the radio debates when we joined? There was nothing. The British people were given a referendum in 1975 on joining the Common Market but there was not one word about joining a political union. Where were the budding journalists investigating it?

The mainstream media have been telling us, without debate, that we’ve been in the EU for 40 years. The reality is that the EU as we know it today began to gain traction in 1992 upon the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. It was a full decade later that we began to actually see the EU as we see it today. Before then it all happened secretly behind closed doors.

Ask yourself, if it was hidden from us, do you think its existence is for our benefit? If it was pushed through without gaining consent from the people, could that be because they knew we’d never willingly vote for it? And here we are today, with calls for a second referendum gathering pace. Listen to the arguments. Are they logical? They say that the British people deserve a say on the final deal. That seems fair enough, doesn’t it? Although remember that neither side negotiating actually want us to leave, but let’s ignore that for now.

The argument for a second referendum is totally illogical. Why? Because if we don’t like the deal, then why does that equate to wanting to remain in the EU? If the people don’t like the deal, what logically follows is the politicians need to go back and make another deal because we’ve already voted to leave. After all, if you decide it’s time to leave your home and move, if you don’t like the deal, you look for another house. You don’t say you’re never moving house ever again because the first deal fell through.

The other argument is that public opinion is changing. If we apply logic to this argument as well, then we all know public opinion changes all the time. So, let’s assume that we go back in the EU. Will all those politicians currently calling for a second referendum remind us six months later that we’ll need a third referendum because public opinion might change again? Of course they won’t. They want us in, and only in and public opinion does not matter to them. Not yours and not mine.

This brings me to my conclusion. While the majority of us struggle to pay our bills and get by. The politicians use our money to live in luxury we cannot begin to imagine. Look at the luxury of transport and meals they have when they have yet another ‘summit’. Who is paying for it? We are.

My dear friends, do not use the labels that the politicians and media have eagerly provided for us. We are one, we are not Brexiteers and we are not Remainers. All we have, literally, is our vote. It is the most important process a democracy has.

Countless people have died to protect the vote and the democratic process. You see, next time we have a vote and it goes in your favour, and yet the politicians and mainstream media disagree and do all they can to over-turn it, who will you have to turn to? It will be too late. The politicians are looking after each other, they are not on my side nor yours. This is not about the referendum, nor the EU. It’s about defending our democratic process. If we allow that to be lost, it will be lost forever, and we will only have ourselves to blame.

I end this by being eternally grateful to Shy Society for all they do. As the mainstream media has gone off on an intentional narrative with its own agenda, some of us rely on such people as Shy Society to hold our views. Please do support them as best you can.

Shy Society.
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  1. This reminds me of a book I read a few months ago: Revolting! – How the Establishment are undermining democracy and what they are afraid of – by Mick Hume. Highly recommended.

  2. “Remainers” have a religious belief in membership of the EU.
    However passionate a political campaign may have been, usually, once the ballot is over, everyone settles down. In the case of the EU referendum though, once the result was declared, the barrage of insult being launched at the “leavers” by the “remainers” significantly increased.
    The “leavers” were told that they were uneducated, stupid (they didn’t know what they’d voted for), senile, racist, xenophobic, living in the past, reckless of the interests of the young (the opposite of reality)… and all this after the debate had concluded.
    This tells us that the “remainers” are bad losers, but it tells us much more. Why would the “remainers” abandon all dignity in their behaviour?
    The answer seems to be that they’re religious fanatics. The “remainers” who’ve engaged in this behaviour have a religious belief in the EU as a holy object.
    For example, they exhibit a belief in the goodness of authoritarian regulation – all religious feature gods who hand down instructions that must be obeyed; they express a fervent belief in a saviour [the EU] which guarantees their wellbeing; they lack the need to justify their position – they don’t make a case for why the UK should be a member of the EU, all the “remainers” do is attack the “leavers” case for leaving – this is a feature of all religions, there is no need to justify belief, faith is enough; they believe the unbelievable, and when that is shown to be false, as have the economic projections of the EU’s acolytes, they show no embarrassment, but keep repeating the mantra; they lack tolerance, they gratuitously insult those who have a differing opinion, they think it legitimate to persecute those they consider blasphemers, heretics and defilers of their faith.

  3. The acceptance speech by the ‘best’ director at the Oscars last evening was, to my ears, pushing the elite agenda. As was the lead article this week in ‘The Conversation’ an on-line bulletin from an East London University. Be sure, we democrats are under attack.

  4. I am happy to see Italians have the guts to rebel.We have no party to vote for in the UK and this is very bad indeed for us.May and Corbyn are both two sides of the same coin.People here need to stop being so pc.


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