The sanctity of motherhood is under attack


Criticising the recent Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black “pregnancy” news has nothing to do with homophobia and everything to do with the commoditisation of childbirth and the attack on motherhood.

The outsourcing of childbirth is nothing new and many celebrities have used commercial surrogates when fertility issues have meant that they were unable to get pregnant, or where it is unsafe to carry the child. They pay anywhere up to $100,000 to “rent the womb” of a surrogate.

The majority of those surrogates are gestational surrogates, which is a surrogate who has no biological relation to the child. It is common in such circumstances to use the husband’s sperm and the wife’s egg and use a surrogate to carry the baby. This is possible due to the development of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Traditional surrogacy, however, is where surrogates use their own eggs in addition to carrying the baby. They are the child’s biological mother. In the UK we offer protection to the biological mother under the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985. Under the act, surrogacy arrangements are legally unenforceable and so the surrogate mother is considered the legal parent of the child. She can only forfeit this parental right after she has given birth. This means the mother can, if they choose to, change their mind. We should be proud that we respect the value of motherhood here in the UK and we protect mothers from exploitation.

These are longstanding values that the left are keen to erode in the name of “progression.”

When speaking to Attitude Magazine about commercial surrogacy in the UK being illegal, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black said: “In a place like this, that seems so progressive and so far ahead still to the United States on things like employment, housing, security and marriage. But on surrogacy, it’s not available in the same way.”

We must defend our values, because the gender-relativism and the commoditisation of childbirth is an attack on the sanctity of motherhood.

Gender relativism is pushing the boundaries of what is “normal” in terms of traditional motherhood with the growth of gender neutrality, gender fluidity and transgenderism. In fact, you can now identify as non-human, or “otherkin” – so you can emulate the Roman mythical story of Romulus and Remus and be raised by wolves if the parent identifies as one.

Science is already taking us into morally questionable territory. The future of test tube babies is one step closer to being motherless, with scientists able to grow a lamb foetus in an artificial womb.

Scientists are also researching how to make a baby without an egg. Researchers have found a way to form mouse embryos from a pseudo-egg that tricks sperm into thinking they’re fertilising a normal one. This could lead to a situation they claim, where you could have two biological fathers and no biological mother.

Whilst science has been exceptional in providing the ability for IVF to bring the joy of parenthood to many, it has also opened the door to the business of “designer babies,” where clinics charge additional fees so you can choose the gender, eye colour, hair colour and even skin colour.

There is also the potential for “gene-doping” which would enable you to give your designer baby an added physical or even mental advantage. The potential for gene doping would render the steroid industry useless.

On top of that we have the business of “reproductive tourism,” a trade where poor young women in India and Thailand rent out their wombs to Brits and Americans at bargain basement prices. There is even a “fast delivery” option, where customers can pay more so the surrogate undergoes a pre-term caesarean. In these case the mother’s don’t even get to see the baby’s face.

To attempt to curb this unethical trade, India introduced a partial ban in 2012 for homosexual couples and a blanket ban in 2017. It is extremely easy to flout this ban however, as fertility clinics simply move the mother across the border to Nepal where they give birth and the customers collect the baby. This came to light in 2015 following the earthquake which killed more than 4,000 people. Israel evacuated 26 surrogate babies but left the surrogate mothers behind.

Designer babies and commercial surrogacy put a price on human life and our bodies. This devalues the child to a mere commodity or product. It leads to inhumane cases such as the 2014 Thai surrogacy controversy, where an Australian couple refused to collect one of their twins, born by a surrogate, because the baby had Down’s Syndrome. It also later came to light the Australian father was a convicted child sex offender.

There was the case of Jeanine and Robert Salamone. This incident was particularly sick because Jeanine used her brother’s sperm and a donor egg to give birth to her child, whist the brother used his sperm and the same donor eggs to give birth through a surrogate.

This resulted in a family tree which meant the children were biological twins, half-brother and sister, and cousins, whilst the father was both the father and uncle of the boy who was born to his sister Jeanine.

Just this week the BBC reported the story of the “baby factory” dad, who has fathered at least 16 babies through 13 surrogates. He has been investigated for human trafficking.

Commercial surrogacy not only leads to the devaluation of women and children but the eventual degradation of society as a whole – something we must fight at every opportunity.

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  1. I find it hard to fathom how any woman, at least not one who isn’t literally eating grass to survive, could be a surrogate mother.

    The thought that struck me when I saw that photo of Daley and partner with the photo was: why can’t people be confident in their own difference and accept that two men can’t have children. I also think the same when I hear of, for example, single lesbian mothers adopting children. It’s not the case, of course, that such a person couldn’t ever be a good guardian/mother, but I feel it’s pretty sinister, and cruel to the child. That should be obvious to all, except of course, unless you’ve disappeared up your own backside and swallowed the progressive pill.

    Again, this is very good writing. Thanks.


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