Nigel stop, please stop. Democracy isn’t a tap you can turn on or off


Sorry Nigel, but your apparent U-turn on whether we should have a second EU referendum is wrong on so many levels.

Why would you spend the best part of your career campaigning for us to leave, only to play with fire and potentially undo all of that hard work?

How can you moan at the Tories for betraying the public trust, while simultaneously saying you back a move which could very easily jeopardise the whole process? And going back on all your previous pledges?

Do you not see how the public view this when you’ve been telling them for a year and a half it was a referendum and not a neverendum, and now you completely abandon that principle?

Will you not accept that this publicity stunt – if that is what it is – has just handed more momentum to our opponents?

How can you go from saying Hilary Clinton is part of the global elite that wants to overturn Brexit and that “we will resist” (Oct 2017), to caving in to their wildest dreams?

When you look at the supporters of yesterday’s remark (namely Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg and George Osborne), do you think you possibly made the wrong call here?

Can you not understand how infuriating it is when we’ve had to bat off suggestions of a second referendum for 18 months, and now the most prominent person from that famous day is suggesting the same?

Trust in politicians is at an all-time low and, frankly, you seem to be doing your utmost to join the throngs of untrustworthy career politicians in Westminster. It took 41 years to secure a second vote on EU membership and the feelings of elation from that glorious morning of Friday 24th June 2016 are still indescribable to this day. As you know, it was the largest mandate numerically in British political history and indeed the government told us it was a once in a life time vote and that they would implement the result. Putting the daily headlines to one aside, we won’t truly know if they have delivered on this until 2019, but as the democratically elected government it seems sensible to at least give them that chance (however sceptical we may be).

For arguments sake, even if we did have a second (technically, third) referendum and won again – do you honestly think that would “kill off” the Remainers and leave them in “total obscurity” as you described it? Of course it wouldn’t – and we know you know it wouldn’t because you tweeted exactly that to the Guardian newspaper in August 2017, saying: “If we did have a second referendum, Remain would lose again and The Guardian would say best of five.” You were right then but you’re wrong now.

And in any case, democracy doesn’t just start or stop at the result of referenda. Just as you campaigned tirelessly for years to secure the referendum we had in June 2016, Europhiles (as contemptible as some of them may be) still have every right to shout and scream their disapproval and their desire for a different outcome – that’s the democracy we all know and love. Another vote on membership, particularly at this stage, would settle absolutely nothing. The only thing it would achieve is to muddy complicated waters further and keep us in the European Union for even longer. Ironic, huh?

Who made you the arbiter of democracy anyway, Nigel? And what makes you so sure the leave vote would win by a bigger margin? Partisan feelings to one side – that’s not the vibe we’ve been getting either online or in public life. Many Brexiteers have been frustrated and bemused by the whole process – they don’t want another vote and are apathetic. On the other hand, rather like we were once energised by the underdog status, there are a section of Remainers who are now highly active and will stop at nothing to overturn the original vote. This is a very different reality to the one you paint. And you, of all people, should know that by caving in to the demands of Blair, Clegg and Adonis you are presenting them with a golden opportunity neatly wrapped on a silver platter.

Admittedly, nobody can accurately predict how another referendum might play out – but, as leave voters proudly in the victorious camp, isn’t that exactly the point? What on earth would be the point in even risking it? We waited 41 years for another vote, won by a clear majority, and it should be another generation until we return to a plebiscite again.

You’ve frequently criticised Prime Minister Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ rhetoric but to be quite honest, the only one that is looking weak and wobbly at present is you. It might just be a stroke of luck, after all these years of wishing you were prime minister, that you never did land the top job in this land – otherwise we might now be gearing up for another unexpected vote at huge expense to the taxpayer.

We Brexiteers are still immensely proud of that most unlikely of victories, despite all of the smears and mainstream propaganda during and since. The last thing we expected, or needed, was such a ludicrous suggestion from one of our own.

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  1. I’ve never really been sure about “Farage” In that was he is controlled opposition.
    Didn’t he accept defeat and throw the towel in in the opening hours of the vote,only to pick it up again? Or maybe he has been got at! These people in power are savage traitors and they will stop at nothing to have their way.
    Until we remove all the scum that have infested Westmonster we will never get our country back.
    Not to mention the millions of immigrants who have poured in since the victory.
    George Soros would pump millions if not billions into his activist enclaves throughout the U.K. and intimidating the leave vote with his foot soldiers ,not to mention the “lying media ” propaganda overdrive 24/7 it would be hell on earth. They in power would not let us win again! You can be sure of that! I honestly think democracy, free speech is dead in Briton the traitors have seen to that, “white man” you have no rights get used to it!!


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