Did British Army chief admit native Brits are being replaced?


The British Army – heroic, a source of national pride, our last line of defence and traditionally the last organisation you would associate with political correctness.

And yet, didn’t the head of the British Army Sir Nick Carter just effectively admit, though not in so many words, that white native Britons are being gradually replaced? And, by implication, that British society is being Islamised?

Naturally leftists and progressive elites will pour scorn on this very suggestion. We’ll be told not to put words in his mouth, not to make wild assumptions, and not to put two and two together and come up with five.

You decide for yourself.

Sir Nick, Chief of the General Staff, was speaking on BBC Radio 4 yesterday (Wednesday) about the Army’s controversial new recruitment campaign.

He said: “What this campaign is about, frankly, is a recognition that we don’t have a fully manned Army at the moment, that the demography of our country has changed, and that we need to reach out to a broader community in order to man that Army with the right talent.

“Our traditional cohort would have been white, male, Caucasian 16 to 25-year-olds and there are not as many of those around as there once were, and our society is changing and I think it’s entirely appropriate for us therefore to try and reach out to a much broader base to get the talent we need in order to stay in that combat effectiveness.”

These comments were said in the context of the release of a number of promotional videos for the Army’s ‘Belonging 2018’ recruitment drive designed to encourage diversity of religion, gender, sexuality and ethnicity within their ranks. One of the videos entitled ‘Can I practice my faith in the Army?’ features a Muslim soldier explaining how the Army has allowed him to practice Islam and pray whilst on duty.

Sir Nick is entirely correct of course in stating that “our society is changing” and it is no coincidence either that Islam is the religion depicted in the promotional video and not Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism.

According to the 2011 census, the White ethnic group fell to 86 per cent in Britain (down 8.1 per cent since 1991) whereas those listed as Muslim almost tripled over the same period. The figures also show almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are now Muslim, as Islam overtakes Christianity to become the fastest growing religion in the UK.

In years gone by the Army would have focused on recruiting soldiers whose sole focus was the job in hand – fighting and defence of the realm. Identity politics wouldn’t have come into it. And some of those would have included Muslims anyway. After all, thousands fought and died for Britain in two world wars.

Yet no matter how lightly Sir Nick tiptoed around the subject and however subliminal the message, what he told listeners is that Britain is changing beyond all recognition and we need to adapt to it. It has changed way beyond even the Army’s traditional recruiting base of young, white men. The fact our armed forces felt the need to so drastically ‘rebrand’ speaks volumes.

But dare say this out loud – that the white majority population is slowly being replaced by mass, uncontrolled immigration from mainly Muslim-majority countries – and you are greeted with howls of derision and accusations of ‘white suprematism’ and ‘Islamophobia’. The fact official government stats confirm this clear trend matters little to those in control of the mainstream narrative.

What is perhaps most disappointing about the Army’s recruitment campaign isn’t even the fact it has focused on softening up its image or its appeal to ethnic minorities. The most curious aspect is that having identified that white men are becoming harder to recruit, seemingly no campaign measures have been incorporated to appeal to this demographic.

Why not, you may ask? Because, dear friends, that isn’t part of the plan. White men are now second-class citizens, a forgotten cohort, and a complete afterthought thanks to the self-hating metropolitan classes. Even shadow education secretary Angela Rayner admitted as much this week when she said white working class boys had been “left at the bottom of the heap” due to the focus on ethnic minorities and women.

When a Labour frontbencher (of all people) openly makes such admissions, coupled with the head of the British Army relaying subliminal messages about the replacement of native Brits, let no-one argue differently when we say that successive governments have (and are) changing the fabric of this society for good. People have every right to challenge this trend and fight back before it becomes truly irreversible.

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  1. Not all of this is surely bad news. Some cynics might even suggest that it’s better that Muslims get killed in defence of Britain rather than white, able bodied young men. After all, figures suggest that it will soon be a Muslim country so why not let them fight for it.

    • I’d rather that Britain didn’t get any more Islamic in the first place.

      The army should be preparing to defend against this, not endorsing and encouraging it.

  2. I agree with what you say. And it’s a timely post.

    I heard the interview too, by chance. When Nick Carter said: ““Our traditional cohort would have been white, male, Caucasian 16 to 25-year-olds and there are not as many of those around as there once were…” he doesn’t mean there are fewer in absolute numbers, but relatively. Surely there are just as many white males of an appropriate age for military recruitment as there were say ten years ago, or twenty. In fact, there’s likely to be more. What Carter knows is that they now have to desperately use different recruitment messages to try to appeal to people across the board who have less of a commitment to the security of the country. Some or many will have little or no commitment at all. There are, of course, many other reasons for this, in addition to their background, values, religion, etc. Not least the persistent attack on patriotism in the last thirty or forty years.

    But yes, looking at the proportion of white males in the population, there is necessarily a radical change taking place in the makeup of the UK’s population.

    • Probably not in fact.
      The point is that the TFR (total fertility rate) of Caucasians throughout western Europe (inc. Britain) is well below replacement, typical values are 1.4-1.6.
      The UK may – note that, may – be doing a little better at 1.8, but this still means that there are 10% fewer “white, male, Caucasian[s]” is each generation, especially if we are considering those that are native Britons, rather than European immigrants who would fit the overall demographic.
      In short, there are probably fewer native “white, male, Caucasian 16 to 25-year-olds” alive now than there were 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

      • The TRUTH is that Whites are CHOOSING to have fewer children because of the difficulty of raising your own offspring when you also have to pay for OTHER people’s children.

        Muslim groups make no bones about the fact that their goal is to “outbreed” Whites.

  3. Its easy. National Service for ALL. That will sort out the best….they are what our services need not selection by colour/religion/culture/gender.
    I wonder how many young persons…male and female…would stay the course now?

  4. My sentiments ENTIRELY. National service for ALL. let’s see who wants to fight for the country, and let’s see if muslims really want to integrate…


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