Is UKIP leader’s new girlfriend a secret Anne Marie Waters fan?


New social media posts have emerged which suggest UKIP leader Henry Bolton’s new girlfriend could be a secret fan of Anne Marie Waters’ politics.

Jo Marney has rarely been out of the headlines in recent days after revelations that the UKIP leader had split from his wife over Christmas to be with the 25-year-old model. Although the pair have put on a united front, some of Marney’s previous social media activity implies they could be at odds with each other over their views on Islam.

Bolton, 54, was a fierce critic of Waters throughout the UKIP leadership campaign as he made several unfounded allegations that the party could “easily slip towards ideals of national socialism” should she win the party vote. Following Bolton’s victory in September, he was asked by journalists whether the party had avoided becoming the “UK Nazi Party” – referring to his earlier comments during the campaign – to which he replied “Absolutely, yes”.

Yet despite Bolton’s serious accusations, which have led to some UKIP members quitting the party, it seems his new lover isn’t averse to promoting Waters’ views. On 31st August 2017, in the run up to the leadership result, Marney retweeted and ‘liked’ a post from Waters on micro-blogging site Twitter in relation to a video circulating from the Notting Hill Carnival which showed a black man gyrating with a female police officer. A retweet is generally seen as a form of endorsement on the social media platform.

Then in November 2017, after Waters’ announcement that she had left UKIP to form a breakaway political party called For Britain, Marney again ‘liked’ a post from the Sharia Watch UK director. This time the endorsement of Waters came in a post about an Oxford college which had announced compulsory racial awareness classes to ensure ethnic minorities were not offended.

Bolton, a former candidate for Kent’s police and crime commissioner, recently took a swipe at what he described as “Islam bashing” under the former leadership of Paul Nuttall, which saw UKIP policies at the June general election include a ban on full-face veils in public for Muslim women. In one particular interview on the subject, Bolton said: “Frankly, seeking to blame one section of our community for society’s ills is not patriotism; it’s a form of totalitarianism that goes against everything UKIP as a political force has ever achieved.”

Yet in an apparent rhetorical question posted on Twitter by Marney on 15th July 2016, she wrote: “”Islamophobia” or a logical fear of a belief system / religion that is a consistent cause of death and destruction?” – views which bear a striking similarity to the one’s championed by Waters and journalist and political activist Tommy Robinson.

The social media posts threaten to again call into question Bolton’s political judgement and credibility for the role of leader. The former Lib Dem politician has already faced calls from within his own party to quit, with ex-leadership candidate Ben Walker urging him to step down.

Shy Society contacted Marney to ask for her views on the social media activity but was unable to gain a response at the time of publication.

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  1. Nice bit of investigation.

    Even ignoring her apparent agreement with Waters on Islam, anyone looking at that photo at the top must surely see it’s got ‘this will never last’ written all over it.

  2. Bolton looks decidedly uncomfortable, I can’t help feeling he was plucked by UKIP as the most ‘palatable’ candidate. Which is different to the best candidate. They need to realise that the Overton Window has moved

  3. “Gyrating with a female Police Officer” is different from “simulating sexual intercourse in a public place before an uninivited audience without the female victim’s agreement”. Not even Harvey Weinstein was so outrageous.

  4. Would you follow him into battle? Now is the time we need real men to step to the fore! We are on our last legs floundering in a sea of tolerance (submission) where everyone is scared to tell it like it is. thank God for A.M.W a women who has stepped into the” breach” just hope she’s the real deal and not another puppet like Bolton.
    Unless there is a “revolution” the England we once knew will be lost “forever” in a multicultural, distopian hell just look at “Sweden” and we are not for behind the whole of Western Europe for that matter. “White Genocide the replacement of European people is ongoing and will only be stopped if we fight. We have lost our faith in “Jesus Christ” meanwhile our heritage ,culture is being trashed, mocked and Islam elevated on high. All kinds of laws have been passed against us, our churches have been infested by liberals who are twisting the word of God.

    We are in the last throes of our once proud and civilized nation ,we were once the envy of the world! But we got drunk on” bread and circuses” porn,trivia,materialism all kinds of depravities.
    It is God’s wrath against us and we shall not recover,you can talk all you want but the deed is done, we are lost. Even now they are writing us out of our history and replacing us with blacks,we don’t exist in their evil eyes. Political correctness is straight out of the” communist manifesto” and we have swallowed it hook line and sinker ,moral order has been turned upside down.” They who control the past control the future”.


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