“Christians should resist Islam at every level in society” – report


Islam is an intolerant religion which should be “challenged and confronted” at every level of society, according to an explosive article published by a Christian lobby group.

Tim Dieppe, director of Islamic Affairs at Christian Concern, has penned an investigation into ‘The Challenge of Islam in the UK’ which covers demographics, segregation, cultural influence, jihadists, sharia law, problems in society and the attraction of Islam.

Dieppe argues that Islam has a disproportionate influence on British culture given that it represents just five per cent of the population, referencing the increase in Halal meat in supermarkets, Islamic dress sold in high street retailers and excessive funding seeping into all levels of education.

“So far as religious influence goes, this is most symbolically demonstrated with the fact that many church buildings have been converted to Mosques. Indeed, the Mosque attended by the Manchester Arena attacker was previously a Methodist church. Perhaps even more shockingly, the Muslim call to prayer was chanted in Gloucester Cathedral earlier this year and in St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow, the Qur’an was recited during a Communion service,” he states.

The report recognises a failure in Britain “morally and spiritually”, citing family breakdown and a loss of national identity among the reasons for this. It also admits that Christianity is seen as “weak and in decline”, adding: “Christians lack confidence in their beliefs and cannot define or defend their faith well.”

And with just five to seven per cent of Britons regularly attending church, alongside the backdrop of Islam being the fastest growing religion, the report author claims that the Muslim mindset is that Britain and the British people should accept Islam as the foundation for society.

The conclusion of the essay titled ‘How can the church respond?’ outlines ‘five pillars’ for reversing the current trajectory.

It states: “The church needs to build up resources for Christians to confidently challenge and confront Islam in our society at every level. Whether it is with friends or neighbours, or in the public square and in the media.

“There are aspects of Islam that need to be exposed. Islam is an intolerant religion. That does not mean that all Muslims are intolerant people. Rather, it means the ideology presented in the Qur’an and in the example of Muhammad is intolerant. It is also discriminatory against women and non-Muslims. It advocates violence and cruel punishments. It seeks political power. These things need to be exposed. The influence of Islam in our society needs to be resisted in law and in politics.”

Christian Concern, founded in 2004, then boldly argues that only “radical Christianity” can halt the Islamisation of Britain.

“In the end, the only effective response to radical Islam is radical Christianity. If more of us were radical, bold and unashamed about our faith, confident in confrontation and challenging Islam’s claims, then many more Muslims would turn to Christianity,” Dieppe adds.

“As it is, there are reports of churches baptising Muslim believers on a regular basis in some cases. God appears to have chosen Islam to awaken the church. The question is will we respond to this call?”

To read the full report, please visit this page.

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  1. We should resist Islam? Congratulations on that discovery: that’s what the British National Party were saying fifteen years ago. Intellectuals don’t realize how slow off the mark they are compared to ordinary working class folk.

  2. I don’t see this as much a battle of faiths as a battle of values. Science and rationality demolishes all faith based superstitions including Christianity. It is our Enlightenment heritage. Europeans struggled for centuries to free us from the intellectually suffocating dominance of established religion. There is no going back. We must gather together to protect and defend Enlightenment values against the encroachment of all religions, in particular Islam, that tends to dominate and destroy the cultures it engulfs. Thast’s no scare-mongering. That’s being historically literate.

    • Correct. How does believing in a different collection of bronze age superstitions help this situation? ALL religions should be resisted. Islam is currently the most dangerous. In the middle ages it was Christianity. As an atheist I have far more to fear from Islam than a Christian.

    • Under Christianity we prospered and developed or invented things that changed the world, had the largest Navy in the world. Now that Britain has turned away from the Christian God we are reduced to selling assets or borrowing to finance our overspending getting above our heads in debt and living off the earnings of future generations. Get real Christianity has created an orderly and increasingly prosperous society.

    • You are part of the problem and not part of the solution because you do not understand the supernatural aspect of life and refuse to find out due to a sense of superiority.
      Incidentally, your knowledge of science is way out of date.
      You also seem to have no idea that it was Christians who made many of the scientific discoveries from what they read in the Bible

  3. It has everything to do with faith! We were once a strong Christian nation and we lived under God’s law,everyone knew what and who they were. But the powers that be decided in their wisdom to embrace liberalism and all other ism’s. They promoted free love and all other vices.

    Turn your back on God and embrace secularism, Blair opened our borders and declared multiculturalism, bombing the middle east to ensure a steady supply of muslim invaders mostly all fit young men that was in 97 and our borders are still open to this day.
    They have even managed to take “Jesus Christ” out of Christmas! This is our tradition,heritage
    They are robbing our children of the beauty of “Christ” and replacing it in our schools with that barbaric ideology( pislam) . They persecute Christians at every turn, if they don’t bow the knee to their pet projects, but pislam gets a free pass. We have Godless creatures ruling over us,who are sending us to “hell” in a handcart! It is they who should be hanging from the gallows for their treachery!! Like it our not we are all “spiritual being’s” God gives us free will it is up to each and everyone of us how we choose to live. And I choose God ,Christ the son!

    This is a spiritual war, abnormal is normal ,Evil is good they have turned our moral foundations upside down! Now these fiend’s are after our children with gender nonsense to confuse and sexualize them. Disgusting!! Gay marriage in church (abomination) Do people not understand what is happening they are attacking Family, Religion(Christianity) Race (White) Nation the four pillars of society. We live in a totalitarian fascist state, de-facto (Communism) All dissenters will
    be persecuted. White Briton’s have no rights, our rulers have deemed it so!!

  4. Have a “Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” Let the bells ring out for Christmas day, celebrate with “JOY and HOPE” Keep the faith in these dark times. Never be afraid and celebrate our birthrite.

  5. we have the vote and there are parties out there that can give us what we want what is stopping us from bringing them into power ?

  6. This is a good read only problem is when we stand for our rights Police and government punish us
    People want to know why to
    this is


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