Manchester police respond to Tommy Robinson book launch claims


Greater Manchester Police have responded to claims that they attempted to sabotage the book launch of journalist and political activist Tommy Robinson.

More than 1,000 patriots descended on the open air Castlefield Bowl venue in Manchester city centre last night to get their hands on a copy of ‘Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam’. This came after an indoor venue on the outskirts of the town had pulled out from hosting the event just days before following accusations of pressure from the police.

Mr Robinson had claimed in an online broadcast: “I have been contacting the police for three months. Different liaison officers across the country I’ve been contacting, asking for a point of contact with Manchester Police to liaise with them to ensure it is done in the safest manner. They’ve blanked us. They’ve blanked me.

“The venue has been trying to contact the police of which I have a copy detailing back and forth emails saying ‘are you aware we are holding this event’, ‘are you aware we need to talk about this event?’ and everything has been fine until three days before the event. The police go in and basically, to put it in basic terms, they threaten the venue with taking away their licence. The licensing officer and the chief inspector have tried to sabotage my book launch.”

This morning a spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police’s corporate communications branch responded to those claims and reiterated a previously prepared statement which said: “Police have been in contact with the organisers of the event and will have a full police operation in place. We respect everyone’s right to a lawful protest, but with this comes a high degree of personal responsibility. Those who behave in a manner beyond what is lawful will be dealt with accordingly.”

When pressed for a second time by Shy Society on the claims being made by Mr Robinson, the GMP spokesperson added: “Police did not cancel the event.” This statement, which critics may argue is deliberately vague and ambiguous, fails to address Mr Robinson’s declaration that the original venue was put under pressure to cancel.

Greater Manchester Police also confirmed that despite a counter-protest of around 100 people from UAF and the Manchester branch of Stand Up To Racism, the event had passed off peacefully with just a single arrest made for breach of the peace. Police said they were unable to confirm whether the individual arrested was from the book launch or the counter demonstration. The group opposed to the book launch stayed in the area for around an hour waving ‘No to the Nazis’ placards and chanting songs such as ‘Follow your leader, shoot yourself like Adolf Hitler’ despite Mr Robinson working as a journalist for Jewish-owned company Rebel Media.

Some in attendance also claimed police had ordered the closure of a number of city centre pubs in the vicinity. This suggestion was refuted by the spokesperson who added: “In terms of the public houses being forced to close, if this was the case it’s not likely that this was an order from police so you’d have to approach any venues themselves.”

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  1. I sense we could be approaching a tipping point. It will be facilitated partly by the rise of alternative media and the opening up of debate on crucial issues. The Establishment’s attempt to censor the web will only backfire spectacularly.

  2. Several of us were going to the book launch by car from Kent and had booked seats in the venue for the questions and answer follow up. We were advised on the day of travel that the venue had been threatened with losing its licence by police officials if it hosted the long agreed event. This police capitulation to the snivelling left came as no surprise. I would like the senior Policeman who surrendered to the pressure, to watch the video detailed below that demonstrates too clearly the spinelessness exhibited by British policeman in this sad country, once so proud . The Video that must be watched is as follows; ”MUSLIMS CHASE COPS IN LONDON; POLICE RUN FOR COVER”..

  3. Greater Manchester Police should stop harrassing British people who are voicing their opinions and protecting our country from musljm terrorist. This is our right to protect our country, something the police should be doing, instead of trying to intimidate our people who are doing the job that police should do. Get a life GMP wait until one of your family is involved in a terrorist situation, or child is raped by this filth!

    • Precisely, and well said Kevin. We have to wait until one of the Governments children are disembowelled by another Muslim nail bomb before action is considered. Or will Civil War ensue first.

  4. So the police are siding with fascists left-wing agitators to silence those opposed 2 islame terrorists & the globalist agenda to destroy UK society as they’re doing in other European countries Canada & USA

  5. It appears all too often that the police take the side of the fascists from the left, yet anyone who is a patriotic British man or woman is often seen as a troublesome no mark. The police seem to constantly allow the Muslims to scream threats to kill in all forms carry the Isis flag , appear on television in documentaries, professing their hate and wanting to carry out jhihad, but they are not arrested, they are allowed to go and kill people. The British police should be defending anyone who speaks out against our enemies, but they are no more than puppets being used against any person who is pratriotic and wants what is best for the UK, why this is allowed to happen is nothing more than a travesty. The police are running scared of the Muslims and the pc brigade,what right do they have to threaten a bad with losing its liscence if they did not stop a book launch which had been booked in advance with the correct details given, they have no justification in doing so, other than keeping the left wing fascists happy, shame on you greater Manchester police.

    • Just watch video titled; ‘Cat Stevens [Yusuf Islam] calls for the death of Salman Rushdie’ In this short video you will see an ‘excuse’ for a high ranking British Policeman squirm with embarrassment as he decides to excuse Cat Strevens incendiary. very public, remarks much to the righteous disgust of a lady panellist who derides the policeman’s fawning passivity. A MUST WATCH !! bloody embarrassing, except to our enfeebled police.

  6. It’s available as a Kindle eBook, and looking at the number of reviews posted, seems to be selling well. It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon end up removing it remotely as they did with the George Orwell book..


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