Has the world gone mad?


Not a single day passes without us reading another insane report in the mainstream media, often even more incomprehensible than the last. Whether it’s political correctness gone mad, fascism from the left or another bizarre use of public money, it often leaves us asking ourselves: ‘Has the world gone mad?’

Here we’ve recalled some of the most infuriating examples as well as added in some of our own. Decide for yourself whether you agree…

Has the world gone mad when police officers virtue signal to such an extent that they wear high heels to raise awareness of domestic violence and emblazon their cars with expensive LGBT graphics before dancing in carnivals? Has the world gone mad when police forces find resources to make short documentaries promoting Islam while claiming not to have enough resources to investigate many run-of-the-mill crimes like burglary? Has the world gone mad when you find yourself in a country that has outlawed Female Genital Mutilation for over 30 years, yet has failed to convict a single person in that time? Has the world gone mad when Celtic fans think singing about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Has the world gone mad when the Met Police release a report stating that people can be deemed ‘Islamophobic’ simply for thinking Islam is violent, aggressive, threatening, sexist or irrational?

Has the world gone mad when Rotherham Council are awarded an accolade for their ‘This Girl Can’ sports project just years after they failed 1,400 mainly vulnerable white girls in widespread Muslim grooming gang abuse? Has the world gone mad when the London Mayor Sadiq Khan wins awards despite presiding over a rise in terror atrocities and acid attacks in the city he is supposed to represent? Has the world gone mad when our teachers think comparing a democratically elected US President to an evil dictator who gassed millions of Jews is perfectly acceptable? Has the world gone mad when authorities like Barnet Council censor public comments on a new mega-mosque in the heart of London’s largest Jewish community? Has the world gone mad when the opposition party in Britain holds segregated public meetings with members of the Muslim community?

Has the world gone mad when the BBC publishes stories advising young girls how to do their make-up after an acid attack? Has the world gone mad when big monopolies like Google and Facebook regularly demonetize, ban and censor conservatives simply for having a different opinion? Has the world gone mad when our media give platforms to hate preachers like sacked transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and her ridiculous assertion that all white people are racist? Has the world gone mad when theatrical plays are launched setting out a scenario in which conservative personalities are assassinated? Has the world gone mad when a nine-year-old boy can commit suicide after being bullied for being white?

Has the world gone mad when a Member of Parliament gets castigated for asking whether universities are biased over Brexit while the actual issue is conveniently side-stepped? Has the world gone mad when our state broadcaster thinks it’s acceptable that 84% of their guests on the Andrew Marr Show voted Remain? Has the world gone mad when Brexiteers are labelled racist bigots despite all official polls showing that the return of sovereignty was the main reason people voted Leave?

Has the world gone mad when we let people who have declared their allegiance to ISIS back into our country to roam the streets? Has the world gone mad when we keep voting for Western governments who openly fund terror by selling arms to some of the most backwards regimes on this planet? Has the world gone mad when hypocrite celebrities like Lily Allen and Gary Lineker are hailed as role models despite never following through with their pledges to house refugees in their own mansions? Has the world gone mad when people who simply want to preserve their history and culture are branded xenophobes by the great and good?

Has the world gone mad when liberals celebrate Saudi Arabia giving women the right to drive, conveniently forgetting the whole irony behind it? Has the world gone mad when basic biology is actively attacked to accommodate ‘gender fluid’ and ‘non-binary’ lunacy? Has the world gone mad when white people living in the here and now are punished by self-hating leftists for so-called crimes in our colonial past? Has the world gone mad when liberal victims of gang rape would rather deny the identity of their attackers than ‘fuel racism’? Has the world gone mad when German swimming pools are forced to erect signs encouraging migrants not to sexually assault members of the public? Has the world gone mad when anyone vaguely on the right of politics, no matter how centrist, can be labelled ‘far right’ by the controlling elite?

Has the world gone mad when Didsbury Mosque is praised in the media after the Manchester Concert Bombing despite it providing platforms for multiple hate preachers? Has the world gone mad when media propaganda is pumped out in Britain normalising the oppressive and divisive niqab and burka despite it being banned in public places across Europe? Has the world gone mad when we are so paralysed with fear that the bloody death of women and children is deemed a price worth paying for failing to name the route cause? Has the world gone mad when ringleaders of Muslim grooming gang scandals can be sentenced to 22 years in prison and then released in less than five? Has the world gone mad when we think a natural reaction to a terror atrocity is to light candles, create hashtags, crack down on ‘hate crime’ and then ignore the real problem until it happens again? And has the world gone mad when so many people, deliberately or otherwise, fail to grasp the concept that Islam is an ideology and Muslims are people?

We think it’s unanimous: the world really has gone mad. And the only way to change it is for us to take control of the narrative…

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. I think, in all honesty, the world hasn’t ‘gone mad’. What we are witnessing are the last and desperate extremes of a society being pulled apart. I believe the people pushing the agenda you describe above are a minority. A powerful minority that appears like a majority because they currently control the leavers of government and mainstream media. But the truth will out via alternative media such as this website. And the truth will prevail in the long run.

    Meanwhile, the silent majority, if I can put it that way, is biding its time. When the current order collapses in absurdity, the majority, those with their feet on the ground, both literally and figuratively, will resume control and all will be well.

    That’s my prediction. I’m an optimist 🙂

  2. I’m thinking along the same lines Simon. Although at this point I worry that the cabal could still remain in control if more is’nt done about the media and corrupt politicians. It has to be stopped.


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