Anne Marie Waters: “I want to keep the Britain we know”


On the same day she announced a new political party will be formed, Anne Marie Waters tells Shy Society about her vision for Britain, why UKIP smears have strengthened her resolve and why she is the politician people have been waiting for.

So Anne Marie, straight to the point, tell us about your new party?

“I’m really excited to say the party will be ready to join next week. The website will be ready to take up members; we’ve got the membership cards ready for printing and that sort of thing. So it’s ready to go from next week – we just need to tweak a few more things on the website. It’ll take us a while to build it up – 16th October is the date we’ve tentatively pencilled in for a press conference, and then I hope to have a, not so much a launch, but a big get together and I hope to have some exciting speakers at it.

“Most people have guessed the name from the leadership campaign but we’re just waiting for it to be officially registered before announcing anything for definite. I love the name though, it doesn’t sound like other political parties and what I do know is that it will really capture people’s imagination on leaflets and billboards – it’s perfect.”

New political parties don’t just appear overnight so how do you envisage it will be funded?

“Funding is a difficult one. Being what we are, outspoken about Islam, we may struggle to get the big millionaires but I don’t necessarily want them either which might sound naïve but it’s not. I just don’t want that level of control; I don’t want to have to answer to one or two people. What I really want to do is have membership. I want the membership to give us the money and I think if we can get out there – we’re going to go into places like Coventry, Wolverhampton, and Blackburn; we’re going to have public meetings there and leaflet places that are basically forgotten and are left behind. Do it that way, it’s definitely not going to be easy I know that, but I’d rather have a pound from a million people and not a million pounds from one person.”

Will figures like Tommy Robinson play an active role and how do you plan to appeal to this almost lost generation of voters who are so disillusioned with politics right now?

“I don’t think Tommy can be involved in party politics because of his journalism work. I think what he’s doing now he’s brilliant at because he’s fearless. But yeah I’m certainly confident – I don’t want to assume anything of Tommy but I’m sure he’ll support me and ask his followers to support me and join. And I’m speaking at Tommy’s book launch in November so that will also be an opportunity for me to promote the party there. So I’m fairly confident the decent people who are involved in all of this will back me because we’ve seen now, we’ve seen now what UKIP will do about this. They have effectively taken the same position as the Green Party.

“I want us to restore the identity of the country. I want us to restore the view of the majority. You know the majority is always ignored – and I know the majority love this country, they gave it the values that it has, and we need to defend them, and people are welcome to join. I’m not excluding people – you know people who are here legitimately, and came here legally, and fit in and become part of Britain – these are not who we’re talking about, we’re talking about people who want to destroy it and they want to destroy the Britain that we know. And I want to keep the Britain that we know.”

What did you learn about yourself during the UKIP leadership campaign and how have the smears affected you?

“Every day was a new battle. It was either a poisonous newspaper article, with someone from UKIP saying: ‘We’re only letting her stand so she can lose’ – I mean, who says that about one of the candidates in their leadership election? You know, and it was just constant, people at hustings telling me we’ve heard terrible things about you – it’s an incredible thing because I was taking on not just the other candidates but the machine of the party and it was very difficult to do. It was very difficult to sit at the hustings with the other six and they are constantly throwing out little bits of venom and teaming up with each other – you know, they were backing each other up against me and it was really difficult to do. But it probably has made me a lot stronger and I think, what’s strange is that I’ve felt a sense of relief about it, because it gave me a great deal of clarity. It gave me clarity about UKIP, and about what role they are willing to take. And you know starting a new party people are saying ‘oh you’re a sore loser’ – don’t be ridiculous. I accept losing. I’ve lost several elections and I’ll lose more no doubt – it’s the ‘Nazi/fascist’ – they’ve basically told the public ‘yes, these people are Nazis and if you’re concerned about Islam then you’re a Nazi as well’ and this coming from UKIP is really damaging.anne-busstop

“People are very angry and I’ve had people contacting me saying ‘I’m leaving UKIP, I have family who died fighting the Nazis’ so for Henry Bolton to say this is just one offence too far. People felt really offended by it. And it also shows the willingness to use smear like that, it doesn’t show a great character trait. I had one woman write to me ‘I was called racist and Nazi for years for standing up for UKIP, and now I’m being called it by UKIP’ it’s intolerable.”

Some people said they agreed with your arguments but that it was maybe the way you presented them that they weren’t so keen on? What would you say to that?

“It is utter nonsense – what they are saying is to pretend that black is white in order to keep the peace. We have been doing that for 50 years and it’s not working. Things are getting rapidly worse. We need to start telling the truth and the point about the language that we use – that’s exactly the point, people want to hear the language used that they use among themselves. And there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong with speaking to each other in public as we would in private.

“Let’s get some honesty back, let’s speak as we find and it’s really important to the public – they are looking for a politician who talks like they talk, who will say what they say. And I’m afraid to say, it’s a great relief – people get a great relief when they hear people say something that they want to hear. And it was a huge appeal for Donald Trump, he just said what he thought and that’s a huge part of the attraction. Unfortunately UKIP didn’t get that, and a lot of people didn’t get it.”

Another thing your critics argue is that focusing on Islam simply isn’t a vote winner. Do they have a point?

“People don’t bring it up on the doorstep because they are afraid to. I can assure you over the years, when I meet people, and I’m talking about all situations, not always anti-Islam people, I do have a life outside it and I meet people and when they ask me what I do obviously this conversation happens. And it’s then that you hear what people really think because they know they are safe to tell you. So that’s how afraid we are.

“When private polls are taken, when people are at home in front of their computer screens, that’s when you see it. And, in all my years of doing this, I’ve never seen a poll that was related to Islam that wasn’t a majority agreeing with me. Whether it’s banning the burka or banning Sharia courts, there’s always a majority.

“I don’t know why UKIP think the British have escaped noticing this problem with Islam – you know the French are starting to notice it, the Germans are starting to notice it, the Dutch are starting to notice it – because they are the one’s starting to be affected by it. But Britain is being affected too. Part of the problem is the BNP thing, they think we’re the BNP and because the BNP were a failure we will be as well. This is absurd – the BNP were a racist, Jew-hating, holocaust-denying – even when they were right, and they were right on a couple of things – they were the first to talk about the grooming gangs so they have to have credit for that. But they were also racists and Jew-haters, anti-gay, anti-everything and we are not that. We are fighting Islam because we are not that – that’s the point. So it hasn’t been done before.”

Certain sections of our movement have claimed your past as a Labour Party candidate makes you some kind of ‘raging feminist’. How would you respond to those accusations?

“I won’t lie about my past and I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. I will still support the NHS – it’s not communism or socialism – we’re paying into something we are all going to need at some point. Yes, it may be run by crazy lefties and that’s something we have to work out but it’s not in itself a crazy idea – it’s a great idea. They’ll call me hard left for that and then hard right for something else. If they don’t like my feminism – well all I argue for is for women to have the same rights as men. And I’ve condemned third-way feminism as lunacy many times so if they don’t believe women should have the same rights as men then they don’t belong in my party anyway.”

Last, but definitely not least, Anne Marie; let’s put you on the spot. Sum yourself up in three words for us…

“Oh god! What a question! That’s not my answer by the way! I would say: ‘I love Britain!’”

A perfect note to end on! Good luck Anne Marie!

Shy Society.
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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world Anne Marie!
    You gave that UKIP hell of a fight, respect for that. Now it is your time, your party. Grow big as you should.
    Greetz from Holland!

    Dennis Rog

  2. Anne Marie Waters is the most fearless, honest, and visionary candidate, creating a new political party that will be the voice for millions of British citizens disenfranchised by their political system over the last 40 years. She wants to reverse the cultural assimilation that Britain, and Europe, are experiencing due to unfettered mass Islamic immigration.
    Anne Marie Waters is the refreshing voice of resistance and change.

  3. Fantastic! I don’t know if Tommy R’s comment on Twitter was a piss-take, but I totally get what she means by saying she isn’t excluding people who fit in – she means people who come to Britain and want to embrace our way of life and our Laws. So Tommy R, I love you but ‘you’re a very naughty boy’ !!

  4. Wonderful interview, and can’t wait for more. I shall be signing up to AMW party. She is a breath of fresh air. I shall be resigning my membership of UKIP of course.


  6. Just because you are not assembled in a line on horseback, looking at another line on horseback. With swords and lances visible against the sky. Does not mean you are not under attack.
    You are.

  7. Thank God. A politician that will speak for the people. I have also returned my UKIP membership card. Three cheers for AMW.. From a true believer. Phil Rigby

  8. Never compromise,stand with the belt of truth around your waist and never flinch.
    Because the liars and deceivers will come after you from all sides.These lands are English lands and always will be,we don’t mind people from other cultures living with us as long as they know our rules and laws for everyone.
    As long as you are true the people we will stand with you no matter what. Political correctness is communism a cancer which is meant to divide and conquer the people. It must be put in the dustbin and we can be the civilized people we are.
    Before anything else we desperately need “brexit” our sovereignty,cut the strings beholden us to the Fascist -anti democratic E.U.


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