THREE-PART EXCLUSIVE: Halifax grooming gang victim speaks out


The brave young woman at the centre of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to reveal for the first time the full scale of the nightmare she endured at the hands of her sick abusers.

In a wide-ranging, three-part interview with Shy Society, fearless Georgia speaks out about the horrific two-year ordeal she suffered at the hands of up to 100 mainly Muslim men and breaks her silence about the pattern emerging in all four corners of Britain, as well as condemning the reaction from the political establishment.

The then schoolgirl was just 12-years-old in 2011 when groups of Pakistani Asian men started preying on her and taking advantage of a vulnerability which was heightened when her mother passed away through illness and her father left her and her sister to fend for themselves in the family home. In June 2016 at Leeds Crown Court, 15 men were jailed for a total of 160 years for the appalling sexual abuse which saw her trafficked between around 100 men in Halifax, Bradford and Manchester.

Despite it being her first interview with a media organisation, Georgia is remarkably calm as she explains that she has just put her daughter to bed. With an unmistakable Yorkshire twang, any preconceptions of talking to a victim of child sexual exploitation (CSE) are almost immediately banished as Georgia comes across as a well-spoken, thoughtful and intelligent young woman.

“My life was very chaotic at the time and I would go down to the park quite often. There used to be gangs of Asian men giving us cannabis – I was 12 at the time but they were older, like 18, 19, 20,” Georgia recalls.

“It was just me and my sister in the house and we never had any food. Some of my friends were like ‘come down to the curry place because they’ll give you free food’ and that. Which they did, but they would also ply you with drugs and alcohol, and I quickly got addicted to mainly M-Cat. I don’t even remember the first time to be honest because I was kind of ‘out of it’ a lot of the time and that’s what made it difficult because I didn’t have that many recollections; I just used to wake up half naked in a hotel room. They just left me there.”

Asked whether she realised she was being abused at the time or wrongly assumed it was normal for a girl of her age, Georgia said: “In a way yeah, it just felt like that was what happened – because there were loads of other girls. They (perpetrators) kind of said ‘this is payment’

“They were nice to start off with, bought you presents, and made you feel special – especially if you’ve got no role models in your life, and if you feel shit because nobody is there for you – if you suddenly have someone calling you really pretty and giving you free food and stuff, but it was only until they got what they wanted.”

With authorities fearing she was at risk of CSE, the teenager was moved to Leeds to try and break the cycle of abuse but Georgia harrowingly recalls that it kept on happening.

“Like if you didn’t want to, they would say ‘oh you’re just a white slut’ and ‘we’re doing this because your white parents couldn’t take care of you – this is your payment, we’ve given you everything’ and stuff.SS-4136F90_640DF

“Also sometimes they would literally spike my drink and that. I remember drinking this stuff and it crackled in my mouth and I vomited everywhere and was so ill and then I’m assuming stuff happened as well while I was out of it because I woke up – and it’s going to sound really horrible – but with like cum all over me. That’s how I would know it had happened; I would wake up sore as well.”

Georgia admits that as a working-class child with no parental support network she almost felt worthless during the abuse, but shockingly says the initial attitude from the investigating police force allowed the abuse to continue for even longer.

“I tried to go to the police once,” she adds. “Well this missing person’s officer took me there but they made out it was a lifestyle choice I was doing so it put me off for a few more months. It really upset me – they (perpetrators) were the ones that had got me addicted, I was only 12 and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t even really know what cannabis was when they were giving it me.

“Though I was a child, the authorities initially acted like I consented. And when they realised the perpetrators were from the Muslim community they made out like it was me who had the issue. I had to fight really hard to be believed.”

Despite being too intoxicated or high on drugs to remember much of the abuse, Georgia says that a few instances still haunt her to this day.

“I do have memories. After I did my police interviews, which lasted for something like 30 hours, it kind of unlocked some stuff that I had been hiding. I went through a period where I was really anxious, didn’t want to leave the house, and I got diagnosed with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which I am still working through.”

Speaking from her new flat on the south coast, around 300 miles away from where the crimes took place, we ask Georgia how much she thinks race played a part in the crimes.

“My vulnerability was definitely the main reason because I was an easy target, but at the same time I don’t believe they would have done it to a member of their own community. I know a few Hindu and Sikh girls who have been victims, and there’s a Czech girl as well who I won’t name, so it’s kind of anyone other than them. But predominantly it was white, working-class girls.”

And though Georgia defiantly maintains she is moving on with her life, and is now in employment, she confesses that the psychological pain never fully leaves and that some days are worse than others.

“I’m now living a long way away in a really beautiful place. It’s a place that is slightly different to Bradford, let’s put it that way. It may be wrong of me to say, but if I see a Pakistani man in the street I will get scared, my heart will beat really fast. And I know that’s a stupid reaction – they are probably completely harmless and have gone to get a pint of milk or something – but these are the kind of scars it has left behind.”

Tune in on Friday, here at Shy Society, for part two where Georgia gives a no holds barred account of the UK’s current grooming gang epidemic.

Updated 10:48 on 22/09/2017: read part two of Georgia’s interview here.

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  1. This is heartbreaking,these scum bags know what they are doing and take full advantage of these vulnerable young girls , I’m so sick of the authorities pandering to Muslim men for fear of being accused of being racist,the police should be arresting any one who commits these crimes regardless of race colour religion or anything else ,but it’s a fact the majority of these crimes are being committed by muslim men ,it’s got to be stopped

  2. Having Muslim terrorists and Muslim pedophilic grooming and rape gangs/Muslim terrorists and Muslim pedophilic grooming and rape gang BREEDERS in our country is a stain on our HERITAGE, we should ALL be ASHAMED for allowing this to happen,our forefathers would ALL be ASHAMED of US !

  3. The Police and LABOUR local authority were fully complicit in her sufferings , the council anxious to keep the muslim vote, and the police just out for a quiet life, physically afraid to tackle the large muslim gangs .

  4. She was a child for Christ sake and for the police to say it’s her chosen lifestyle is outrageous why have these police officers not lost their jobs did none think this could be my daughter. The fact was she was not even of legal age to give consent how in the did not one officer have a fatherly or motherly concern for her beggers belief. To ostracize her even more when they find out the perpetrators were Muslim that the police were more scared of being called racist absolutely disgraceful every child in this country as the right to be protected from abuse and its the police and other authorities job to protect them what the he’ll is wrong with politicians,child protection agency’s and police who would sooner protect the perpetrators of abuse against children why are we not voting councilors and mps out of their positions were they have allowed this to go on in their constituency if we do not we are condoning the perpetrators and the authorities who protect them

  5. We really have sunk so low , these are our Kith and Kin. We as Englishmen should be ashamed. To hell with the traitors in authority, we never asked for this. But we should end it by any means necessary. As for that “lying traitor Zionist may” she couldn’t care less for our girl’s.


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