More vulnerable girls will be raped until we confront reality


When group crimes happen on a large-scale – in fact on any scale – it is pretty standard practice for police to look for a shared motivation or a common denominator.

Take, for instance, a crowd of brawling football supporters. When these fans are inevitably arrested and taken in for questioning, you can bet your bottom dollar that one of the very first things the police will quickly establish is what team(s) they represent. On eventual conviction, that common denominator is usually then plastered all over the newspaper front-pages. Why? Because it is the common denominator, in this example all being from the same football club, which links the crimes together. It is highly relevant.

So why do we, the British people, allow the police, local councils, social services, mainstream media and progressive left at large to continually and disgracefully hide the one common denominator when it comes to the UK’s grooming gang scandal? Why do we collectively sweep this uncomfortable truth under the carpet until it rears its ugly head again?

Yesterday the remaining defendants in a group of 17 Newcastle men and one woman were convicted of a string of sexual exploitation crimes – including rape and human trafficking – on up to 108 vulnerable white girls. The men were from the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Iranian, Indian and Turkish communities and in total Northumbria Police’s Operation Sanctuary uncovered more than 700 victims of abuse over a four year period.

Starting to sound familiar? It should do as this crime pattern is gradually being exposed in every town and city up and down the country. From Telford to Rochdale, to Oxford and Rotherham, to Stoke and Swindon, the list of places where successful prosecutions have been made is becoming longer by the week.

And just like an Islamic terrorist attack when vigils are held, hashtags are created and rhetoric about ‘love being stronger than hate’ are spouted out, the aftermath of these frequently increasing grooming scandals is following a similarly predictable pattern.

Following yesterday’s revelations, Chief Constable Steve Ashman (seemingly well aware of the cases which have come before it) released a statement denying political correctness had played any part in their investigation. Then, alongside the photo of these disgusting animals (below), went on to wrap himself head-to-toe in PC language by adding: “I don’t think it’s for me to point the finger at a particular community.”

Labour councillor Dipu Ahad – whose nephew, coincidentally, was jailed for terrorism offences in 2012 – quickly called for “unity” from the community in front of the national TV cameras. What the wider public perhaps didn’t know is that just three days earlier, Mr Ahad despite being in public office spent considerable time mocking Tommy Robinson on Twitter and calling his supporters “bigots” who couldn’t read. Doesn’t sound like much unity coming from Mr Ahad to us – especially towards a man who has been at the very forefront of speaking out against this epidemic?

Inter-faith groups from across Newcastle released a joint statement claiming they were “profoundly saddened” by the case before sharply emphasising “it is important we do not compound the suffering that victims of these crimes have endured by casting blame on entire communities.” This was a bizarre statement to make under anyone’s definition because surely, if one community wasn’t to blame, why would there even be a need to stress that point?newcastle-839053

The BBC, and every other media outlet, described the men as “Asian” – an insult the Chinese and other Asian communities must be well getting used to by now. And even the Daily Mail, supposedly Britain’s most right-leaning national paper ran a front-page story with one vital word missing – the common denominator in all of this.

You see the common denominator isn’t that they are all from poverty-ridden areas, or that they have similar professions, or even that our Government’s foreign policy drove them to this. No, in almost every single case nationwide, the perpetrators have been from the Muslim community. This is not whipping up hatred or claiming all Muslims are bad or even responsible (they are not). This is very simply speaking the truth and highlighting the massively worrying trend which is currently being buried by the greater good.

The court was told one of the men, Badrul Hussain, was heard to say “All white women are only good for one thing. For men like me to fuck and use like trash. That’s all women like you are worth.” This is an attitude sadly prevalent in a worrying proportion of Muslim men and similar sentiments have been exposed at previous trials.

The only ounce of truth we’ve seen from the Muslim community so far came from East Midlands-based blogger Dr Irfan Malik who tweeted: “Law abiding Muslim British-Pakistanis stand against child grooming and abuse. Silence from our communities is part of the problem” as well as “Why don’t more Muslims speak out about child grooming and abuse?” A Muslim unafraid of naming the common denominator should be commended for speaking out but sadly he appears to be in a minority.

Forget people dying at the hands of terrorists just for one minute. When one of these vulnerable girls is forced into drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution at the hands of these vile creatures – just imagine for a second what that must be like, and the impact it has. In most cases they might live to tell the tale but their souls, their innocence and their lives have been ripped apart. Emotionally, many never recover. In just one city – Newcastle – that was (at least) 700 lives changed forever.

We know the agenda-driven establishment will keep on ignoring the problem. But while the political right continue to fight and squabble amongst ourselves, the depressing fact is that we too are facilitating and allowing more of our girls to be raped, sold and abused.

This issue, over and above every – single – other, is the greatest national shame of our times and the one which needs most urgently addressing. Ignore the NHS, Brexit or even the economy – Muslim grooming gangs are systematically destroying young lives in every corner of Britain. When a politician commits to putting this issue front and centre in their political agenda, it is absolutely incumbent on patriots of all persuasions to finally unite and bring about the critical change that we need – which starts with naming the root cause on a wider scale.

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  1. Thanks for that piece. Sir Ken McDonald, one time DPP, said on the Radio 4 “Today” programme this morning, 10/08/2017, that these crimes represented “Disgusting and outrageous behaviour” and were “Racist Crimes”. How many other ‘informed’ opinion makers would have dared used such terminology? Has the worm turned? Personally I believe that “Enough is enough” (to use a very quotable quote).

  2. Thank you for this truly informative but unpalatable truth. If we do not face what is happening in our communities we will crumble. I see what is happening in my local area and there are signs, small signs that this type of thing is happening here too. It’s astounding that when you are unaware it is so easy to not see what is happening but scarily easy when you do open your eyes, just slightly.

  3. well said, total agreement with you. I’d also like to point out how the mainstream media has changed the narrative of the story in Newcastle from Muslims and Islam to police paying pedo’s for information, while it might be nauseously stomach turning that this has happened, Its not the story. Muslims and Islam is the story here, in fact we wouldn’t be paying pedo’s in the first place if it wasn’t for the muslims gang rapping our young.
    please put more pressure onto the BBC to get a grip of reality and do their job and report the fucking facts!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Spot on, as usual.

    “… hashtags are created and rhetoric about ‘love being stronger than hate’”, plus of course things like ‘stand united, let’s not be divided’
    Which normal (i.e. not poisoned by leftist ideology in all its varying degrees) person wouldn’t balk at such ultimately self-serving, feel-good nonsense? Phrases like that, and they pour from the left after so many incidents which they can’t quite compute, show one thing: that PC ideology is not about the object of their interest, but only ever about themselves. It is all about their own psychological well-being. Meanwhile, girls are raped. But hey, who cares, eh?… at least we all haven’t been racist…

  5. These Muslim men treat white women like trash because that’s what there taught,but they also treat their own women just as bad,they think women are beneath them,it’s time to stop all this pc crap and tell it how it is,these men are Muslim they do these atrocities because they know nothing will be done because the authorities are to scared of being called racist, how can you be called racist if it’s a fact,if it’s true !!!!!!

  6. I am at present reading Sara Khan’s book ‘The battle for British Islam’. She is a muslim and is doing a great job in tackling extremism through ‘Prevent’ and ‘ Inspire’ an organisation that she directs. She is a brave woman who wants Islam to reform and really will attack her own communities blindness. However here is the rub. Mohammed married a six year old and had sex with her when she was nine. Taking sex slaves was part and parcel of the spoils of battle and non muslims are all second class citizens, in addition Mohammmed is the perfect man and a role model for all muslims. You can see the connection between what is happening to non muslim girls and the injunctions of Mohammed. It must I think be really difficult for reformers like Sara Khan to follow their faith and attack its foundations in their everyday life. The contradictions are so huge. Having said this please support her she needs it and we all need her work to continue.

  7. in the UK there are estimated to be up to a million child victims of religiously mandated, racialy targetted serial gang rape.

    Some victims have been raped more than 100 times.

    We are talking perhaps tens of millions of instances of rape.

    Yet just 1.6 Million male Muslims in the UK.

    In all of this, only one single Muslem has been reported to have informed police, and he was a convicted paedophile and had to be paid £10,000.

    This tells you everything to need to know about this religion.


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