Is white the new black?


The race question is in many senses the big elephant in the room. An issue so utterly diluted in recent decades thanks to lazy, unfounded slurs dished out by the regressive left to anyone with (heaven forbid) concerns over immigration, foreign aid, or the ‘migrant crisis’.

Racism, in the true sense of the word, is despicable whichever direction it is aimed in. The fact that the colour of someone’s skin should dictate how other people are treated is a stain on the human race yet it is an uncomfortable reality even today.

We’ve come a long way since Britain’s post-war era where signs reading ‘No Irish, no blacks, no dogs’ adorned B&B windows and public houses. In many ways times have changed as evidenced by Barack Obama becoming the first black president to reach the White House or the KKK and National Front falling into relative obscurity.

Yet in the almost desperate clamour to not appear racist, are we not coming full circle? In the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’, are we not actually embedding greater divisions? And for how much longer is Britain’s colonial past going to be used as a stick to beat us with? After all, white people like you and I were born in vastly different eras to our ancestors.

The reason we pose these rhetorical questions is because something quite alarming is happening in our Western societies on both sides of the Atlantic.

The notion of white guilt/privilege promoted by largely white, middle-class academics and liberal institutions and the concept that we ‘owe’ ethnic minorities extra privileges because of our so-called dark past has led to a whole new breed of discrimination, racism and bigotry against the white working classes.

A little-recited Government survey carried out by Labour in 2006 showed that almost one in three white people – 29 per cent – said they expected to be treated worse than other races by key public services. And the number claiming to have been refused a job or discriminated against at work for reasons of race had doubled over the previous five year period. These perceptions are now almost certainly higher a decade on. And the picture is mirrored in America where in a Washington Post study in 2011 white respondents said they believed anti-white bias was now an even bigger problem than anti-black bias.

Speaking as one of these people and knowing many, many more in the same situation, white working-class people do feel forgotten about, they do feel silenced by the mainstream liberal narrative forced upon the masses and they do feel disenfranchised from modern-day political showmanship and game-playing. Crucially, and infuriatingly, they also see the huge double standards operating across our societies every single day.Segregationjpg-2579652_p9

We may have (rightly) got rid of the ‘no blacks’ signs adorning public spaces but worryingly we have replaced it with openly anti-white racism which is carried out in the name of diversity. It’s why Netflix TV writer Jack Moore can Tweet “fuck white people” without any repercussions and why music channel MTV felt it acceptable to post a horrendously racist ‘New Year’s resolutions for white men’ video urging people to bow down to politically correct ideology. It’s why black Labour MP David Lammy could suggest a white judge would be less able to sympathise with the Grenfell Tower victims and why Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott once felt it reasonable to post “White people love playing divide & rule. We should not play their game.”

Though not specifically about race, it also recently came to light that a Muslim-only housing association is operating within London and has been backed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. And only this week Robert Peston tweeted a job advert for his Peston on Sunday show from an agency which only accepted applications from “a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority”. Little did it matter that it discriminated against a race of people, or that it was factually inaccurate given that white British people are now a minority (45%) in the capital city. No, common sense doesn’t play a part in this. If you happen to be born with white skin, hard luck, this job isn’t for you.

What kind of world do we live in when this remains the case? It’s a society which promotes the idea that white people are inferior and, in extreme cases, leads to direct violence against them. Such as when black supremacist Kori Ali Muhammad gunned down four innocent white people in Fresno, California, back in April this year.

Misguided liberals and ‘anti-racists’ really don’t practice what they purport to preach. They foolishly claim to be redressing the balance in an already unequal society without realising that true diversity and equality is only achieved when the colour of someone’s skin no longer plays a factor in any way, shape or form. Their obsession with skin colour ensures that racism thrives, only now with a brand new oppressed group of people.

It is creating a dangerous, powder-keg culture which ensures societal divisions are widened, anger against the establishment is heightened and tension between different racial groups is unnecessarily raised. Nobody living today existed during the time of slavery which – if you know your history – was far from a white phenomenon. This fashionable re-writing of history, where all white people are associated with slavery and oppression, shows we’ve sadly learnt nothing from past mistakes and it will only embolden extremists at all ends of the spectrum, leading to ever more unrest and bloodshed.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. I agree in large part with this. And it’s well-written, so thanks.

    I don’t think enough is made in most article and blog posts by those holding the Left to account, of the Left’s obsession with skin colour and their vain, egotistical fawning and often patronising attitude to those they assume are victims. Thankfully you do address this issue here. I genuinely believe most of the Left are racists by definition, as they treat people differently on the basis of race and skin colour.

  2. I wonder what happens to a group when the are (or become) a minority, and are made acceptable to hate? What happens to that group when even members of that group are decidedly anti-themselves? What happens to that same group when all the ills of the world are blamed on them? What happens when they are falsely considered to have an unfair advantage? What happens when legislation, once a protection for the minority, is now just…preference for a group other than…THAT one.

    Historically, this trend doesn’t end well.


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