UK Against Hate march, Manchester, England: an honest account


Sunday 11th June: We did something we never thought we would by taking to the streets of Manchester with Tommy Robinson and thousands of other patriots concerned about Islamic terrorism and its enablers.

The following is an honest account from the things we witnessed during the day (you won’t find anything like this on mainstream media)…

For years we have followed Tommy closely and whilst the intentions behind his previous street movement the English Defence League (EDL) might have been good in nature, it far too often descended into violence and was characterised by beer swigging lager louts who frankly just turned out for a bit of a row. Tommy, to his great credit, has been the first to admit that it spiralled in the wrong direction.

But since his appointment to Rebel Media, Tommy has been on something of a journey and has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts. More than half a million people now follow his Facebook page and almost 300,000 people follow him on Twitter. And when you look past the media smears, he is actually a very knowledgeable man who speaks articulately and informatively about the religion of Islam. For years he has said what many ordinary working class people have been too afraid to say for fear of being branded racist. Interestingly enough, when his opponents are asked to name anything racist he has said, they are the ones who fall strangely silent.

For anyone in a professional job however, like we are, it would have been unthinkable to actually join one of these marches for fear of being captured on camera and being plastered over websites and newspapers under the caption “far right protestors”. It could cost jobs and livelihoods.

But the recent events in Manchester and then London (twice), coupled with Tommy’s insistence that a new mass movement without the thuggish element was desperately needed, was a game changer for us and many others. When you see innocent women and children blown to smithereens at a pop concert and our politicians and authorities do absolutely nothing apart from arresting anyone with the audacity to question Islamic hatred, the time for merely writing stuff online has passed.

And so, full of trepidation, we took the plunge and marched against the establishment’s tolerance for this hateful ideology. What we witnessed reaffirmed some of our suspicions but changed many preconceptions for good.

It is always hard to put a number on these events but we estimate that between 4 and 5,000 people turned out in England’s third city. You won’t be surprised when we say the majority were white males but you might be slightly more surprised when we say also in attendance were plenty of women, fathers with their young children, teenage daughters, a handful of Asian men, a Muslim woman with a placard denouncing Sharia Law, black people, gay and lesbians, and those of mixed race. There were LGBT flags, pro-feminism placards, American, English, Scottish and Welsh flags, a banner declaring “Ex-Muslims United” and others which criticised weak MPs.Screenshot_2017-06-11-20-12-51~2

Once the march reached Piccadilly Gardens and the speeches begun, Tommy shared his platform with a black pastor, Pakistani Christian, an ex-Muslim, a homosexual, and a true feminist. This was a line-up more inclusive than our very own House of Commons – yet the BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and others were quick to brand it an “EDL march” or “far right demonstration”. Either the far-right is really broadening its appeal these days, or these are outright lies being spread to the masses. We’ll leave you to decide which is the more likely.

Regrettably, there was a small minority who did seem happy to engage in thuggish behaviour. But we estimate that from a 5,000 large crowd, these people numbered maybe 100 or 200. And it’s a great shame that these people do still emerge because they do our cause, and Tommy’s cause, far more harm than good. They play into the hands of the establishment. Yet from the moment we joined up with the march at its starting point, it was the fascist left (laughably described as ‘anti-racist’ by the media) who seemed intent on causing trouble.

First they blockaded the first part of our route before a small number then tried attacking the march down a side road by the Chez Mal Brasserie & Bar. Then, in Piccadilly Gardens, a group of 100 or so took great pleasure in labelling everyone in attendance as “Nazi scum” – a clearly unfounded smear – before provoking people in the main march and letting smoke bombs off. And it’s frustrating that some on our side responded by throwing missiles in retaliation – yet being there on the day you can sense the palpable anger felt by people.

These are people smeared by everyone in society for having very fair and genuine concerns and yet listened to by no-one. And when they do take to the streets, the police seem intent on encouraging flashpoints for violence. Indeed Tommy can be seen on a Periscope video just hours before the march practically pleading with officers to keep the two demonstrations apart – requests, of course, which fell on deaf ears.

Despite this the vast majority of the march passed off peacefully and without incident. We understand why people are reluctant to take to the streets because we were once one of those people. But when is the tipping point? How much longer are you prepared to sit idly by without taking real action? UK politics is in a mess so only by transforming this into a mass movement of ordinary people can we send a real visual message to our politicians. And only by more of you taking the gamble and joining us can this very small minority of troublemakers be rendered a complete irrelevance once and for all.

Having attended our first march yesterday, we can confidently say it surpassed our expectations and it won’t be our last. So join us in saying ‘enough’ to the establishment’s tolerance of Islamic intolerance when the next march is held in London at the end of June (details to be confirmed shortly).

We’ll be there, will you?

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. Very well written article, thank you. One thing: any chance of changing your web page background to white? Dark backgrounds are bad for many people’s eyes and make reading these excellent articles difficult.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Sundays march was the very first occasion my wife and I have ever felt strongly enough to attend.I am 66, my missis 63 and we cannot stand the current state of our country or it’s feeble politicians. I have recently read Tommy’s book and it was a complete eye opener that my country can so hound a genuine bloke for airing the views of the many. I admit my naivety, and to be quite honest, I am ashamed of that. Tommy’s account says plenty about the state that our nation. My wife and I received an education on Sunday about the machinations of the authorities and how they created the opportunity for the march to be tagged ‘far right’. Shame on them!

    I have also read Douglas Murray’s book “The Strange Death Of Europe’ that I would strongly recommend. Thank you for such a clear report of what we also witnessed the demonstration on Sunday. Kind regards, Phil Rigby

    • Hi Phil, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. It’s great to hear our evaluation matches your own and we hope you, like us, will persevere with this movement and give it the opportunity to flourish. If now is not the time to act, it never will be. Best wishes to you and hopefully see you and your wife on a future demonstration.


  4. The 100/200 are the ones that mainstream media are using to smear this march. All I saw were pictures of balding white men chomping on a pigs head & flipping the finger. Not a good look. How can they be stopped from attending?

    • Thanks for your comment Mich. Out of interest, did you attend the march? It’s a tricky one because how do you actually stop these minority of idiots from attending? Two things we think can help… 1. We think Tommy needs to be strong in his messaging that the thuggish element is not welcome and 2. We think more people need to be brave and come out to march, drowning out any troublemakers and making them increasingly irrelevant.

    • Easy answer. The very nature of the organisers and the speaker’s diversity, i.e feminists, ex muslims, sikhs, non whites etc, will drive away the moronic types. Once they realise it is not EDL v.2.0 they won’t bother attending. Also if you see these types, call them out yourself by self policing.

      • Good observation, by not appealing to the lowest common denominator and using an intelligent perspective, the ‘lower’ type of follower will just not bother to engage. Also, a more disearning viewer will see that this is not just revenge marching but a genuine addressing of a growing and insideous problem

  5. Hi Shy Society,

    I was on the march too Although I found myself in a position where I could not see or hear the speakers I have no doubt that Tommy and Anne Marie would have spoken their normal good sense.

    I have attended one previous similar demonstration: Anne Marie’s ‘Islam Kills Women’ protest outside the Palace of Westminster last summer. That was a much smaller gathering – about 30-40 and the atmosphere was very pleasant as we chatted amongst ourselves about the situation and what might be done.

    Yesterday, I found myself kettled under a viaduct arch with several hundred men: almost all of whom looked scarily aggressive. There were many with skinheads and bad tattoos and they had no fear of swearing at the police or climbing over the bonnets of the vans. There was a lot of chanting some of which was to my mind acceptable (“Stick your ISIS, stick your ISIS up your arse”) but others seemed tinged with racism (“I’m English till I die”, “You’re not English any more”) or just stupid (“Allah is a paedo”). There was also a banner refering to Muslims as ‘mongrels’.

    Later on the march I heard on shouting into his phone that he couldn’t speak because he was on an ‘EDL march’.

    I saw several missiles (liquid filled non-glass bottles) thrown by the people I was walking with: against counterprotesters who had sone nothing to provoke retaliation. I marched in silence, as Tommy had requested (and I saw nobody I would have wanted to chat too), but the many were swearing and aggressive.

    I can see why it is in the interest of promoting scrutiny and challenge to Islam to get a good turn out, and I can see that the organisers cannot filter who attends a public demonstration, but I feel that when the counter protesters and media described us as ‘Nazi scum’ and ‘far right’, as regards the people I walked alongside, they had a bit of a point.

    There must be many, like you and I who wish to do something against the great threat of Islam. The 2016 protest, though tiny, had more potential, I thought, to persuade passers by through the obvious good faith and dignity of the people involved.

    Sad to say, I see huge potential in marches like yesterday’s to do more harm than good.

    • Hi thetoleranceparadox,

      Thank you for your comment. We don’t necessarily agree with some of the things you say but we appreciate your opinion all the same.

      All we can do is comment on what we saw and in our view the vast majority did walk in relative silence and, as mentioned in the blog, there was a whole cross section of people walking side by side. There were aggressive elements for sure, but we don’t agree this was in any way close to being the majority and therefore feel your agreement that the mainstream labelling of this crowd as “far right” or “Nazi scum” is completely unfair.

      That said, we are on the same side here and feel sad that you came to such a different conclusion to us. We hope you will persevere and give this movement at least one more chance to remove the thuggish element once and for all. Our politicians are failing us so a mass visual protest movement has the potential to be very hard to ignore if executed correctly. Peace.

  6. I’m an American woman and reluctant Trump supporter. It warms the cockles of my heart to see and read this re; the March.
    Good on ya, Brits, for standing up and w/Tommy who loves his Country and speaks Truth To Power by revealing the lies of

  7. Thankyou for this honest review. I was boiling with rage at the media after the march calling it far right hate. Its shameful journalism.

  8. If you can march in your millions unmolested, you are privileged. Your cause is worthless, your claims are lies and you’re screeching for something you already have – yet your enemy is denied. You are a sockpuppet of the state.

    If you protest, even in tiny numbers, and are silenced, attached and often arrested, you are oppressed. Your cause is just, your words are true and you are begging for something you may never have yet your enemy already enjoys. The state considers you its enemy.

  9. Why do the police encourage flash points for violence? I’m disappointed there were only 5000. I saw a video that said 65,000. God bless Tommy and all the marchers.

  10. Excellent article.. Next march in Bristol. I’m one of the organisers of “gays against sharia” and “British and Immigrants United against terrorism”…
    We hope see you in Bristol at the 10th of September. Anne Marie will be there marching and speaking with us

    • Annie, As someone who attended the Manchester march and a person who beleives it is not ‘racist’ to criticise an ideology, I shall be attending in Bristol on the tenth of September. I am hoping to bring some likeminded and equally peacable people with me as well. Gays against Shariah is doing a brilliant job countering the narrative of the gay Left that LGBT people have nothing to fear from Islam, even though the rest of us can quite plainly see that this statement is untrue

  11. Muslims claim that Islamic terrorists are not Muslims and this rejection of a small number of bad eggs – if 23,0000 can be considered small – is totally accepted by the left and the MSM.

    However, a small number of thugs infiltrate an otherwise peaceful march and the same left and MSM brand all the marchers as thugs.

    This is a vile double standard if ever I saw one.

  12. Hi,I stumbled across your page by accident,very glad I did Its refreshing to read an honest account. I was losing faith, but this gives me great heart!
    We have let them silence us for too long,not anymore and to hell with the consequences.

    We have very little time left and all will be lost,most people know what islam is a death cult.
    Not much love in the Koran,especially if your’e an unbeliever.
    The left,media and establishment know this,they are” Dhimmi traitors” it’s a tool to destroy western civilization.

    When you have a grassroots movement going against the establishment and their plan for us. They will be ruthless, any which way they can. They will infiltrate to cause trouble,so the media have their story.
    We know the media are liar’s along with their useful leftist idiot’s.
    They must keep the multicultrual ,diversity,immigration narrative at any cost.
    Left good,right bad, just look to America the left are spewing hate by the bucket load.
    Soon it will be just as bad here, you can’t reason with fascist’s.
    Reality is either way it will be a fight,but a fight we must win for our children’s future!


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