The lesser of two evils


The options on the ballot paper at the 2017 General Election are quite honestly a depressing indictment on the current state of British politics. We’ve lost count of the number of people saying they doubt they’ll even vote, such is the disillusionment with the main party leaders.

That said here are the reasons why, regardless of how opposed you are to the Tories or how sceptical you are about some of their policies, voting Labour or splitting the vote to benefit Labour is never ever the better alternative…

  1. Brexit or bust.

The Tories are the only party, whether you believe them or not, that is capable of delivering the Brexit you voted for. Do you really want to undo all the hard work we achieved in the referendum? The Labour Party states in their manifesto that we would not leave the EU without a deal. This is significant and totally self-defeating. What this statement does is completely undermine our negotiating position leaving it inevitable that were Labour to lead a Government, the EU would deliberately frustrate the process to see us ultimately remain in the undemocratic bloc which we voted to leave.

  1. Unfettered mass immigration.

While Theresa May has a bad record when it comes to reducing immigration, the Labour Party has absolutely no qualms on where they stand on this issue. Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly refused to even put a figure on the numbers coming into Britain, saying only that there will be “fair rules and reasonable management of migration” – this from a party which, under Tony Blair from 1997, opened our borders to uncontrolled, mass immigration at levels which have changed many of our communities for good. Labour speech writer Andrew Neather claimed in 2009 that Tony Blair’s government wilfully allowed the immigration surge to occur because they wanted to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’ and create a new electorate that would be loyal to their cause. It is hard to dismiss that piece of insight as anything other than the truth.

  1. A truly anti-British PM.

Corbyn couldn’t be any more anti-British even if he wrapped himself in a black flag and refugees-welcomedsssstarted chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ through the streets of Islington. From refusing to sing the national anthem, to describing the huge sacrifices made in the Falklands War as “flag-waving nonsense”, to his unrepentant support for terrorists including the IRA and Hamas – backed up in Labour’s manifesto by their pledge to “immediately recognise the state of Palestine” thus putting strains on UK-Israeli relations. This is a man who was arrested at a protest to “show solidarity” with accused IRA terrorists in 1986, a man who invited convicted IRA terrorist Gerry Adams to the House of Commons just weeks after the Brighton bombing, and a man who was actually investigated by the MI5 over his close links to the Republican cause. In 1996 the Guardian, hardly a right-wing newspaper, wrote an editorial bemoaning Corbyn’s “lack of wider political and moral judgement” and said he repeatedly used his parliamentary position to “indulge his romantic support” and give a “publicity platform” to the IRA. This despicable man now wants to lead the United Kingdom.

  1. The real ‘nasty’ party.

The Labour Party is the party of London Mayor Sadiq Khan who thinks terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city, the party of segregated public meetings, the party repeatedly disgraced by cases of anti-Semitism, and the party which in 2005 had five councillors sacked in Birmingham after “massive, systematic and organised fraud” of postal votes. It is the party which shamed this country into silence – Labour-run councils presided over and covered up the Rochdale and Rotherham child grooming scandals where hundreds of vulnerable white girls had their lives, innocence and dignity sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. It didn’t matter that our girls were beaten, abused and violated because at least we weren’t ‘racist’ by naming the Muslim perpetrators. And, in case you needed any more evidence that Labour is simply the party of the ethnic minorities, in their 2017 manifesto is a pledge to review Prevent, the Government’s counter-terror programme, to “stop it alienating minority communities”. More soft-touch Labour.

  1. Judged by the company they keep.

We hope you’ve been reminded just how utterly repulsive the Labour Party really are. But just in case you need added reassurance, here are a few of their key supporters or figures from past and present: Diane Abbott; Alistair Campbell; Neil Kinnock; Eddie Izzard; Ken Livingstone; JK Rowling; Lily Allen; Russell Brand; Ed Balls; Owen Jones; Will Self; Patrick Stewart; Polly Toynbee; Ed Milliband; the Guardian newsroom; David Lammy; Brian May; Ken Loach; Charlotte Church.

Corbyn’s playground economics and promise of free stuff seems to have captivated the brainwashed university masses and hard-left and last night they polled their highest percentage – 39% – since July 2014 to put them just 3% behind the Conservatives. We realise polls are frequently wrong but frankly we’d rather take this one serious than not.

The UK’s right and centre right now need to rally together, hold your nose if you must, and get Brexit over the line by voting for the only party capable of delivering. Tactical voting is now an absolute must and only once this central aim is achieved will it then be time to hold the Tories to account on the other critical issues facing us in these unprecedented and uncertain times.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain



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