Empty platitudes don’t wash any longer


We are angry. Angrier than ever before. Every single loss of life through terrorism is barbaric but there’s something uniquely grotesque about targeting a music concert full of children and teenagers.

But our anger isn’t constrained to these Islamic “losers” as President Trump aptly labelled them. No, our deep-seated outrage is reserved, as yours should be too, for the traitorous political class and liberal elite which is systematically, piece by piece, dismantling this country before our very eyes.

The post-terrorism culture in the West has become one of apathy, denial and empty, meaningless platitudes. Hell, when even the Mayor of London declares terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city, is it any wonder?

We are all well rehearsed to the process by now. Firstly a hashtag is created, then temporary Facebook profile photos are set, condolences flood in from world leaders, a Government COBRA meeting is held, the terror threat level is considered, world monuments are illuminated, candles are lit and vigils are staged with banners declaring #RefugeesWelcome. All this ‘happens’, but what ACTUALLY happens to prevent further bloodshed? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The post-terrorism virtue signalling is complete within a working week and the atrocity is largely forgotten about until it happens again, and again, and again.

In the midst of this monotonous process, we are told how to think, how to grieve and how to react. Any attempts to highlight the one, common denominator between these attacks on our very way of life are jumped upon by liberals and their friends in the authorities – decrying “hate speech” with far more venom than the attacks themselves are ever condemned. Meanwhile, while so-called right-wing “hate speech” is investigated by police, significant numbers of leftists are given free rein on social media to wish death, cancer and assassination on dissenters. They are blind to the fact that they are the problem, not the solution.

We are bombarded with flaccid slogans and catchy soundbites. Things such as “it’s business as usual”, “love will prosper over hate”, “show strength in our diversity”, “there’s more in common than what divides us” and “our values will survive” are broadcast far and wide across mainstream media. Prime Minister Theresa May, with a particularly steely look about her, declares defiantly: “The terrorists won’t win.”manchester bombing10

She even sounds like she believes it. Yet, when you examine that statement, it becomes as hollow as a politician’s manifesto pledge. Every single time a life is lost through terrorism, the terrorists have won. The longevity of human life is short at its fullest and to have it taken away in such devastating circumstances blows apart whole families and communities. Lives are ruined forever. It might seem like business as usual for politicians but the reality is anything but for many of the people involved.

And of course the other reason terrorists have won is because we have created an optimal breeding ground for further attacks through this complicity shown by the global order which controls us. They have won because where liberals see faux-strength, Islamic militants see weakness, subservience and a shameful reluctance to act. They know, as do we, that no meaningful action will be taken unless the people rise up and demand change.

Before we get accused of inciting hate, meaningful action simply means protecting the nation state, halting mass, uncontrolled immigration, declaring war on the suicide that is political correctness and ending the dangerous multiculturalism experiment which has been thrust upon our communities despite its persistent failure.

We are told now is not the time to exploit a tragedy for political gain. But if you can’t criticise an ideology after something as sick and inhumane as the Manchester concert bombing then when can you? The reality, according to the liberal worldview, is there’s never a right time. It is simply another tactic used to silence people by individuals too afraid to confront the truth staring us in the face.

We wholeheartedly refute and condemn the empty platitudes which say the terrorists won’t win. They will win, and are winning, while the liberal elite have their way. This is what we unquestionably have to weaken – their grip on society – and we reserve the right to stay incandescent with rage until such a day comes forth. Our innocent children, of all creeds and colour, deserve better.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. I proudly admit that I agree with every word that has been written here. After meeting friends last night for a drink, I returned home feeling no better than when I had entered the pub. To bed, and as usual I awoke to hear the opening of BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme which is today reporting live “from Manchester” – as if that fact makes what is said somehow more authoritative. First up is a part-recording from last night’s stage managed ‘vigil’. Dear God, what has our beloved country has come to? I hear a ‘performance poet’ acting like some cheap, latter day Churchill impersonator addressing the grieving folk of Manchester. “We will stand together!”. “Yeh”, was the response. A Bishop was then heard: “We will stand together”, “Yeh”, was again the response. Trotted out then was the lead singer of an apparently well-known Manchester pop or rock band – was it Joy Division? How appropriate a moniker is THAT? His message? “We will stand together” and “we are fighting for freedom!” Truly – he actually said that: ‘we are fighting for freedom!” Is he on drugs? We’ve already got freedom – or have I got that wrong? Or maybe he was making a more subtle point ? Was it a call to arms? His arrest would confirm that his words are seen as being a declaration of war on, “you know who”. The final item caused me to switch off. “Police have this morning arrested a man at Stanstead Airport on suspicion of preparing for an act of terrorism. It is believed that he was travelling to Syria”. Firstly, why let him get as far as the airport if they had evidence to support such a charge? Secondly, why not let him go and alert the authorities in Syria?” It would surely save us in the long run, and in more ways than one. And why, in this wonderful world does the UK only seem to check on people leaving the Country rather on those arriving? Just a thought, but wouldn’t the latter course of action be preferable and more effective in our “fight for freedom”? Thanks for the opportunity to let off steam. Speak to you again when the next kid is murdered or buggered.

  2. You are quite correct shy society
    I am one of the probable hundreds now on a Facebook ban
    If this government doesn’t do something drastic the people will
    The days of the idiotic liberals is at an end they are as guilty as the subhumans who carry out these attacks
    The anger is building very very quickly

  3. Great article,and ain’t that the truth! The elite’s must think we are all blind and stupid.
    “Religion of peace” Yeah right!! This invasion that is neverending in Europe,is/has all been planned. George Soros EU billionaire. Is the sponsor all the charities,NGO ships,open border nutcases are all financed ,by him.
    We are ruled by a satanic elite, who are hellbent on destroying the white race.
    Koudonhove-Kalergi plan in action.
    Even the church has been subverted into the evil plot? They promote into society everything that is against God’s will. How far we have fallen, Moral fabric ,that once was the bedrock of our society has been delibately destroyed under the guise of tolerance (submission).


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