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Banbury; Blackburn; Bradford; Bristol; Doncaster; Leeds; Manchester; Oldham; Oxford; Rochdale; Aylesbury; Rotherham; Sheffield; Stoke-on-Trent; Telford.

What do all these English towns and cities have in common? They are just some (there are many more) of the places where Muslim gangs have been convicted for sexual abuse of non-Muslim girls. Sometimes they are underage, sometimes they are not. Regardless – lives are ruined every time and there’s one common denominator: they are nearly always vulnerable white girls. That vulnerability manifests itself in many ways: be it location, age, intoxication etc.

Crown courts in Canterbury and Leeds are the latest to hear harrowing evidence of this nature. Yet the sad reality is that many of these cases never even make it to a court of law. Victims and their families are often intimidated into silence and, as we saw with the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, so were the authorities – guilty of industrial scale cover-ups due to political correctness as 1,400 children were abused over a 16-year period.

Yesterday (May 13) hundreds of people marched through Sunderland town centre to highlight the shameful plight of mum-of-three Chelsey Wright, who was raped and sexually assaulted by a group of Muslim men after a night out on the town. Despite an exam uncovering two counts of semen on Chelsey, extensive injuries, traces of Rohypnol and numerous witnesses (including one which saw Chelsey being pulled back into the flat by her hair), these cowardly rats remain at large.

Northumbria Police initially arrested six Syrian and Iraqi ‘refugees’ before releasing them without charge. To this day, witness testimonies have been ignored and the police have shamefully closed the case without bringing charges against the perpetrators of this sick crime.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Billy Charlton, the man leading the #JusticeForChelsey campaign, was arrested in a cynical attempt by the authorities to disrupt proceedings. They failed and streams of people subsequently brought Sunderland town centre to a standstill to amplify the disgraceful silence from the powers that be. Chelsey along with Tommy Robinson then handed a petition over to Northumbria Police containing over 50,000 signatures.

Any rational and sane-thinking individual would surely conclude that this was a huge local if not national story. An event of real significance for any journalist worth his salt, right?

Well sadly no, you’d be wrong.

In the Sunderland Echo, which claims to offer “a Sunderland perspective on news”, not a single mention was made of this large-scale demonstration through the town. Instead their coverage focused on a celebration day at the local castle and job cuts at the nearby college.

In the Northumberland Gazette, again not a single mention. Instead, while Chelsey was bravely marching through her hometown, the Gazette was ironically tweeting about a campaign to raise awareness of how valuable local journalism is. So valuable it seems that they haven’t got the time or inclination to cover big local stories when they happen.Blackout-main_article_image

And you’ve guessed it; in every other mainstream media outlet Chelsey’s fight for justice was also shunned and ignored. A quick Google search will return you zero results.


This is no coincidence either. Sadly we live in a country so indoctrinated by these modern-day liberal values of denial that our emergency services, media, government, social services, public sector and educational institutions now actively cover-up anything that doesn’t fit with their narrative. They are terrified to admit to the problem: that a worrying number of Muslim men see white girls as nothing more than trash and treat them as such. Anything negative about the impact of ethnic populations, immigrants, Muslims, or refugees and the authorities simply do not want to know. Many lower down the pay scales would probably like to act but are curtailed by their pen-pushing PC bosses in their cocooned ivory towers.

In the Leveson inquiry, local journalism was singled out for praise as being the bedrock of our free and fair society. But on this evidence, local and regional journalism is every bit as subversive as the mainstream media.

Scandalously, people relying only on mainstream news sources won’t even know who Chelsey Wright is. And that is why you have seen President Donald J Trump connecting so regularly with his supporters online and cutting out the middle men – the media – because so often his messages are warped or skewed along the way. Increasingly, people are losing faith with the mainstream media and looking to other places for their news and opinion – Rebel Media, Breitbart, RT, Infowars, Westmonster, Leave.EU and even us here at Shy Society.

This episode shows us that we are battling a two-pronged issue. Firstly Muslim rape and grooming gangs targeting our women and children and secondly the politically correct establishment actually facilitating in many cases their heinous crimes. It confirms beyond any doubt whatsoever that we don’t in fact live in a free and fair society where justice is served dependent on the crime – and if the media won’t report the news, and the truth, we will.

So please, do the media’s job for them, by sharing this post far and wide. And check out more about the Justice for Chelsey campaign too. With your support, we can bypass the mainstream and put increasing pressure on the authorities to act. Just imagine if it was your daughter in this situation…

Shy Society.
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    • I believe there is a GoFundMe page set up and a top barrister has been appointed. He has reduced his fee but, so I am told, there will be other costs involved; forensics/ private investigations/ expert witnesses and the like

  1. Peterborough should be added to that list young Muslim lads are encouraged to shag white girls to spread Muslim blood


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