Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali shatters the liberal illusion


More than any other critic of Islam, liberals really cannot stand Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Because she’s a woman.
She’s an ex-Muslim, now apostate.
She’s a Somali refugee.
She’s university educated.
And she’s also black.

She shatters every single illusion of the worldview promoted by the vocal, metropolitan, liberal elite running amok in our Western societies. That worldview claims that “Islamophobes” (translation: anyone who dares to criticise Islam) are white, working-class men who are uneducated and from predominantly Christian countries in the West.

It’s why, for example, a photo of Birmingham-Pakistani girl Saffiyah Khan apparently confronting a bald, white EDL protestor last weekend went viral. For liberals, this was propaganda of a ‘Category A’ variety and reinforced every stereotype they want you to believe. For anyone who watched the full video and subsequently investigated Khan’s Facebook page, you’ll know what a complete media stitch-up that whole episode was.

The truth is that the more people who listen to Hirsi Ali’s story, the more people in the centre-ground of politics realise what a mirage this liberal worldview really is. The reality is that criticism of the most violent religion on earth is not borne out of racism, or any kind of phobia or ‘ism’, rather it stems from an outdated book in desperate need of reformation. Again we’ll say: many Muslims are good people. But an ideology that promotes Sharia Law, misogyny against women, the stoning of homosexuals, and leads to cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child-grooming gangs, is ripe for criticism. Not just criticism, but fierce condemnation and opposition.

To maintain their illusions, the regressive left attempt to shut down debate and silence people they disagree with. When rumours swirled that President Trump was planning to visit England’s second city, Birmingham, during a state visit this year Labour Party MP Liam Byrne launched a petition to ban him – attracting almost 3,000 sheep, sorry, signatures. And when Hirsi Ali, named on an American guide as an “anti-Muslim extremist”, announced plans to tour Australia speaking in various locations, another petition was predictably launched. This time liberals claimed that a woman who experienced FGM first-hand and who grew up as a Muslim “does not contribute to any insights nor further the debate.” As the liberal snowflakes always do, they then attempted to smear Hirsi Ali’s rhetoric as “hate speech” rather than free speech based on personal experience. Whether it was linked or not, Hirsi Ali’s speaking tour was eventually cancelled due to security concerns.Ayaan-Hirsi-Ali

But if the actions of these regressive liberals and their Islamist counterparts worry you, developments in the higher echelons of our societies should positively terrify you. At the end of March the Canadian government shamefully passed a landmark anti-islamophobia and religious discrimination motion, effectively seeking to trample all over free speech by making blasphemy punishable in a Western country. The motion explicitly called on the government to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear”. In layman’s terms: stifle legitimate criticism of Islam.

And earlier this month Germany’s Cabinet approved a new bill punishing social networking sites for failing to swiftly remove illegal content such as ‘hate speech’ or defamatory ‘fake news’. Angela Merkel’s justice minister Heiko Maas said platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were responsible for removing hateful content and was quick to claim the new bill would not restrict freedom of expression. But, for many, this is merely the thin end of the wedge in the creeping liberalisation of our societies.

After all, the very concept of ‘hate speech’ is subjective and open to vast interpretation. These laws are tools in the hands of the powerful to silence the powerless and curb their dissent. And yet, the increasingly authoritarian character of the political elites is perhaps the strongest sign yet that they fear their illusions are beginning to shatter beyond retrieve. They are desperate and are moving rapidly to delegitimize arguments that threaten their globalist agenda.

They didn’t see Brexit coming, nor Trump. And our numbers are growing – helped immensely by brave, selfless characters like Hirsi Ali. So even though we are fighting dark and powerful forces, please ensure you continue to highlight liberal hypocrisy and criticise the gradual Islamisation of our communities – they won’t succeed in silencing us. The veneer is slipping…

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree, Ayaan is one of my biggest heroes. Just pointing out a typo: “But, for many, this is merely the thin end of the wedge in the creeping liberalisation of our societies.” I’m sure you meant illiberalisation here.


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