There’s no such word as “can’t” – just ask Brexiteers

Leave.EU supporters wave Union flags and cheer as the results come in at the Leave.EU referendum party at Millbank Tower in central London early in the morning of June 24, 2016. First results from Britain's knife-edge referendum showed unexpectedly strong support for leaving the European Union on Friday, sending the pound plummeting as investors feared a historic blow against the 28-nation alliance. / AFP PHOTO / GEOFF CADDICKGEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images

Today is a truly momentous day. Wednesday 29th March 2017 will forever be engraved in the history books of this fine nation.

It is exactly 15,273 days since that dark day in June 1975 when the British public was conned into remaining part of what was then the EEC. Tricked into believing that economic prosperity was only achievable inside the “Common Market”, the electorate sided with the Labour government of the day and on a non-legally binding result with a 64% turnout Britain sealed its fate for a generation.

Ahead of that vote, Labour Eurosceptic Peter Shore had given a spine-tingling speech in Parliament warning of the dangers of listening to a political establishment which claimed “you won’t have food on the table” and promised “this project is just about jobs and trading – it’s just a common market.”

Had those promises rung true, we wouldn’t be writing this blog today. But they weren’t true. They were lies and sadly Shore’s extraordinary speech was ignored.

It has taken 41 long years – more than four decades – to start the formal process of reversing the decisions of that day. As Prime Minister Theresa May signs the historic letter triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and making Brexit irreversible, today we are sending a message to people in power everywhere that the little people will always win out.

Political heroes like Tony Benn and Nigel Farage have dedicated (and sacrificed) their entire lives to the cause. As power became more centralised, and more of our sovereignty eroded, these were the voices speaking loud and proud and warning us about the creeping interference from the unaccountable Brussels elite as they marched unwavering towards a European superstate.

And through, at times, sheer will and determination we have exposed the federalists dream for what it is. While the majority celebrate, this will undoubtedly be a sobering day for the likes of Guy Verhofstadt, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Tim Farron, AC Grayling, Neil Kinnock, Anna Soubry, Gina Miller, Barack Obama, Ryanair, and Richard Branson. The wealthy elite.Leave.EU supporters wave Union flags and

This is a victory for the African farmers kept in poverty by shameful EU tariffs; for the millions of European friends with no voice and praying we start this domino effect to dismantle the European Union; for the small and medium-sized companies forced out of business by the corporatist elites and endless bureaucracy; for the Greek population and unemployed young people across the whole of southern Europe; and for the valiant and principled socialists on the left who put differences to one side to work with us hand-in-hand for months for a greater good.

But, most of all, the victory is for you. The millions of British people who for so long have been talked down, belittled and smeared by this technocratic, metropolitan class. Ordinary people, many not usually interested in politics, were motivated into casting their democratic vote – clear that British laws and borders should be decided upon here, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, not by faceless people with other interests at heart.

17,410,742 voters, in fact, on a huge 72% turnout, could see the EU’s direction of travel and the complete fallacy of staying attached to a decaying political project of a bygone era. It represents the largest numerical vote in British political history.

And so we urge everyone, on this day of days, to use this landmark occasion to reinvigorate your passion and desire. The next 24 months will see the opposition attempt every dirty trick going to desperately convince politicians that the British people have changed their minds. And they’re right, we have. From a decision taken in 1975 on a 64% turnout, to a decision taken 279 days ago on a 72% turnout, we have changed our minds. Decisively. And just like the first referendum did, this new mandate should settle the matter for another generation by which time the European Union will have long since collapsed.

Arguably one of the greatest political triumphs of all time, Brexit has shown the true power of the people and that nothing (in politics at least) is impossible – there’s no such word as “can’t”. It has shown that democracy, sovereignty and the nation state are things we hold dear. And, of course, it has shown that hope will always win over fear…

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


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