How much more blood will be spilled?


Welcome to the aftermath of the latest Islamic terrorist attack on British soil. Heroic policeman Keith Palmer butchered outside the Mother of Parliaments, three other innocent people murdered, 40 people hospitalised and French schoolchildren mowed down like cattle.

Not surprisingly a flurry of questions is being asked. How could the attack happen so close to Parliament? Who was the attacker? Did he have accomplices? And how well known was he to security services? But, put simply, all of these questions are just noise.

The only pertinent question that should be posed today is this: How many more terrorist attacks will there be before the centre-ground in this country wakes up and elects a Government which will bulldoze political correctness and stand up to the creeping Islamisation of not just Britain but the whole of the Western world? How much more blood will be spilled before this happens? That’s the question – because it will, make no mistake.

Ten more attacks? 50? 200? If it’s the latter, it will probably already be too late.

We are not opposed to all Muslims, it is important to clarify, and there are some sects like the Ahmadiyya movement who follow a more liberal version of Islam and are able to integrate into British life as a result. We have no issue with these people. Indeed, nobody in our circles is advocating any form of violence against people just for following a certain religion. Ultimately, we wish it was possible to live in a peaceful world.

But the sad, depressing, uncomfortable truth is that this is being made impossible. Impossible because, unlike Christianity, Islam has never reformed as a religion and, as a whole, the conservative ideology which a significant number follow today is completely incompatible with Western values of Christianity and secularism. It is not “Islamophobic” to state the bleeding obvious – which is that, throughout history for centuries, Islamic countries have always been plagued by conflict and war. If it’s not other religions and cultures they are attacking, they fight, rape and pillage among themselves (Sunni versus Shi’a).

How can an ideology which advocates or fosters female genital mutilation, polygamy, Sharia Law, driving bans for women, the stoning of gays, grooming gangs, the killing of apostates, or the oppression of women through open misogyny, operate in harmony with Western life? It cannot, and does not.

Last September, Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan unbelievably stated that the threat of terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city”. But that is simply not true. Why? Just 1.5% of Japan’s population is made up of ethnic minority groups, even fewer are Muslim. The result? Not a single recorded Islamic terrorist attack in the capital city of Tokyo which, by the way, is the world’s largest city population-wise. This is far from a coincidence. In Britain, over 3,000 Muslims are under 24/7 counter-terrorism surveillance at a cost of £9bn each year. And these are just the individuals we know about. It is an unarguable fact that the less Islamic a country is, the less terrorism there is.170322141213-parliament-attack-thumb-exlarge-169

And that’s just the violent strain of Islam. You also have the far more sinister political aspect which we have seen increasingly permeate British society. Segregated public meetings, support for left-wing political parties like the Labour Party, active Sharia Law courts running in direct contradiction to our own, and demonstrations on our streets when Muhammad is “disrespected”. Turkish president Recep Erdogan made no secret of the masterplan to further infiltrate Western society, when he this week urged his Muslim countrymen to outbreed their hosts by having five children each. If you look at the latest UK birth rates this is already happening, with a 72% increase in people identifying as Muslim between 2001 and 2011.

Then of course you have the recently published Government-commissioned Casey Review, which concluded that segregation and social cohesion in Britain was reaching “worrying levels” particularly in Muslim communities. It said: “We were also struck by the defensiveness of some Muslims about any Government or authority interest in mosques, plainly driven by them feeling under suspicion and that such engagement seemed to them to be driven primarily if not solely by a desire to spot and act on signs of radicalisation. This is a shame. Now more than ever, mosques and their leadership need to be open and transparent to the communities around them to help break down suspicion and build trust.”

The cowards who label others “Islamophobic” are either Muslims in denial or PC-infected, Western-hating liberals who shamefully defend an ideology which is completely antithetical to its worldview. What we are painfully witnessing is the forcible Islamisation of the West and yet, when Dutch voters were presented with a common-sense alternative this month, the best Geert Wilders could manage was runner-up.

But the pendulum will swing. A new substantial survey posing the question: ‘Should all further migration from mainly Muslim countries be stopped?’ returned rather surprising results. 61% agreed in France, 53% in Germany and 47% in the United Kingdom, while a huge 71% of Polish were in favour.

So as liberals obsess over the latest London hashtag and pretend their compassion and sorrow is absolute, the question we must ask ourselves is how many more of these horrific incidents must we endure before the tide finally turns? We, and you, have a responsibility to spread this message in our bid to defend and protect the true British values we hold so dear. Before it is too late…

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain



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