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With Labour no longer providing a credible opposition party, the Tories breaking manifesto promises and UKIP infighting yet again, there has arguably never been a better time (or a more pressing need) for a new, dynamic political party to fill the void.

The gaping chasm in British politics is stark and with rumours swirling that Leave.EU founder Arron Banks is looking to break away from UKIP to form a party modelled on Italy’s Five Star Movement, it got us thinking about what a radical, common sense alternative could look like.

We scribbled down a few ‘policy commitments’ we might offer were Shy Society a political party – all purely hypothetical of course.

Would you vote for us?

  1. Conclude EU departure.
    Exit the European Union, Single Market and customs union with a commitment to agreeing a controlled immigration policy as well as securing lucrative trade deals with the economically expanding parts of the world
  2. Reform UK politics.
    A pledge to hold a referendum by 2025 on reforming Britain’s electoral system from First Past the Post to a new, fairer model such as proportional representation (PR). Democracy would be enriched and the electorate engaged in politics like never before by ensuring that every vote really does matter
  3. Crackdown on Islamism.
    Political Islam is permeating many aspects of British society and our message would be clear: Muslims are as welcome as anybody else as long as Western values are respected and adhered to and a greater effort to integrate is made like other immigrant communities have successfully done. We would follow other European countries in banning the divisive burka and niqab in public places as well as shutting down legal systems running parallel to our own such as Sharia Law and ending the foreign funding of mosques from corrupt nations like Saudi Arabia
  4. Restore defences.
    An increased military budget in response to the unstable world within which we now live. But with an emphasis on defence rather than offence; UK troops would not engage in any conflict unless it is truly in ours and others best interests. No more meddling in the Middle East which has acted as a recruitment tool for Islamic terror organisations. Replenish our depleted British Army with a commitment to funding and renewing Trident
  5. War on political correctness.
    The only war we would be declaring is on the political correctness which is now endemic in British society. A centralised drive to end this shameful practice with an emphasis on freedom of speech which targets, among other places, local government, our education system and the wider public sectorss145
  6. A British education system.
    Major reforms of the education system such as the abolition of faith schools which encourage segregation and the reintroduction of grammar schools. Also a particular focus on expanding the curriculum to include a more balanced worldview on things like slavery, colonialism and mass historical atrocities
  7. Scrap BBC licence fee.
    No longer can this be justified in the new world of digital media where habits for consuming news have changed beyond all recognition. The BBC budget would be halved and extensive restructuring introduced so that the BBC returns to the cutting-edge journalism it was once famed for – free from political bias, red tape and liberal bureaucracy.
  8. Slash foreign aid.
    Drastically cut the foreign aid budget. Spend more of our money on the British people, especially the homeless and military veterans. End the days of sending money to nuclear powers like India with their own space programme
  9. Transform House of Lords.
    Peers are unelected, overpaid and unrepresentative of British society. The House of Lords as it stands at present would be scrapped and in its place would be a modern, representative model which is fit-for-purpose, accountable and free from corruption and malpractice – while still able to hold the House of Commons to account
  10. Ditch the Barnett formula.
    With English taxpayers wanting an end to subsidising Scotland, and many Scottish people wanting independence and total financial control, now is the time to ditch this grossly unfair and outdated funding formula. Adopted by Labour in the 1970s, it awards Scots on average 22% more just for living north of the border. No more
  11. Capital punishment reintroduced.
    Rehabilitation works in a general sense but we believe that for the most serious of convicted crimes – such as paedophilia, mass murder and terrorism – the death penalty should be reintroduced to ease the burden on the taxpayer and release vital space in our already overcrowded prisons


Let us know which policies you like, which you dislike, and which policies we might not have covered! Would you vote for us? Comment in the box below…

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


    • You say that, but certain literature distributed under Nuttall recently suggests there wouldn’t be the radical Islamic crackdown many in the party would expect and want. That’s just one example.

  1. Having been a UKIP member, on and off for 15 yrs I am firmly of the opinion that it has no interest whatever in becoming a meaningful force in British politics. It’s hierarchy just might have decided on that position of its own volition or – far more likely – it has been ordered to do so.

  2. I have only now come across this site..through following links from Tommy Robinson.
    I would support a manifesto which included your points with the possible exception of your last one. I have always been rock solid conservative but am less than pleased with the mess that they have now got themselves into. Even so, the present reincarnation of the Labour party is never going to work for me..I have no trust in what they offer and having had Labour in power before; Michael Foot, Tony Benn, Harold Wilson or Blair; none of them are a political fit for me. As I see it, the mammoth problem facing Britain is the disappearance of our culture and the onward march of multiculturalism. I actually think it is too late to reverse this now….it is endemic in every facet of our society. It had got to the point where I could not listen to main media channels as there was always an underlying message. When you actually realise this it is not difficult to detect…even in advertising, where we are presented with the notion that it is the norm to have a high percentage of people other than white in all corners of society. It is distortion due to a personal agenda. Anyway, my saving grace is that I am approaching 70 and can be comforted by the fact that I will probably be dead before Britain as I know it, ceases to exist. I also have no grandchildren and for that I am grateful as I actually fear for the future and what is undoubtedly to come. It fills me with sadness that our heritage is to be swept away…but it is some comfort to see that there are beginning to be voices speaking out against the nonsense of the liberal PC brigade…why they were not stamped upon when the inane rantings began, I cannot say. But yes, you would have my vote for sure.

    • Hi Arwen,

      Thank you very much for your articulate and very moving message. It is innately sad that you should feel grateful not to have grandchildren due to the relentless mistakes our politicians have made over a number of decades, but this shows the true extent to which these decisions have impacted on people’s lives.

      We fear your prediction of it being too late may well prove correct but rest assured we will not give in without a fight. Please do keep an eye out for our future posts and help us spread our message.

      Very best wishes to you.


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