The liberal left: where were they?


Where was the liberal left protesting when British soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded in broad daylight on the streets of London? Where were the demonstrations when young white girls in Rotherham were sexually assaulted for decades by Muslim grooming gangs?

Where were the riots for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia where the fairer sex are banned from driving cars? Where were the banners calling out the indiscriminate and systematic executions of Christians across the Middle East?

Where were the protests when Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah was murdered by fellow Muslims in a sickening sectarian attack? Where were the petitions for the Chinese head of state, protesting against grotesque human rights abuses?

Where were the demonstrations when Islamic terrorists directly attacked Christianity across Europe in 2016, butchering people in churches and Christmas markets? Where is the public outcry when women are groped in public places and molested in swimming pools by gangs of economic migrants from Muslim countries?

Where was the anger for Iraqi people when the Obama administration refused to issue visas to them in 2011 for six months, double the period of Trump’s 90-day suspension? Where are the tears for people living in seven Muslim countries where homosexual relations are still answerable by capital punishment?

Where is the fury at the Labour Party hosting segregated public meetings in predominantly Muslim communities? Where is the uproar when a report warns election fraud is allowed to take place in Muslim communities due to ‘political correctness’?quotefancy-206392-3840x2160

Where are the banners in support of apostates who are disowned by their families and even butchered for daring to leave and then speak out against Islam? Where are the ‘emergency’ meetings when poppies are burned on the streets of Britain on Remembrance Sunday?

Where is the outrage at the 16 Islamic countries which have indefinite bans on Israeli passport holders in place? Where were the hysterics when Obama dropped TEN times the number of bombs on majority Muslim countries than George W Bush ever did?

Where were the vagina costumes in celebration when Theresa May became Prime Minister? And where was the moral indignation when Hilary Clinton’s campaign accepted millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, the breeding ground of jihadists?

Where? We’ll tell you where – fucking nowhere. Because the so-called “liberal” left in Britain, Europe and the US are the biggest hypocrites this world has ever seen. They are not for equality, nor for diversity, and certainly not for democracy. They are politically-motivated savages with a deep-seated hatred of the West and its largely white indigenous populations. Islam poses many questions and dangers to Britain as we (used to) know it, yet it is the enemy within – the liberal left – who are the real opponents in our midst. University-indoctrinated liberals, propaganda-spewing journalists, corrupt wealthy elites and politicians, attention-seeking celebrity luvvies and hatred-filled ‘anti-fascist’ communists – these are the manipulative enemies we simply have to defeat.

They will only be satisfied when the entire West has been desecrated and transformed into third world countries bit by bit, citing ‘multiculturalism’, ‘liberalism’, ‘slavery’, ‘federalism’, ‘unity’, ‘feminism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ as their causes. By that point, white people will have long been replaced as the majority. The political events of the last 12 months have only gone to strengthen our belief that we are headed towards another bloody war – in fact many believe it has already begun – a war of basic values, ideologies and identity which will shape this planet for generations to come and possibly eternity. Soon it will be time to pick a side…

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


  1. i served ,what was done and how the law and the sjw’s have treated this is a stain on this country and will be for generations to come,god bless you lad,rest easy you will be remembered by people who are proud of your service and the loyalty that you wished to serve in the first place…my deep respects to your family.

  2. Here’s the problem. If I post this to my Facebook I would lose many of my friends. And I mean in real life, not just on Facebook. The indoctrination by the MSM and academia is complete.

    • Exactly. This is the massive conundrum still facing so many people – it’s the reason Shy Society was founded seven months ago. Slowly though, more and more people are gaining the courage to speak out. It is slow progress however due to the liberal indoctrination of workplaces, media and educational institutions across our land. If you feel you are not yet in a position to speak out freely, there are still other ways you can help spread our word. Respect.


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