Why May deserves credit for her global Britain vision

A taxi driver holds a Union flag, as he celebrates following the result of the EU referendum, in central London, Britain June 24, 2016. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Theresa May deserves huge credit for sticking to her guns and standing firm on the issue of leaving the European Union.

Ever since picking up the reigns of David Cameron’s sorry legacy, she has been left with a thankless task and has literally been barraged from all angles since the vote. Remainers have been furious with (among other things) her “Brexit means Brexit” mantra, leave voters have been furious with the process seemingly dragging on while the media has time and again mocked her Government for not having a plan.

Well now we do have a plan, a 12-point plan to be precise, and it has been outlined by May in a landmark speech at Lancaster House in front of the world’s media.

But what many people on both sides sometimes fail to recognise, and as we talked about in a previous blog, our previous PM Cameron failed absolutely miserably in his attempts to swing the vote and was wholly irresponsible in his handling of the referendum. To not put any eventualities in place for a leave vote was borderline insane and has left May with an uphill task on this most complex of issues.

Those that have argued we should have just left are thinking with their emotions and not with their heads. While those devious traitors who are still attempting to reverse June’s historic mandate are simply lower than the low.

May has bided her time, allowed the financial markets to settle, and has stuck to the same line from day one like any responsible head of state should do. From the outset she has been unrelenting in her insistence that the referendum result would be respected, despite criticism flying at her from all quarters.

Today she stood up and confirmed that we would be leaving the EU in its entirety – to become a self-governing nation again which has control over its own borders, finances and affairs while is global in its outlook to trade. This should be music to the ears of everyone who voted leave and May’s key objectives crucially include leaving the single market and customs union which means a clean separation from Brussels and our own unique, British deal struck with EU member states as Boris Johnson maintained would be the case during the campaign period.A taxi driver holds a Union flag, as he celebrates following the result of the EU referendum, in central London

For those that voted remain but have now come to respect the result, they should be reassured by May’s upbeat tone and optimistic vision for the future. The only people that think a drawbridge is going to be pulled up are those liberals who refuse to accept the democratic will of the majority of people. The reality is that May and her cabinet have already been meeting countless foreign leaders right around the globe, including the new president of the USA Donald Trump, to signal our intentions of forming new and exciting partnerships with the emerging economies of the world.

The stagnant EU is a relic of a bygone era and once another major economy, such as France, Italy or the Netherlands, also vote to leave the whole federalist dream will come tumbling down in spectacular fashion. Brexit was only the first domino to fall, others will surely follow. The ultimate dream is that all countries in Europe will eventually be able to trade freely together as good neighbours, and celebrate our individual diversity, rather than being constrained within the shackles of political union, with all the stresses and heartache that continues to cause.

And so the mood should be one of hope and optimism. It will be a different future certainly, and one which may be laced with short-term uncertainty, but undoubtedly it will be one with new opportunities and with a long-term, positive goal at the end of it. We will still have immigration but now we will be able to have a UK debate on what our own immigration policy should consist of rather than being beholden to the EU’s ridiculous free movement of people principle.

This is a brief moment of excitement ahead of years of tough negotiations. But let us now give May her dues and back her to make a success of our future deal outside of the Brussels cartel.

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